Thursday, February 14, 2019

Save To Pinterest Not Happening on my Blog

Snow days. Shovelling, making sure drains are 'clear', following the 'clear your sidewalk by 10 am' municipal law.

The snow days were extended and are mixed in now with Pro-D and Family Day. Happy Kids.


Pinterest Save

Pinterest Save button - has this happened on your blog posts?

I use Firefox when blogging - My SAVE pin disappeared from my blog photos. Gone. Don't even know how long ago, just never noticed. 

'Hovered' over the corner of the photo below but the 'hand' didn't show in the Command/Shift/3 screenshot as well as - no SAVE in Firefox and Safari.

I noticed this when I was visiting another blogger - while using Firefox - and wanted to PIN - but no pins showed on her blog. That was disappointing. 

I decided to try out Chrome for opening my blog and reading posts. WHAT !!! 

There was the SAVE pin. Not consistently but it could be 'found'.

With Chrome - the SAVE pin appeared on my photo, usually AFTER I clicked on the photo (enlargement happened), closed it with the X and - there was the SAVE pin on the photo. Sometimes it was just 'there' on the photo.

Relief that I can now pin again. So I pinned several weeks of projects.

Decided to try Safari - no SAVE pin on my photo's. 


Have you ever noticed this?

Now I need to see if there are solutions to the Save Pin on Firefox and Safari.

I haven't tried the instructions yet on this link but is quite clear. I am going to do a bit more research first before I make the 'fix' attempt. had a link to: how-to-fix-pinterest-not-working-on-mozilla-firefox-firefox.

So I know I am not the only blogger with this problem since the search engine found suggested fixes.

Thank you friends for visiting today.

If you noticed that pins do or don't work when you use Firefox and Safari just add a note in my comments. I am curious. 

Have you tried any solutions for having Pinterest 'save' pinning for Blogger posts when using Firefox or Safari?


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  1. Firefox and Safari are not playing nicely with Blogger, in general, lately. I've heard there's been commenting issues, too. I don't use Chrome often and I don't seem to have a problem with Safari, but now I'm off to check my own pin it buttons. ;)

  2. I'm safe, since I don't use Pinterest :) I use Chrome when blogging, but oddly, on my cell I can't access some things on Chrome so I use Firefox. I wish they would all just play nice.

  3. I know in Google Chrome recently my computer asked if I wanted to install the save button for Pinterest. I said yes, and it works great. But when I’m on certain blogs, nothing pins, whether I’m using my phone or the computer. I’m not very technical though.


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