Thursday, September 7, 2017

Hemp Oil Finish

Vintage washboard and Hemp Oil

After - evening under the porch light. 

Unusual to find an old and well used washboard as well as a vintage wire soap holder in the same week at different thrift sales. The apron is from my collection, bib style with poppies.

I like to add protection to old wood and Hemp Oil is my choice. It does change the tone of the wood and as it dries in it adds a good finish.

Before and After wiping with Hemp Oil

I buy my hemp oil from retailers for Miss Mustard Seed Paint and from Fusion Paint. I am guessing that ASCP retailers would sell it too. 

Another evening view with the porch light turned off.

I do use Hemp Oil to protect leather as well as wood and metal surfaces as well as chalk-type painted surfaces.

Here I used hemp oil on a leather purse 
below (before) above (after).

Another post here - using Hemp Oil to finish Coffee signs

Here is a post on using hemp oil on metal.

September Roses

The fires and hurricanes are foremost in our minds.
Here is a brief respite - a late summer rose. 

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  1. I have an old washboard that belonged to my husband's mother. I'd love to have that nice oil finish on it. Where is hemp oil usually sold?

  2. Old things are so lovely. My mother had one of those wash boards.

  3. I have an old rub board and rake like this. However, it is in the original state.

  4. Hello, the old washboard is cool and the hemp oil made the wood lovely. Your rose is gorgeous, I love the color. Happy weekend to you!

  5. I need to get some of that joy. I have a couple of old washboards in my laundry room. I like how it revived the wood! The soap holder is super cool. Would love to run across one. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  6. Hemp oil makes everything look so much livelier, what a miracle product. Thanks for sharing these fab before and after shots so inspiring. Thanks also for the beautiful summer rose, a peaceful image to restore our faith in nature.

  7. Hemp oil really brings out all the decoration and color ... lovely. Thanks for heads up! Happy Monday!

  8. Oiling wood really brings it back to life. Beautiful rose!

  9. It works wonders! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

  10. Joy - as always, your pieces are lovely. Thanks for the tip on Hemp Oil - I would not have thought to use it on anything but wood. I can see it really improving the look of some things I have! Have a peaceful week!

  11. I have been using regular olive oil and vinegar on my furniture. But I will definitely have to give hempvoil a try Joy. Thanks for all the great tips, the leather is especially impressive.

  12. The hemp oil really brings out the grain in the wood

  13. Hemp oil works so well. This washstand is gorgeous again. I have never seen the little soap holders before, that is a great find, I want one.

  14. I am in love with that gorgeous washboard. What a lovely find joy. They're as scarce as hens teeth here in South Africa


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