Thursday, August 10, 2017

August Garden Update

How did my garden grow this  summer?

There was some sunshine before the smoke from the fires which have covered many large areas of BC - grey smokey smog that hasn't yet let up so it is a bit of a treat to see a photo that has some sun.

The roses flowered beautifully with the hot dry weather as long as they were watered. I was very happy with their abundance.

DGS brought back some more pieces of driftwood to add to the flower borders.

The tomatoes in pots did ok - the cherry tomatoes did the best - I will remember that for next year. Delicious. 

I think I will plant the larger sized tomatoes in my garden bed next year although I am still contemplating adding a raised bed close to the back of the house for the tomatoes - roof overhang would keep the worst of the rain off the tomato plants but I am going to continue to observe the sunshine hours in that area.

Beans did well so next year I will add 2 more pole bean towers and double the green beans.

Kale - did well, ready to eat in early June. I want to try out the red kale as well next year.

Dahlia - all surprises since I bought the tubers at various church sales. They finally started blooming in very late July.

Blue berries did well except for the 2 dogs digging and running through the bushes so I surrounded the 3 bushes with chairs, plywood, wire fence pieces and buckets (handy stuff). 

I took the flower photos before the smoke blotted out the sun but I did want you to see how pretty the flowers were. 

Window boxes - I will plant dusty miller again, maybe add 3 to each box next year. The red geraniums did best, the sweet peas are finished (about 10 days after this photo). 

I hand watered the raised garden area and the flowers plus gave the various tree/bush roots several good soakings during the past 6 weeks, grass I let dry out, it always comes back with the fall rainy weather and the summer bonus is no mowing.

You can see the smokey skies in the pictures below - no depth past about 1/2 block from my yard and a haze over everything.

A good front and back yard weed and clean up as well as trimming the trees that winter weather reshaped yielded 22 large garden paper bags and 2 trips to green recycling. 

Thank you to Val who did the garden cleanup and shaping work.

Again the area has with easy access to the hose tap, gardening supplies, backyard gate. The trees that bent backwards from the weight of the winter snow have been trimmed to look pretty again, their new growth is doing well.

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  1. Joy, it all looks wonderful! We had our first real garden here this year and I'm taking notes and will make some changes for next year. You mentioned Dust Miller and that grows well for us here in Texas too. It comes back every year so I'm going to plant some next spring in a new bed we have. A huge stone wall fell down last month and killed all the plants where it fell so we will get to start over there! We can actually plant Dusty Miller in the winter here. It does well in heat and cold - go figure!
    Loved seeing your beautiful landscape!

  2. Your garden is so pretty ... veggies and flowers. Lovely!

  3. Sounds like you had a very successful garden! We had a few tomatoes but probably won't plant again next year.


  5. I love your garden and I would love to have some driftwood pieces like yours. Oh wait, I shouldn't covet. It's all very beautiful! Happy I stumbled upon your blog from the Rattlebridge Farm link up. Since I'm a gardener, I tend to gravitate to blogs that have gardening posts.

  6. Lovely garden, I've been looking for one of those metal plant stands for forever!

  7. Your roses are gorgeous! So sorry you're having to deal with the smoke. Our tomatoes are completely done, thanks (in part) to the deer. But, we have a long season of hot/warm weather here in coastal GA, so Mr. B. just planted new tomato plants (Romas) today and we look forward to a second tomato crop. Enjoy the rest of August!
    Carol ("Mimi") from Home with Mimi

  8. I did a good yarn clean up this week too...why is it weeds grow so fast? Your garden looks pretty and I love your driftwood many have been affected by the smoke. Hope it clears up soon.

  9. It's always fun to take a look at the garden each year and note things that we want to change. The geraniums and Dusty Miller are such a pretty combination! We filled the entire back of my hubbies truck yesterday. Gave lots of bushes and good trimming and cutting back perennials. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  10. What a lovely garden ~ thank you for sharing @ Vintage Charm!

  11. It all looks so beautiful, Joy--even though I know you've been in a drought up there.

  12. You definitely have a gift with gardens. And I planted some of those tiny orange-ish tomatoes this year - by accident - and they are wonderful!

  13. Wow, not good to hear the smoke was that close to your house. Glad you are o.k. and your flowers are beautiful! My dh grows burpee big boys..well I think that is the name of the tomato anyway :)

  14. Beautiful garden! I wish mine was as established, but I just got started (in a small way) this year. Love your harvest! And gorgeous flowers!

  15. Your garden looks like it should be featured in a gardening magazine. It is just lovely.

  16. Joy - your garden looks so welcoming - I especially like the shot with the gravel path and the trimmed trees. And the roses!!! We are in BC (Golden) at the moment, wrapping up a four-day trip through Banff and Jasper. It was wonderful but the views were limited by the smoke. We will be back!

  17. Beautiful and lush gardens. The state of the fires is so sad Joy. I lived through bad fires in Kamloops and its horrible and oppressing. I have been praying for the fire sufferers. Hugs and thoughts Leanna

  18. It all looks so beautiful! Thanks for sharing. xx

  19. I love your vegetable garden Joy is is gorgeous :)


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