Thursday, July 12, 2018

Short Paver Sidewalk Part 1

July this week, on the B.C West Coast, has included rain, sunshine, cloudy days and rain. We are fortunate.

What am I doing? Well, with the significant help of my friend Val, plants and grass are being removed and the extra plants (with a Free Help Yourself sign by the sidewalk edge) will hopefully find them new homes.  

(p.s. Wednesday evening as I was bagging the pile of weeds and grass a couple walked by, wanted to know what the plants were, I told them and together they hauled away about 15 pounds of plants that were in a clump).

Monday Morning

Val is making new path to join the curved sidewalk to the driveway on this short piece of grass, 3 hours of hard work Monday.

24" square cement pavers with rough pebble tops were purchased. Grass and some flowering plants were removed.

On Tuesday the rain was just too 'wet', and after an hour the digging was stopped for the day. I put a rubber mat down on the exposed dirt (which became a bit muddy) in case anyone needed to walk through to the curved sidewalk area.

Wednesday morning - back to work.

Instead of walking across the small amount of lawn to get to the sidewalk from the car the pavers will be the path between the vehicle door and the curved sidewalk.

This is just the beginning of the new  walkway work, so many more hours to go before the project is finished.

View from driveway side.


Wednesday evening:
My share of the work? Picking up supplies (ok I had total help with those very heavy pavers). Another job is 'find and bring'.

I do clean up - sitting down on a chair while bagging weeds, grass and clumps of flowering plants while separating soil from grass clods and weeds. I raked over the cleared pile of plant/soil. DGS hauled the filled garden recyclable paper bags out of the way.

Thursday Morning

A view from the driveway toward the newly laid 12x12" pavers and yesterday's 24x24" pavers with sand added.

Here is Friday morning's work on this small area of our small front yard. Every day the area becomes more useful and will also take less future care.

Gravel with gardening cloth barrier underneath was placed to surround the Peony plant - and will also keep the weeds at bay.

Saturday (photo after the sun went down) morning work.Already parking on the newly added pavers beside the driveway - and the new sidewalk that meets the curved sidewalk is flat, even, and very convenient for unloading. The gravel now expands around the orange lilies.


More to come another day

Hydrangea in all its glory this week.

I will be sharing the rest of the work and the finished curved walkway next Thursday.

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  1. The walkway looks great! This is hard work and in the heat...well done!

  2. Wow...that looks great. I am so impressed!!

  3. Such hard work! Is it as hot there as it is here? Low 90's every day, just miserable and humid too. The walkways look perfect, well worth the time and effort I'd say.

  4. Wow, that looks terrific! I wish I was your neighbor so I could get some free plants.

  5. Looks great Joy! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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