Thursday, August 24, 2017

Plans That Did Not Happen

I am learning.

I am a reseller of collectibles at Village Antiques Mall in Fort Langley. That is no surprise to my regular readers. I love the search, the work, the learning, the displaying, talking with shoppers, being part of a small community of resellers.

I have learned that:

I can dig through my storage areas and pull out stock to 'try again'.

If I buy something to re-purpose I don't actually have to follow through. 

I can give it away or put it in my booths for someone else to make pretty !

If I make a great stenciled sign and it doesn't sell I can use that board and make a different stencil.

If I make a buying mistake I can let it go without regret. 

As a reseller of collectibles it took me quite a while to let those ideas rise to the surface.

Trying Old Stock Again

This mixmaster has been in storage for about 7 years - found it while I was working on making space in my storage # 1. Cleaned it up, yes I will put it in my booths (again). 

I have been going through the boxes of garage sale, thrift stores and church sale buys from over the years that didn't make the cut when they were originally bought - and - donating items that just don't seem to support current buyers interests. 

Storage Area # 1 below (and this is after several sort and find sessions !) - doesn't that just look like a very serious hoarders mess !

Many things will be cleaned, tagged and put into my booths. The rest - well I give them 'time' then check them again and if they are still a NO - I donate them.

I have 4 storage areas full of stuff. Stuff needs to be sorted, fixed, re-purposed, painted, cleaned or cleared out, one thing at a time (repeat thousands of times) then sold, used or donated. 

Not an easy or quick task.

Stock that has been in my booths for a long time, had prices lowered, still unsold - donated.

Feels a bit weird but I will get over the feeling.

If I Buy Something to Re-purpose I can change my mind

I was reading a very sweet post this week from KerriAnne who is the writer of Thistlewood Farm blog. KeriAnne's new book So Close to Amazing will be ready to order/buy on September 4/17 and she has included a link to the first chapter in her post. 

I read her first chapter and ...

it struck a cord with me - not everything works your way, a project does not turn out as planned, plans sometimes just don't happen.

That is what happened to my handy, vintage and tired fold up 2 step stool (and the seat lifts up to a rubber covered 3rd step as well). It was a seriously great buy - $1.00 at a church sale. They wanted it GONE.

It has been 'living' in our tiny workshop for several months. I just can not get interested in removing the covers, finding the right material and replacing them plus cleaning and spray painting and sealing the frame.

So - I took it to my booth yesterday and put it in for a seriously low price in case someone else would like to make it beautiful again - and if it is still there in a month - the price will go down. It is in good shape just not in 'put me in your kitchen and do the happy dance' shape.


Weight off my shoulders, at least 18 square inches of workshop floor space recovered.

PS: on Sunday it sold ! Someone had the energy to make it pretty again.

Tarah of My Grandma's House refurbished a step stool her Grandma left her - see it here. Lovely. 

Some time ago I wrote a post about different step stools - here - that I just could NOT make myself make them pretty again. 

I eventually put them on the curb and they were picked up, gone. Good.

Signs and Stencils

What about signs that I have stenciled and they are STILL in my booths after several months (keeping in mind that I love to make stenciled signs).

Well, if they are seasonal I put them into the 'seasonal box' and try one more time the next season. 

If they are still not sold I am (now) repainting them and making an different stenciled sign. I really don't like to waste a good board.

I think about Donna of Funky Junk Interiors (and here) who uses her signs to build other things and cuts the words off if they are too long for her project. Inspiring actually - letting go of one idea and re-purposing the wood.

Something that looked better than it was

Bought this last weekend.

Rusted tin and pink plastic bread tin - looked great from a distance. It was FILLED with kitchen tools and cutlery, many rusted and unusable as I discovered when I got home. Some pieces were ok and were cleaned and tagged. The rest - no one could use them safely so, GONE (tin blew over the railing just after I took the bottom photo, big hint I guess).

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  1. I loved this post for two things. It inspired me to get rid of a few projects that I just didn't want to do and it inspired me to look at some projects and take another go at it. I wish I was close by as I would buy the step stool and make a slip cover for the top with ties down the back.

  2. You do amazing things! Sometimes we are simply not inspired with an item....
    You gave us some good advice - even those of us who are avid collectors of debris!

  3. I think it's so hard to realize we can't always follow our plans. I had so much stuff as I planned to open a booth but never did. Found I didn't like online sales so started selling my things to other dealers. At least I got some money back on my buys but I also have donated so much. I feel better though. It was weighing me down. I still have lots of stuff but who knows when it will get downsized also!

  4. I have an old farmhouse full of things that it's hard to get rid of. I need to find someone close by that does what you do and see if I can move my stuff to a new home.

  5. Congratulations on knowing when to let go! Not easy, I'm sure.

  6. Love this post Joy. We're still so new to being vendors in our local antique mall and we're having fun but it is tricky figuring out what will sell. We've sold some items that I just shake my head why someone would want that item and then something like an amazing vintage radio, at a decent price (lower than other vendors) just sits! Guessing game for sure. Thanks for all the ideas. X Chy

  7. Sounds like you have things under control. Sometimes it takes a little determination to see what you are seeing and doing something about it. You go, girl!!!

  8. That's so funny--I've been doing the same thing! I've been cleaning a good bit of old stock out of my booths. Most of it went to thrifts. Some got shifted from one mall to the other. A few things came home to be stored or re-done. I have been sorting stored totes that were in the garage, too and a lot of that is in the trash or off to the thrifts. I just have too much and I am seriously into reducing the stockpile--even though I am still buying! But I think I'm buying smarter now. I've learned a lot over the years about what will sell and what won't. I have a long way to go to get to where I want to be with inventory, but it's a start.

  9. Well done Joy. I was sorting out so much from my house earlier in the year and then just fizzled out. I don't have a business like you do but I think you are smart to let things go that you don't want to work on or that don't work for you. Hugs.

  10. Good for you! I also have too much stuff and need to finish my To Do list before bringing anything else into my work space. You have some really neat items, by the way.

  11. We just did a big clean out for things we've held onto for far too long. I've dontated, recycled, and set stuff out in our alleys for others to take. It really is such a good feeling when all is said and done! Thank you for sharing this with us at Funtastic Friday!

  12. Joy, this is a really good post. I sell my creations online and at local craft shows and bazaars. It's hard to accept that some things just don't sell, but when that happens I tell myself not to give up and to try something different. I created a wall hanging that I was absolutely certain would sell, but it didn't. I couldn't figure out why since everyone who saw it thought it was really sweet. One day a woman visiting our town stopped by to see my garden, we talked for awhile and then I invited her into my studio. She gasped with joy when she saw the wall hanging and I knew immediately it was meant for her. I gave it to her as a gift. She was overwhelmed that I would just give it to her, a stranger, but somehow I just knew it was meant to be. I still feel really good that it went to someone who will truly appreciate and enjoy it. I suppose you're gearing up for fall sales now. I pray the season goes well for you. Hugs.

  13. Good for you, I am deep in purging mode too. I literally just donated half my linen closet and now I am putting things in gorgeous bins Everytime I see it, I know it was worth the purge. I feel lighter, more clean. I don't know why I was holding onto that stuff. You're doing a great job. Keep it up!

  14. All good lessons and I'm glad that stool found a new home and will hopefully get a pretty makeover! Thanks for sharing with us at Creatively Crafty #ccbg :)

  15. I need to make myself donate things that have sat way to long in my booth. Plus I am changing my vision for the booth and it doesn't fit. Thanks for the inspiration.

  16. It is hard to get rid of things at home, so I can only imagine how it feels when you have all of those things for a booth to sort through. I needed to take a vase for flowers somewhere tomorrow, and was able to pull one out of the cupboard that I don't think I will ever miss. It was a good feeling to clean out even that one thing. Good job for cleaning out! You are so creative with how you fix things up. Every time I see what you've done, I'm inspired to get some stencils and paint something. I still haven't done it, but my daughter has re-painted a little picnic table we've had for years and added lovely painted flowers. I will look at her artwork, and yours, and enjoy them:)

  17. Very interesting read. I love hearing your process. What a wonderful stash I would love to hang out in there for awhile.

    It always feel good to purge.

  18. I so needed to read this Joy! I'm preparing for my first market stall next month and I'm crapping my pants a little and so it's great to get advice from someone who's been doing it for years. I'll be featuring your advice at this week's link party :) xx

  19. That's awesome that the chair sold!!! Good for you. It's such a great attitude.

    Thanks for linking to Waste not Wedneday.

  20. I am glad you are able to do something with things that don't work out Joy


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