Thursday, September 20, 2018

New Old - Can You Identify?

My SISTER came to visit for tea yesterday and brought 3 pieces of furniture that she had be storing for many years and now wanted them to have a new home.

The first one is the vintage wooden 'storage stand' or ? holder or  - we just don't know. I love it.

Showing back and side views in case you can name or share clues about what this piece of furniture was used for.

Two small pieces came with the piece of furniture - DH will be working on attaching them to their 'original home'. I did try a record in the stand and it fit (very low).

Updated Friday evening: After reading comments I think it was a magazine holder in perhaps a Doctor's or Insurance etc. office. I added 3 vintage magazines and they fit comfortably. Added vintage books too but the titles were hard to see.

Added some Fall themed decoration to the china cabinet top. The ceramic pumpkins joined the Wade Turtle, the Church Sale green footed glass cake plate, a Squash with a great stem (from the Hilltops Garden Farm near Ashcroft) and some thrifted faux autumn leaves.

When I took DS to the dentist which was right beside the Dollar Store I had time to look around for Halloween bits and pieces. That was when the ceramic pumpkins joined the above grouping.

The front porch is now very 'simply decorated' although I do admit I bought the smiling pumpkin so I can borrow that smile for a project I want to finish.

I know that the decorations will be 'changed/expanded' when DGS adds the collection from several years to the windows and door.

This morning when checking out the roses ...

Still a few buds. The several days of rain was hard on the blooms but they are part of the plant's cycle and their beauty is enjoyed and then anticipated again as they fade.

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  1. I think the smiling pumpkin is adorable. I need to get out a bit of Fall decor this weekend.

  2. I think that is an old magazine rack. That's my guess. Thanks for posting at Funtastic Friday.

  3. I thought the same as Michele...Beautiful pics!Hugs!

  4. I thought magazine rack too, maybe for a Dr's office?

  5. Originally I thought magazine rack but looking closer maybe to hold books in an old library. I love antiques like that and imagining the history behind it. Please update if you find out. Join your local facebook historical society and post it. They may be able to tell you. I liked your post...saw it through the funtastic friday party:)

  6. Very interesting piece of furniture. I am sure you will find a special use for it. Love your table decoration in the green cake stand. I need to get busy decoration before FALL is over. Mr. Z. passed away August 16th and so hard for me to get in the mood to decorate. We celebrated 68 years of marriage in June ... I miss him very much, but thankful for those wonderful years that we were together.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  7. What an interesting piece. The first thing I thought of was a display rack of some sort. It certainly looks like you've got it handled though, Joy!

  8. Love the smiling pumpkin! I thought your "new" find from your sister is a magazine rack. It is a fun piece! Your fall/autumn decorating is going well. Fun post!

  9. What a great magazine and book holder you got. Great that it got a new life. I love your joyful pumpkins - happy MM.

  10. Love the magazine rack Joy! My garden is winding down as well. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  11. I thought magazine rack, too. The old copies you have seem to fit perfectly. Happy pumpkin season.

  12. I think you've put the old rack to good use, a perfect way to store and display the books and magazines. Your Fall vignettes are lovely, great pumpkin!
    Happy MM.

  13. It’s a pleasure again to visit each.... happy Mosaic Monday
    Right to give old things a new life.
    Heidrun xxx

  14. Joy, I actually thought that was a magazine rack. Good job. Love your pretties. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  15. Enjoyed your mosaics. Have a good week

    much love...

  16. I can't quite bring myself to get out my pumpkin decorations until October 1, so PLEASE, hurry up October!


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