Thursday, June 7, 2018

Garden - Small Space Hard Work

Garden 2018

Finally getting started! 

Project: Step 1

"clean out all the grass and weeds from the two raised garden beds".

The perennials in bed 2 were removed and potted for 'further consideration'.

Not a fun job, often sat on a stool and used a weed puller to get the weeds out and a garden fork to loosen them first. Paper bagged weeds (dandelion, buttercups, long !! grass roots etc.) Later took the bags to the green garbage depot.

I am not a 'fast garden clean out the weeds' person at this time of life so it took a few days of short work times.

Project: Step 2

I picked up my plants from the Laity Farm Plant sale on their last day (20% off) so the poor plants not only had to wait while I cleaned out the garden beds but had been waiting to be sold for a whole month.

Once the beds were cleaned out I divided the following bags of 'soil' to top up the beds.

16 bags of garden soil (6 lbs each)
4 bags of organic soil
4 (35 lb each) of 'sea soil

Bed # 1 (with Peaches helping) had soil mixed and planted.

Planted 16 kale and 8 yellow pole beans in the first bed. Still have carrots and runner beans to plant in bed # 1.

Bed # 2 was not quite as tidy. Two (side/end) board were mostly 'rotted' and they needed replacement sides.

Since nothing is simple I decided to plant the tomatoes after adding/mixing the additional soil but not go close to the edges of the raised bed area so that the repairs won't affect the plants.

I added fertilizer and individually hand watered the plants.

Phase 1 mostly finished.

Here is an updated picture of the front planter boxes.

Thanks for visiting. Gardening is not getting easier but since my average daily steps (walking) have increased each year I find I have better tolerance 'getting work done' - slower perhaps, but it is getting done. I pace the jobs, rest when I should and drink enough water most of the time.

When this area is tidy I need to put up the 'keep the dogs out of the garden' fence again.

p.s. - the 'grand'dogs both came over last night and had a VERY good look at the planted vegetables. So far they haven't added their own dug up dirt holes but I am very suspicious of their nighttime activities.

Thank you for visiting today. Always a pleasure to visit your blogs too. 



  1. A big improvement, Joy. You will get your fresh-tomatoes-right-off-the-plant again this year - nothing else like it, is there?

  2. Gardening is hard work! You accomplished so much!

  3. Wow...lots of work. I have to say that I miss having an actual garden. Might have to think about that!!

  4. You have made great progress! Oh, I hear ya about having to do the garden a little at a time. I think I am finally about done with mine. I don't plant vegetables, just clean up and potted flowers but it is always a lot of work. It seems like more work every year....could it be age is setting in??!!

  5. Well done Joy! You have been hard at work and it will all pay off.

  6. It's a big job Joy, but it sure does look nice now! I planted those carrots one year and they were really fun. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  7. Hi Joy, I admire your determination and patience on getting your vegetable garden back into shape, I'm afraid I've been very lax in that department this year. I love runner beans and used to grow them every year, nothing beats picking your own salad ingredients fresh from the garden. The taste is magical.

  8. Well done, Joy! I need to add soil to my front bed and have been putting it off. Enjoy your veggies!

  9. I saw your West Coast Seeds package so had to look up where you are from. I'm not too far up the coast in Powell River and love the quality of their seeds. I garden in four raised beds on a cedar log float at my floating cabin on Powell Lake. It's fun to be able to grow some of our own food even though we don't have any land. - Margy

  10. I can relate to this project since last summer I had to clean out some flowerbeds that had not been tended to in quite some time. It is HARD work. Congrats on your perseverance - I do think it will pay off.

    I can also relate to the little niggling worry about the pups … I have the same worry about deer and rabbits around here - every morning I look out the window with a little bit of trepidation about what I will see!

  11. Great job. I hope you can reap the fruit of all your hard labor. Thanks for linking to Keep In Touch.


Thanks for visiting. I read and appreciate all your comments. Joy

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