Thursday, October 19, 2017

What Did I Do For The Last 21 Days?

Dahlia Love


Laptop was picked up last Friday and I started catching up on paperwork, blogging and inventory, while carrying on with stenciling, preparing stock, etc

Some stenciling. Added a small stenciled ROAM to an earlier thrifted (from the free table at a thrift store) very small faux shutter.  

The vintage paper pumpkin and bats were picked up at a church sale.


Learned several things I needed to get the computers etc. ready - back up pictures, files, everything except - can you guess - my Contacts List. OUCH.

Installed Google Pictures on my phone (thanks Rick for the suggestion) and uploaded the 7022 pictures from my iPhone to Google Pictures and also to iCloud (iPhone had a bad logic board).

iPhone was replaced and set up Tuesday this week.

To get all my various Apple products either fixed or updated I made several appointments with the closest Apple Genius Bar and for each item I was fortunate to have the same person diagnosis and update or schedule a repair for my iMac - double saved the Photo Library - (wipe and update system), iPad (wipe and update system) and MacBook Pro (screen was replaced) and iPhone (faulty logic board, Service Provider sent me a new iPhone) and Apple Genius helped/guided me in setting up the new iPhone. 

Love the Apple Genius Bar.

Like magic I can now see those many thousands of iPhone uploaded photos on the iMac - which had been wiped clean and a fresh system folder installed at the Apple Genius Bar - and then I reinstalled Word, Pages, Numbers etc. Installed Google Pictures.

Back to Stenciling...
Wine stenciled on a vintage tray (after DH repaired one handle), looks like a window with grape leaves and grapes. The bottle of red wine brought back memories of Dave and Sally's visits.

Had a small sign that just didn't work so I painted over it and stenciled Vintage on the twice re-purposed board.


Picked up a small sturdy bedside table free at one of the church sales.

Added the Papillon stencil on the freshly painted (Fusion Mineral Paint Picket Fence - 2 coats and touch ups) - on the one drawer bedside table. 

Used Zinsser Primer-Sealer Stain Killer Bulls Eye 1-2-3 to cover water stains and the drawer which was bright red before painting).

Finished the top with Fusion Tough Coat Sealer and used CeCe Caldwell's Clear Wax and polished, on the rest of the painted surfaces.


Brought seasonal stock in from storage. Cleaned or polished current purchases/stock from church sales and thrift stores. Researched, inventoried and tagged the fresh stock (repeated daily) plus wrote 2 tiny posts here and here.

Wall Plate Shelf finally clear waxed and polished and in my booth. I love this plate holder shelf - the back was so great for photo backdrops.

Took seasonal and newly prepared stock to my booths, rearranged, added, subtracted and cleaned. 

Wrote here about some of the decisions resellers make and a few of the decisions they need to make. 

Bloggers who have space in collectible and antique malls are very familiar with the work involved.

Previously shared the 'gather' sign - it was re-purposed from another sign and re-painted white again - made the stencil gather on my Cricut (getting better at making stencils for signs).

Glad to be back posting more than a picture or two. The break did let me take care of computer and phone issues so that was positive, as was the extra work I put in restocking and working in my booths.

Coastal BC had a great three weeks of autumn sunshine and fresh breezes and also a seasonal amount of heavy and light rain and lots of wind, leaves and small branches are flying off the trees, gardens need to be cleaned for the winter (that is why I starting by clipping most of the dahlia, the wind was breaking the stalks and flower stems).

I love fall days, treasured time.

Thanks for visiting today.

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  1. Joy, I'm glad the computer stuff is sorted. I love the font on the Vintage sign. The plate shelf would be ideal for photo background. I will have to file that idea in my head. Thanks for sharing and have a great week. Sylvia D.

  2. You've been busy, Joy, and I can certainly appreciate each and every task you've been keeping track of. I just went back to read your article on the mall work - amen to all of it, including the enjoyment of it all! Have a great weekend.
    Rita C at Panoply

  3. Oh computer problems send me over the edge. I have a little backup thingie attached to my computer and I backup my files every so often, just in case. That plate rack is such a nice piece. It probably won't be in your booth very long.

  4. Hello, I am glad Apple Genius Bar has been such a big help. Your Dahlias are gorgeous. I like the stencils, the wine tray is cute. Happy Friday, enjoy your day and weekend.

  5. Joy, you are making my head spins with all you have gotten done. Glad the computer/phone/photos issues have been solved. Love your new projects.

  6. Wow, busy lady! I hope you get to sit back and enjoy a glass of wine at the end of the day. 1884 is lovely--if it was at our place it would be a Malbec.

  7. My favourite is the wine tray! So vintage and cute! Thank you for sharing!
    Denise from
    Through Blogger's PitStop

  8. Love the beside table and especially the price of "free"! Thanks for sharing at The Blogger's Pit Stop! Roseann from

  9. You've been busy! Thanks for sharing your charming projects at Vintage Charm!

  10. Wow, you've accomplished a lot of great projects! I love my Mac computer too.

  11. I love the little table. I still have high hopes of making a stenciled sign, or refinishing a small piece of furniture. I went to a church rummage sale, but was not able to find anything I wanted to work on. Then, I went to a garage sale yesterday, and got a few pieces of clothing and a couple of games, but that's all. It's been rainy and wet, and I am sure I'll have more success in the spring. So, I've been doing some extra cleaning and trying recipes for Thanksgiving dinner. I always like to do a few different things, but I like my plans made ahead so all I have to do is grab a recipe and cook! Still, I always love seeing what you do. Your projects give me something to dream about!

  12. You certainly didn't waste a minute of the those 21 days from the sound of things, my head is spinning just reading about how busy you were.
    Love the bedside cabinet, it would look wonderful in one of my guest bedrooms!!
    Glad you got so much great assistance with your techie problems, there will be no stopping you now.
    Happy Mosaic Monday.

  13. WOW! You have been a very busy gal!

    I am so glad to know you fixed your Apple dilemmas and are all ready to go.

    Love all your re-painting projects - and gotta say that green "hand" vase is stunning - I have never seen anything quite like it. : - )

    Have a fabulous week.

  14. Great stenciling. Love your dahlias. The vintage pumpkin and bat are great finds. Thank goodness for the Apple genius bar! Happy Monday!

  15. You had a busy and productive 21 days. Computer issues can be very time-consuming. The dahlias are still so beautiful. Here, too. Have a wonderful week. I hear there will be more sunshine.

  16. You've gotten so much done. And I love that you can take objects and make them beautiful! I don't always have the knack of 'vision' to do that! Hugs!

  17. Wow - you are one productive person!!! And so creative! Now you can take this week off (Smile).

  18. Oh my, computer stuff is such a necessary evil! Glad you got everything sorted.
    It sounds like you have had a very productive time, the signs and that bedside cupboard are just lovely.

  19. That was a lot of things accomplished. I love how things can be backed up easier than they used to. The first computer I ever had I lost all my pictures. Lesson learned, I make sure everything remains backed up now.


  20. I'm in shock when I can't use my computer. I'm so addicted to using it. Sounds like you're in a better place now. Love your stencils.

  21. That is a lot in 21 days!

    I too love fall days. One of my favorite things is the light.

  22. You have been busy Joy. Your stenciling is always wonderful! I love the vintage pumpkin and bats. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  23. Everything is very pretty, I think my favorite is the wine tray. But the shelf is so pretty too, and the bedside table and the... It's all good! Thank you for linking up at Party in Your PJ's.

  24. I adore your little bedside table! Thank you for sharing in the GRAND Social link party!

  25. Happy Pink Saturday, Joy. Thank you for always making Pink Saturday special. This post is being featured on my Pink Saturday post this week as "the one that caught my eye".♥

  26. I love the large wall plate rack I have wanted one of those for quite some time now.
    I have a wall plate rack but love that style you have.

  27. You have been busy Joy I love your little side table and glad your computer was sorted

  28. Hi Joy, I absolutely love love love the plate rail. With these new modern open concept houses its hard to find a wall for it, but oh m do I love it. Beautiful updates.


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