Thursday, January 24, 2019

Chalkboard and Repairs

Chalkboard tutorial after the repairs...

Repairs to the finials on the magazine holder - I first shared the original photo here  in front of the china cabinet - you can see the breakage along the top edge.

DH did all the repair work. The curved ends of the finial were drilled, new pegs were glued in. The top of the magazine rack was drilled and a match was made between the curved end pegs and the holes. Very inventive clamping was involved.

The unpainted bead was also drilled and pegged to hold the centre of the curved finial in place. 

I used CeCe Caldwell's Walnut Stain, applied 4 times, to the replaced bead, then waxed with ASCP Clear Wax so it would blend in.

The magazine stand is back to its original look. Wasn't a quick or easy solution but it worked, thanks to DH. 

(I had to 'blow up' the top part of the magazine stand and do some editing and that is why the bead looks a bit fuzzy - I should have taken the finished pictures and not have to borrow from the only shot I could find).

Chalkboard Project:
  Thrifted find - small cutting boards on a stand.

Changing up one 'write-on' board 


Rusto-oleum Chalk Board Paint
my favorite paint brush
stir stick 
masking tape
CeCe Caldwell Simply White
my favourite stencil brush
stencil from Donna of Funky Junk Interiors

First Step:

After gathering supplies, taped the back up to the edges to make sure no black seeps onto the back.

Before painting again (couldn't resist, its the red apron I wear when painting that brightens things up).

I put a thin piece of board underneath the cutting board so the sides touched nothing (showing the taped side, the small board).

First coat.

After 2 and 3rd coat - drying. It looks somewhat like a tablet back.

Couldn't resist - I added lovely lines from a stencil by Donna of Funky Junk Interiors. I have been waiting to try it out - lightly stenciled with a very dry brush (CeCe Caldwell Simply White) - so they look like chalk lines.

Clean Up

Chalkboard paint dries quickly and when dry (on hands/brush etc) takes a lot of extra work to remove. I recommend cleaning hands, spills, brush etc. - - especially your hands immediately after finishing each coat - of ChalkBoard paint as well as after your project is painted, with soap and warm water.

Let the paint DRY between each coat of chalk board paint. I paint each layer in cross directions - down, then sideways, then down. Remove Frog tape carefully, touch up any areas that need more coverage.

I usually let the chalk board paint dry overnight before preparing the chalk board surface for use. Take a piece of chalk (hold it flat on its long side) and rub over the chalk painted area then remove this chalk with a cloth. Add your message and display. 

Could be used many ways - short note, reminder, description of food on a buffet, background close-up, wooden gift tag.

One finished.  

Thank you for visiting today.

This past week or so many of my long time blogging friends have been thinking about stopping blogging and they shared their reasons, most write they will still blog when they want but not with regularity. Take the pressure off.

I was contemplating that as well, for who reads the ordinary everyday posts of those who don't blog for profit? 

And yes, some of my good blogging friends blog do augment their incomes for good reasons. Keeping advertising on one side of each post and above and below the post makes it easier for the readers to read without clicking their way through.

Who do we write for? Many decided it was for family and friends, a way to keep contacts, share what they were doing. Projects, thoughts, things learned.

I generally post about whatever is happening in my little piece of the planet that is sharable. Something about my hobbies, things I find, various collectibles, sometimes repairs, a bit about being a collectibles reseller.

Have you noticed the changes in what, when and how long time blogging friends are posting?

Thanks Friends for visiting today.
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  1. That rack of hanging boards was a real find! Your makeover turned out sweet. I think people either "get" chalkboards or they don't. I have too many I'm sure, but I love making them.

  2. The hanging boards are amazing! Love what you did with them!
    You do such wonderful work.....

  3. I always love your projects when I have time to check in on your blog. I'm not sure why it came to mind today, but as usual, I was not disappointed. I just love to see what you've made.

  4. Joy, you do such a good job of restoring your finds. Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!

  5. Thanks so much Jay (as always) for sharing with us at the to grandma's house we go link party! See you next week!


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