Thursday, November 16, 2017

Updating Dining Chairs

Two dining chairs were given a fresh look this week.

Chair # 1:

Found a sturdy dining chair at a very friendly 'flea market' held in a retirement community. Good price, brought it home.

Painted the chair with ASCP Napoleonic Blue. 2 coats and some touch ups. 

First coat of Napoleonic Blue on dining chair.

2nd coat of ASCP Napoleonic Blue.

Waxed with clear wax then polished

Next part of the project was the seat replacement. 

The chair seat was not quite comfortable (thin padding) so we removed it. I had a piece of beige with a blue plaid pattern fabric (picked up a few weeks ago at a church garage sale) plus quilt batting, some dense foam and a piece of 1/4" plywood. 

DH cut out the seat base (as traced)and I got the foam and batting ready.

Staple gun next up - and of course I can NOT find the stapler. I will add the actual SEAT on the chair when I do find the supplies ! The one below is a 'test fit' not the real covered seat.

This chair seat is NOT finished. Will update asap.

Chair # 2 

Short story - we bought 4 similar Queen Anne chairs for our dining room table way back - before 1979 when we were young. We had this table and wanted to make a set. I don't have an unpainted picture of the table (before blogging) - I painted the legs and frame white in October 2014. You can see a partial view of one Queen Anne chair behind the table (below).

We used to go to Port Moody to look for vintage furniture in an old building that was once a bank (they had sleigh beds and chairs hanging from the walls (crammed with junk and good junk) and an attic crammed full of vintage toys - and we bought the Queen Anne style chairs - they were full of nails and not pretty.

The best of them were heavy Queen Anne style chairs - solid ash or some kind of hardwood. My MIL and FIL liked working on needlepoint seat covers and between them they made 4 for those chairs. 

Over time the chair seats took on the patina of many family meals and daily wear and tear. The chairs eventually were mostly used elsewhere in the home, unless company was expected, (replaced with vintage wooden chairs).

I found a photo of two of the chairs in iPhoto's January 2008 Event folder (when we were getting close to finishing our kitchen renovation).

That is the 'back' story.

The repurposing began this month on the first Queen Anne chair.

Light sanding, some scraping with a thin bladed dinner knife to remove build up and drips from previous varnish 

3 coats of ASCP White. Sanded a bit between coats to remove bumps of paint. Waxed.

We loved the look and the chairs have been in use since then (I have one at my kitchen table that is 'always' there - it is DGS's chair). We did find a table to go with these chairs (see above) and used them together until 2007.

And - I never cleaned the seats even once in all those years. 

Decided to paint one of the Queen Anne chairs with ASCP White. Clear wax then buffed.

Cleaned the chair tapestry carefully. Put the seat back on the chair (its a push and fit).

Maybe the other 3 will get some personal attention in the future.

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  1. I love this chair makeover! Pretty blue!

  2. You gotta think you hit the jackpot for in-laws! Ones that would make you your own special needlepoint seats are rare. I love the chairs painted white. I'm a paint everything kind of gal so nothing gets past my paint brush.

  3. I love what a couple coats of paint can do to wood! They look great. Wow, how fortunate to have hand made needlepoint seats.

  4. Beautiful work. I love those chairs. I think we may have some of those in the old house. I'm going to look.

  5. I love how you painted the chairs and put the needlepoint seats back. Back in the day I did needlepoint so I know how much work went into these. It is a very nice update.

  6. The white paint really makes the needlepoint seats on those chair pronounced. Wonderful decision!
    Thanks for sharing your journey with the chairs ... and happy pink saturday!

  7. You really do present your upcycling projects in such an easy step by step way, they always make me want to try them myself. Alas all but two of my vintage chairs went in the van to the tip last month, perhaps I'll have to find some more?
    Happy Mosaic Monday!

  8. I really do enjoy your recycling projects. Always fun and lovely tutorials. Thanks! Happy Monday!

  9. The blue is gorgeous for the first one! I like plaid fabric too. Love seeing how you make things look more beautiful! Hugs!

  10. I'm so glad you could save that gorgeous needle point on the chairs Joy and chalk painting the rest of the chair actually makes the needlework pop more. Love it.

  11. As always, it makes my heart sing that you re-use items that someone else might throw away. And what a result! Have a lovely Thanksgiving!

  12. What great makeovers Joy! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  13. You truly did an amazing job with your chair makeovers Joy!

  14. Love the new look of your chairs - beautiful!

  15. Excellent article! As always, the articles you publish give me inspiration and help me to incorporate you techniques.

  16. These turned out really great and I am so glad that you gave them a new life.

  17. Beautiful makeovers, Joy! Thank you for sharing at Vintage Charm!

  18. I love the updates of the chairs especially the blue which looks great

  19. Your vintage chairs are great. I love that their each different and uniue. I want some.

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