Thursday, February 15, 2018

JoyShelf Visit - last one was 2012

Like many of my blogging friends we are re-sellers in Antiques and Collectibles Malls.

I have 3 booths plus one additional shelf in the Village Antiques and Collectibles Mall in Fort Langley BC and every booth in the mall has a name as do individual shelves.

It has been a few years since I last shared a post about my JoyShelf.

It is amazing how many treasures can be displayed on the six shelves.

Restocked the shelves yesterday and sharing how things look today. 

Love adding new finds to the shelves and since so many of us are dreaming of spring (and not spring showers) white and flower motif pieces on one of the shelves was a great way to hint that spring is coming soon.

Starting with the top shelf - a place for larger pieces in the back with smaller pieces that can be more easily reached in front. 

Working down the shelves with similar colours grouped.

Love finding crystal bells and Fenton Hobnail pieces. Using small spaces to display pieces means careful placement for shoppers who may be reaching for something 'behind' other items.

Breakage can be a sad outcome if a tag from one item is under another piece or if hand bumps something while reaching.

As we go down the shelves you may notice I have used iPhoto to remove views across from the shelf that are reflected in the mirrors backing the shelves.

Often the two lower shelves have metal, wood or books displayed.

That keeps the chances of heavy, thick or long items bumping or falling into breakable items.

You can see (below)a person wearing a purple shirt in the background of one shelf (me) - you know what happens when you take a picture of something that has a mirror behind that something and sometimes you just go with the flow and carry on.  

You need very long arms to take a photo of a shelf with mirrored backs to avoid bits of 'you' in the same photo.

Thanks for visiting today.

Hope you didn't mind NOT seeing a new stencil (smile) in this post.

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  1. Lovely display, and good advice about arranging things. That little teapot on the second shelf really speaks to me!

  2. Good morning, Joy! I enjoyed seeing all your shelves! The third one is my favorite! I like your pretty purple top! I’m sitting up in bed with the back door open to what sounds like spring. Birds singing and dogs barking and a distant hum of traffic from the freeway. Will be in the mid 70’s today.
    I always like to see your stencil projects!!

  3. I love antique malls and your shelves look full of goodies!

  4. Your third shelf is my fave, too! Love milk glass and pink roses. Had to look through them 3x to make sure I didn't miss anything. I love smalls; they bring me joy!

  5. Beautiful shelves, Joy! That hobnail bowl is super sweet. I am not a reseller, but I have been thinking about it lately. I have so many treasures and a tiny house. I love the hunt, but don't always need what I find. For for thought!

  6. Love it, I saw a ton of goodies that I wish I could find here locally.

  7. Oh, I love seeing all of these precious old treasures. Would enjoy looking at the at a time. And you're wearing one of my favorite colors! Hugs

  8. So many treasures, Joy! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!

  9. Your JoyShelf is a joyous shelf, a real treasure trove and jut the kind of display I enjoy to browse through. I hope there aren't too many clumsy shoppers browsing this week!

  10. Lots of pretty things on your shelves. I love looking through stores like this, but find that I rarely do it.

  11. I would so love to see your shop for real Joy. There are so many interesting knick knacks on the shelves that would find a forever home here in South Africa ;-)

  12. I can tell you have a lot of experience with this ... and hopefully not too many breakages! My hubby and I were just in a few shops today, looking for some vintage mirrors. No 'joy' today - but we'll keep looking!


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