Thursday, October 11, 2018

Fall and a Pink Pumpkin

Fall with the reds and oranges and browns and crumbling yellows. My favorite season. Cooler weather in the daytime and cold at night.

Snapshots of autumn in my back and front yards...

Kale will last at least 6 more weeks, tomatoes are finished.

DH added additional uprights to the backyard railing this week.

Amaryllis waiting to bloom.

Front Yard settled into fall foliage.

I picked up a pink t-shirt the other day at the thrift shop - and the pattern looked great. Wearing it more than a 'try-on' didn't work - the pattern was rough inside, so...

I made a pink pumpkin.

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  1. Okay! I have long though this but your pink pumpkin confirmed it! You are the most innovative and creative gal I know! Only you would have thought of doing this! Love it!!

  2. Love the pink pumpkin! Have a great week.

  3. A pink pumpkin, now that is original outside the box thinking! Love it. Happy Mosaic Monday.

  4. Love the pink pumpkin! Your garden keeps going and going. Glad you like kale! Have a great week!


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