Thursday, January 11, 2018

Shrinking Bookshelf

It has been a good week for making a place to put 'things' as well as re-using pieces of a shelf that was too large.

No magic involved, just having an idea for re-using a too large shelf, planning, doing and finishing the project.

This is the finished project that is now a TV stand plus book/ornament shelf.


Great shelf garage sale find for $10.00 - 48"x48"x10" with 3 shelves (no before picture), 2 removable shelves, tongue and grove boards on the back, a pediment and trim plus sides, top and bottom was taken apart (had no useful place in the house, tried everywhere but there was no space to put the shelf)

Nails were pulled and saved, shelf metal support inserts saved, long screws saved, glue scraped off edges. There were several vacuum cleanups involved too.

Space was measured for building a TV Stand using the re-purposed wood. 

Genuine 1967 built fireplace - we haven't used it in 30+ years. Spider webs do well in that space.


One side piece from the original bookcase was cut for 2 sides. Bottom piece was cut to size as was the top piece and one shelf piece was cut to size. Left over - one shelf piece and 3 ends from the re-sized boards.


Pre-drilled before using screws. Put the TV stand/shelf together with screws, nailed on the back individual tongue and grove boards.  

Used clamps and sometimes extra hands to hold pieces in place for measuring, drilling, gluing, adding screws and nailing). DGS measured the tongue and grove pieces.


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  1. That is a perfect little tv stand/bookshelf!!

  2. Y’all are so clever! It’s just perfect for your purposes!

  3. Awesome re-purposing project! It looks like new!

  4. Beautiful!! And so creative.

  5. Joy, I love the tongue and groove wood! It`s great to repurpose pieces to meet your needs. Good team effort. Sylvia D.

  6. Such a clever idea! Thank you for sharing at Vintage Charm!

  7. So creative and useful, Joy. You really did a great job re-purposing that shelf unit.

  8. You have done a good job. It looks clean and nice. You have got a wonderful place to keep your books.

  9. That really works well! And it's a nice place to put things...even movies you are watching! Enjoy your week!

  10. What a fun and useful idea. How great to repurpose.

  11. You really are on a roll Joy. It looks great! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  12. You never cease to amaze me with your DIY and repurposing skills, great job!
    Thanks for sharing another inspiring project with us on Mosaic Monday this week.

  13. Big improvement over the little stool that was holding the TV - I would have been petrified it was going to fall off!

  14. I like the COWS for some reason I am liking cows I think after seeing all the old stafforshire cows in Charles Faudree books


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