Thursday, January 4, 2018

Free Thrifted Drawer Made Useful Plus

Welcome 2018

3 projects (one by DGS, 2 by DH)

Project # 1 - Making a useful rolling supplies shelf

Picked up a clean single drawer from the free table at the thrift store last year. It went in the 'what to do with this' stack for several months. Sturdy, nice wood.

Needed a convenient storage solution for the small office tools I use. Tags, scissors, tape, punches, string, stapler, current pieces of paper ...  ALWAYS on my kitchen table (and this is a tidy view). 

When we need to use the table for meals or projects the office tools have to be boxed, moved then returned again etc.

DH had some short scrap boards, 4 ball casters, nails, glue, clamps, hammer, drill, battery saw, the drawer and an idea.

Made a narrow shelf with 3 added shelf pieces (an old cutting board was cut up for 2 shelves) and ball casters.

Cost: zero

My contribution was to be making 5 inches of space between two freestanding cupboards in the kitchen so that the rolling shelf could be put away when not in use.

Top of the tall cabinet is where I store piles of wood I use for making signs.

Guess what - too heavy for me to move right now and I just didn't feel like emptying out everything that includes the piles of wood on the top and the contents of the large cupboard.

So, another small storage problem resolved. I've tried it out for a week now and it works for me. Here is the 'long view' of the end of the kitchen - and you can see the several storage solutions for paint, stencils, boards, brushes, files and 'stuff' (blogged about here and here).

If you type organization in my search box on my blog you can see other posts on organizing  supplies and equipment for stenciling, storing paint and related tools.

Project # 2 - building and painting a small shelf to fit under the roll top desk

Cost: zero

DH built the shelf with scrap wood, I painted it with left over paint

Fresh space to organize (yes it will have clear bins to hold 'stuff') but they are currently out in the shed and I am not going to slip and slide anywhere near there until the slippery deck and 12 steps surfaces are bone dry. 

Project # 3 - made by DGS

Grade 9, taking the woodwork elective, has a great teacher. This project is a 2 piece 'chair' sometimes called a camp chair. He brought it home from school and before he wrapped it for his Mom he let me (with Peaches in attendance) take a few photos.

The woodwork shop is well equipped. After the teacher taught 'how to use the various tools' and had the students practice using the tools, each student made their own choice of project.
More information on the 2 piece style chair:

Steve Ramsey has a page showing many different versions as well as a short video on the basic cutting and sanding and finishing and here a two piece 'X" chair.

Jessie Hensel has very clear instructions on making his  Plank Chair.

It has been a good week for building more storage, time was the only cost and since it is winter and cold outside it was time well used.

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  1. You make me look like a piker--all those cool supplies! I am fortunate to have a room (the unfinished log room) to store my supplies, but it's a right mess out there.

  2. Hi Joy ... happy new year. You are one busy lady and accomplish so much. I need to get inspired to get organized. I have a lot on my plate right now, but hope to get back to blogging. Soon, I hope.Thanks for the inspiration.
    Audrey Z.

  3. Oh my Joy I wish I'd got half the stuff done that I'd planned over the festive season. Our weather was just to perfect and all the crafty organizing kinda just slipped by the way side. I hear you guys are having a really cold Winter this year so it's probably a good idea to stay indoors. Stay warm and wishing you a very happy and blassed 2018

  4. Do you have more stuff than I do!?! It just can't be!!! It's so nicely organized. I need more space, but that ain't happenin'. It's fun to have stuff to play with.

  5. First time here and commenting...isn't it rewarding to utilize things instead of purchasing more, more and more? Congrats on taking care of the kitchen table clutter, I have the same situation, you've nudged me to put my thinking cap on.

  6. Thank you for stopping by! I am trying to catch up with everyone now that the holidays are over. I always love your projects and how you utilize what's on hand. Here's to a great year for you and your family! Love the GS's gift to his Mom...he did a beautiful job!

  7. Color me impressed. You have done a great job with your repurposing.

  8. Clever use of shelves! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  9. This is one of the prettiest craft rooms I've seen! I absolutely love that you have real wood furniture for storage.

  10. Joy, there is always constant needs for more storage at my house. Those turned out great!

    xo Dianne

  11. You can never have too many storage areas in a craft room and these are very clever, good looking solutions to solve your crafting clutter problem, quite inspired!
    Happy New Year & MM from Normandy.

  12. Free is always great and I love your storage solution! Thank you for sharing at Vintage Charm!

  13. It always feels great to get organized! Especially when the weather outside is not balmy! Love that Peaches got into the act! Happy New Year!

  14. I love the rolling shelf, and need that in my house! I always see the free stuff at the vintage store and never know what to do with I do! Thanks so much for sharing :) Happy New Year Joy!

  15. I love it! Louis Dean needs to make one of these! We use all available space around here!
    I bought a big sturdy handmade trunk last year right here in Mart for $15. It’s a heavy thing and when we came down here to the ranch yesterday, Louis Dean brought four big casters! This will allow us to move it easily AND make it just the perfect height for him to sit on when he plays his guitar! Win! WIN!

  16. You have some inventive storage solutions. I need to use some of your ideas. Thank you for sharing at Snickerdoodle.

  17. Very creative! I don't think I would have ever thought of turning a drawer into a rolling shelf like that, but it is a very good idea! I would love to have a room with nothing but shelves and a very long table in the middle for crafts, but alas I don't see that in my future because we will be retiring and downsizing soon. You have found inventive ways to store your items. Thank you for sharing your creativity with us at Party in Your PJ's!

  18. It's nice to have extra storage for all things!

  19. Nice job! I am doing an office/craft/blogging room makeover right now so I love the inspiration


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