Thursday, June 28, 2018

Deck (again)

I did have a great plan for this post beginning with the blooming progress of the blue hydrangea. Love the wall decoration (yes found this week) surrounded by hydrangea.

The weather has been very cooperative and the deck needed to be power washed before refreshing the coating. (Thank you DH)

My job was removing everything from the bigger deck to the narrow deck. Not fun - but did make decisions about stuff while moving things.

About 50% of the above was later (the SAME day) separated into recycling and garbage if no one could use it. Love the wagon for hauling things around.

Getting there.

The folding tables, folding clothes lines, repair pieces for the railings will be returned to the deck (under the eves).

Some large pieces will be stored in the shed.

Didn't take any before or power washing photos.

After the deck was coated mostly by DH (just a bit of hand work left for me)...


- not for long but certainly with fewer pieces stored under the eves.

Update on the front yard planters.

I enjoy looking back at my June posts over the years - (search: deck). Every year the deck has to be cleared, cleaned, re-coated and all the stuff either recycled, donated or returned.

The roses are such a sweet treat this time of year.

Note to self - STOP adding stuff to the deck!

Thank you for dropping by today.


Have a great Canada Day on July 1st

and a great July 4th

(yes, this is last year's decoration when the age of Canada was 150 years)

 So I used PicMonkey and changed that 0 to a 1


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  1. The deck looks great! We just have a small cement patio but it still takes work to whip it into shape.

  2. I like the gray paint! It reminds me of porches in the South.

  3. Looks great! And boy oh boy, I just did the same thing on our patio...where does all the stuff come from? ;)

  4. The deck looks great! My house in PA had two decks. We had to clean or repaint those a few times. Instead of paint though, we used an opaque stain which looked like paint, but never peeled. All we had to do to clean the white railings was use a sponge with water and bleach and they looked like new. We re-stained the floor just a couple of times. Houses = work. I was at a friend's beach condo yesterday and it sure got me thinking....

  5. The deck looks very spiffy now, a great place to sit outside and watch the world go by. We've both posted roses and hydrangea pix today, a real taste of summer at last!

  6. Good job to you and DH on the deck. My deck is needing the same thing. Your hydrangea look so beautiful.

  7. Looks like you have been very busy. The deck looks fantastic and your flowers do too!

  8. You've been busy and all I can say (apart from that it looks terrific) is that I hope it's a lot cooler in BC than it is here in Michigan! I'm sorry I'm late with Canada Day wishes but I hope it was happy!

  9. Looks great Joy! What a big job to have done. Hubby got a power washer for Father's Day. We are going to power wash and reseal our concrete under our pergola. Can't wait to have it done! Thanks for sharing with SYC. Oh, and your Hydrangeas are gorgeous!

  10. Our deck needs a refresh. Fortunately it's only required every two years. I tend to accumulate stuff on it too that needs a good purge. Thanks for sharing at Keep In Touch. The clean finish looks fantastic.

  11. Amazing progress, your deck looks awesome! I really need to get myself one of those wagons... Thanks for sharing with us at the To Grandma's house we go link party!


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