Thursday, November 2, 2017

Fix and Clean

Yesterday was our 48th year Wedding Anniversary. That encompasses a LOT of team work.

Team work describes our 'fix and clean' project.

A few weeks earlier we were discussing what and how we might do to make our home more comfortable.

We wanted to 'perk things up' in the kitchen, bathroom and living room. Talked about 'what' for a couple of weeks. Did some removing of stuff, rearranging bits and pieces. Took another long look.

Decided on:


Painted wooden(thrifted and well used) pot storage shelves "Mosquito" Porch and Floor Enamel

 After 2 coats of paint

 Before and During

The Paris sign is above the top of the shelves. I was very happy with this paint, it isn't chalk paint but it goes on smoothly and dries in about an hour.

Painted trim around countertop, middle window sill (this is what started the entire project - paint had worn off the window sill)

Painted front of a leaded glass cupboard door frame in Mosquito(2 coats) 

The picture below was taken in 2007 when we first renovated our kitchen and now the cupboard door (a great vintage thrifted find that needed TLC) looks just as fresh now after painting this week.

Removed boxes of 'to be written up' stock plus moved many things to new 'homes'

Before cleaning the kitchen 
of stock and stuff 

After putting things away

Painted the vintage Welsh Dresser front and any areas that needed to be refreshed (first painted here in 2012). 

It feels great to have space reclaimed. Hope it lasts for awhile.

Sanded the wooden table top that DH made back in the 1970 era and applied 2 coats of clear satin varathane, re-painted the metal table legs (also made by DH in the 1970 era) Mosquito (paint had been scraped off here and there over the years).

Just to make things very real ...

Lots of fruit flies (I am guessing the late flowers plus green and some split tomatoes brought these madly reproducing flies).

You can see the painted window ledge under the fly population.

Fruit Flies are such a problem - I am using Apple Cider Vinegar in glasses and bowls with saran wrap with poked holes (catch, clean out dishes, repeat).

Steam cleaned outside of fridge, stove, microwave, sink, countertop (used hand held steamer)


I do know that the following work is normal maintenance but I thought I would include it since I have been somewhat lax in the 'normal' of maintenance this past few months and the work was done this week.

Steam cleaned one wall, floor, sink, tub, toilet

Painted lower half of one wall, window sill and one piece of molding, 3 coats of Kitchen and Bath Acrylic Latex, white, reinstalled molding.
Removed (always a not fun job) and replaced the caulk on the bathtub

Replaced shower liner, washed shower curtain 


Re-purposed large black subwoofer (it is now a chair side-table), removed computer system, small speaker, 3 boxes of 'stuff', small rocking chair, one large hassock and chair, one small chair, one bookshelf, a wooden fern stand, a vintage green side table all to new 'homes'

Tried to repair the many peeling bits (didn't take any photos) that had developed into rather large bare spaces (from use) on the once lovely red chair and foot stool(thrift store score several months ago) (sad face)

(it was sort of successful but we called it 'not ok') and ... as good luck would have it my favorite thrift store had a chair I liked and a 60% off sale on furniture on Tuesday - so the plaid covered chair (below) came home with me (DGS carried out the red chair and matching footstool and then carried in the replacement chair - WOW was I impressed.

Vacuumed, shampooed and then steam cleaned the chair on the right side of the photo that Peaches sleeps on. Hemmed a throw for the chair (from a remnant bought at a church sale) - you can see the 'throw' in the photo above.

I plan remove the 'throw' when Peaches is using the chair for her naps.

Painted the roll top desk on one side and fronts of drawers with Minwax PolyShades Stain and Polyurethaned Antique Walnut Satin.

Painted divider front edge beside desk in Mosquito


Diesel has/is staying with us all week and then he is going to live with his 'other' grandparents 'up country' (lots of area to run free). He has been getting a great amount of petting, extra treats and lots of hugs. We will miss him (he has been a grand-dog with us for about 5 years).

Painted inside of front door with satin stain finish(over the years, the dogs scratched groves and removed wood and finish while trying to 'get' the mailman or anyone who knocks on the door).

Gave furniture surfaces a good dusting, vacuumed up a great amount of dog hair, opened the windows and let fall breezes blow through.

This was our teamwork 'Fix and Clean' late fall project. Perhaps we will take the idea forward.

Our reward for our first session of Fix and Clean was a lovely dinner and visit with friends who brought a bouquet plus a fruit flan for dessert. We made curry and various vegetable dishes. Good visit, good memories.

Thanks for visiting today.

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  1. You have been super busy! WOW! Love all the changes and deep cleaning my home always feels so good. I had a fruit fly infestation once and used the apple cider vinegar also and it does work great!

  2. What a lot of work you've done! Exactly what I need to be doing! Thank you, you have inspired me!

  3. The desire accomplished is sweet to the soul! You accomplished a HUGE amount of fix and clean! Talk about redemption! I’m about to begin the process of changing out the seasons. Today I plan to take down, pack and store all the Halloween things. I’m never quite ready to part with all my beloved fall things so I’m going to do it increments!

  4. It's always nice to have a fresh look! Great accomplishment!

  5. That's a lot of work, Donna, but looks so nice. Love the new chair. I am trying to clean out and downsize and really need to do some deep cleaning. This will have to wait a little while longer until Mr. Z. gets a little stronger and I can have some free time. So hard to realize that it is time to think about Christmas.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures.

  6. Joy, you are making my head spin with all that you have gotten done. I feel like a slug compared to you! Happy Anniversary!

  7. Hello, perking up the place does keep you busy. I like your cute dogs. We could use a fresh coat of paint in a few rooms. We need to get moving. I wanted to thank you for visiting my post. Happy Sunday, enjoy your day and new week!

  8. Joy, you are one busy lady! Like you, I often do much cleaning and sprucing in the fall. It helps prepare me for the holidays. Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!

  9. Fix and clean...I like that concept! And Happy Anniversary to you both. I love that red leather chair....and I understand...but oh my I still love it! lol Hugs!

  10. Your teamwork has accomplished a LOT! Houses feel so fresh and clean after a deep cleaning - it's like they get a new lease on life. Happy Anniversary!

  11. Joy, it's amazing what a little paint can do! Hubby and I have been working on projects as well. I'm painting my sewing room table and stained my kitchen table top a couple weeks ago. It never ends! lol! Your kitchen looks fabulous and I love the hutch! Hope you are getting relief from those fruit flies. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  12. What an amazing amount of hard labour and elbow grease you all devoted to the Fix & Clean project, everything looks spruced up and fresh, well done. Love the "new" chair. Happy Anniversary to you both.

  13. I love repurposing! Thanks so much for sharing all these great ideas.

  14. You worked so hard and the end result is so lovely. I bet you are very happy with the outcome. Happy Anniversary.

  15. Congratulations on your anniversary! Wowza you guys have been busy!
    I'm really interested in the way you catch the fruit flies. Do they drown or do you have to do something to get rid of them before you "rinse and repeat"?

  16. I am impressed! You got so much done, and it looks so nice.

    Congratulations on your 48th wedding anniversary. That is truly an accomplishment. I'm sure all that teamwork you displayed while fixing up your house is a big part of why your marriage has lasted so long. This past September, my husband and I celebrated our 35th. We still love each other, too:)--which is a huge blessing to me, as I'm sure it is to you.

  17. You have been a busy women and I love your welsh dresser

  18. Congrats on your 48th anniversary Joy. That's such a beautiful milestone to reach with someone. You've done a huge amount of work fixing and cleaning and I love the pictures of Diesel and Peaches. I'm sure you'll miss Diesel, he looks like such a sweetie pie. Thanks for the tip about fruit flies btw, we had a huge problem with them too. Such irritating little things that seem to get in everywhere


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