Thursday, August 30, 2018

August Thrift Polish Share

Bit of a strange, different month. Less thrifting, less polishing and less sharing. I was happy to do a bit of painting and stenciling. 

August was a month of skies that were grey with smoke from the hundreds of fires in western Canada and USA with very hot weather. 

The first rain in over six weeks was Sunday and Monday this week - not heavy rain but enough to clean the skies of the smoke/smog and show the blue sky and clouds and sunshine.

What did I find in August?

Bringing thoughts of fall closer - the wooden cat was my favorite find this month - although the washboard was a close second.

Delicate, Romantic - hydrangea blue is always a late summer treat.

Old dutch motif cookie jars with long ago lost lids, vintage children's books, a butter mold and a 1953 (date when an entry was make)  brown autograph book. This group below is part of the 'letting go'.

The well worn wooden box was hiding away in the basement storage room - and while we were/are on a re-arrange everything and making a huge mess it appeared again.

DGS bedroom is having a total revamp and with the huge help of DGS' other loving Grandma we moved all books and the sewing supplies stored in the cupboards in that room. Boxes and bags are stacked high, some furniture has left the house while more has moved in. Other dear Grandma did all the lifting and hauling and I made the find and decides for where things had to be moved. DGS also got roped into hauling things around too.

I posted about Evolution of a Space in July 2012 when we first changed a little boy's bedroom into a 9 year old boy's bedroom.


The room has evolved over the years to suit the interests of a growing boy and I rarely took any photos. DGS's (now too short for him) Captains bed (that my Dad made for my DS about 37 years ago) with its amazingly heavy built in drawers/frame had to be partially taken apart so it could move into my storage room which meant that .... (you know how that goes).

I should have taken pictures during the re-vamp (but really, who wants to look at serious moving stuff around messes) and I will at least take pictures of the finished room and share soon.

Every day bags of donations get moved on, decisions are made about where 'to keep' items that are kept.

Some old but no longer cherished favourite things are  being priced, packed and taken to my booths

If a visitor admires something they often get to take it away (please!).

A peek ahead...

at next week's post (see the table in the photo above) - the narrow one with the green chair?


I am enjoying 'finding' things that I haven't seen for years and getting better at letting things go to new homes.

Better now than later.

Thank you for visiting today. 


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  1. First of all I love that cat!! What a great find. Oh the changing of things and the ripple effect of it all! For me it never seems to end.

  2. I love your cat, too! That would be my favorite. Yes, it’s exhausting work you’ve been doing and you’re still in physical therapy after the car wreck injury, aren’t you? I admire you!
    My son gave me his Kirby vacuum with the shampoo and all the attachments. Now where to put it? That sucker is heavy! Well, when I get home tonight, I’m going to tackle the foyer closet! Long years ago, that’s where I kept my Kirby. I’m not sure what all is in there but I guess I’ll find out! Perhaps I’ll discover a lost treasure like you did! Love that old wooden box!
    Pace yourself, Joy! You’re still recovering!

    1. I was so grateful that Judy (other Grandma to DGS) stayed for two weeks after the accident and not only drove me to my appointments but spent hours with me working on 'where to move things',I sat helping with the boxing and bagging and then she and DGS moved boxes and bags etc. I didn't do any lifting/bending. I was so fortunate that she came to visit.

  3. That cat is great - so much natural aging to it. Glad you are upright after your accident. Nice that you can have a good relationship with the other Grandma, sure makes everything easier, doesn't it?

  4. The second vignette is my favorite!What beautiful pieces and stunning hydrangea!

  5. I, too, loved that second vignette. I am very partial to old figurines, Monet-type paintingsm and hydrangeas! The wooden cat was awesome, too. My daughter claimed my mother's washboard when we cleaned out her house; I was suprised and pleased!

  6. Isn't it amazing what your rediscover whilst clearing out a space to put to another use? I have a large, supposedly walk in, closet where I keep bed linen, towels pillows etc that is long overdue a clear out but where to put everything whilst that's going on? It's no good I'm going to have to go in and start, if I miss MM next week you'll know where to find me!

  7. Fun seeing what you find! 1953 is the year I was born, so the book made me smile. I still love finding things, but I too am letting my kids and daughter in laws take a few things now and then. I know that I will have to downsize some time. :) Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  8. You found some interesting things while clearing out. The makeover of the bedroom is a good example of collaboration. So glad you had help.

  9. I've been missing everything. Sometimes you can't trust linking into things. It still says I am already signed up to receive your posts via email. :(

    So many interesting pieces. Sounds like you had an accident or health issues...I'll have to go back and read. Do you write letters? :)

  10. The green vase with the hand imprint literally stopped me in my tracks!! I collect things with hands and man on man I love that.
    Weeding out things can be like shopping and coming across fun stuff you've forgot about. Good Luck

  11. Joy, It is good to have friends who show up in a time of need. I hope you are slowing improving after the accident. I love the cookie jars. I have unearthed boxes I have not touched since I moved 20 years ago. Mostly canning jars which I have a renewed interest in. Lot is headed out the door though. Have a great week. Sylvia D.

  12. Love the vintage children's books … I know how hard it is to give things away, but I find it gets easier the more you do it …

  13. I like that you have a booth to take treasures to. I love that cat. He'd be perfect for the month of October. Thanks for sharing at Keep In Touch.

  14. I always love seeing your new finds! Thanks for sharing with us at the To Grandma's House we go link party!


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