Thursday, May 17, 2018

What Is Blooming This Year

What is Blooming Now?

First tea outside and then... (well the carnations and vintage Japan egg cup with little rabbit didn't quite match today's theme)...


Happy Birthday Gail, always thinking of you on your special day. Hugs.

Yellow Rose opened this morning.


Walked around the front and back yard yesterday to gather photos of blossoms and fresh spring growth for today's post.

Yellow poppy 

Peonies almost ready to bloom.

Rose buds showing their colour.

Orange Azalea

 Blueberries in blossom

Bachelor Buttons, Orange and Yellow Poppies

Lush fern - comes back each year

A peek back to May 11, 2017 garden progress here.

Wednesday DGS mowed the backyard lawn and finished the front yard lawn today. Yesterday I weed-eated the very tall grass and weeds behind the sheds plus pulled weeds in my very small raspberry area.

I haven't cleaned my small garden beds yet - but Peaches has certainly dug some deep holes looking for rats in the lovely soil.

Today, after school pickup, I stopped at the Laity Farm Spring Plant Sale.

Picked up Alyssum and Lobelia. Planted them after supper. The Rosemary and Dusty Miller made it through the winter. I am keeping the planters very simple this year.


Thank you for visiting today. 



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  1. So many pretty flowers! My garden is still asleep. Boo! ;)

  2. It all looks lovely at your place! Spring has SPRUNG up there!
    Tea outdoors sounds wonderful! Ours is iced tea as it is over 90 degrees in the front room!
    Better yet, we carry our tea inside the camper where the AC is cranked up and keeping it nice and chilly in here! Heat and chilled air! We go from one to the other here!

  3. thanks for the lovely birthday wishes and tea tray image, Joy. Your front yard looks amazing! Isn't spring the best?

  4. YOur garden looks beautiful my friend. Have a great weekend.

  5. Beautiful flowers! I love all that gorgeous color! Glad your fern is back up and looking beautiful. My ferns are not coming back for some reason. I transplanted a ton of them last year and they were doing great until the hard frost came. Just a couple of shoots are up. My husband keeps telling me to be patient, that they will come back. I hope he's right.


Thanks for visiting. I read and appreciate all your comments. Joy

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