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Tutorial - Slice Cricut Cottage Home Sign

In love with the idea - a Cottage Home sign. Didn't have a stencil with those words so I made them using my Cricut. 

I recently saw that Claudia from Mockingbird Hill has the sign Cottage Home over her window in her cottage, I love it and it goes so well with her home (Instagram link).

I wanted to make a similar sign with some variations so ...

Time for another try at stencil making on the Cricut.

Took a few hours to get my mojo back using the Cricut as I haven't been making stencils for several months and had mostly  forgotten the sequence

I practiced, made several mistakes, corrected them and finally came up with Cottage and Home.

Skip to the bottom of the post if the following tutorial isn't your cup of tea and you will see another very pretty picture of Cottage Home.

I've written my current 'how to' here, mostly for my own info. The biggest 'remembering' was the sequence for how to add a slice in a letter.

After starting a new Cricut page...

Select T (text ) left side of screen and type your word. Pick the font you want (right side of screen) under Edit.

I typed H and the OME separately so I could have different sized letters in the same word, used the Georgia font.

The O needed to be sliced so...

Chose Insert Shapes (left hand of screen) and then the black square, click on the lock icon and resize square to a narrow line. Move the black line and position it over the letter you want to slice (ie) through the middle of the O.

Here is the big deal for SLICING (as I made the individual signs).

Hold down shift, select the black line and the ONE letter that needs to be sliced (mine was attached to the OME  letters) and then Layers (right side of screen window) and click on Slice

If you have more than one letter that has to be sliced do each one separately until finished.

Move (drag) your letter (my OME section of letters) aside, select the black line and little bits that were cut out and delete them then move your letter (OME) back to their place.

Adding a frame around your Word Stencil:

You can make a border (you decide on the size) around your stenciled word - the Cricut will cut out the letter shapes and then the outside line of the box.

Using Shape (left margin), pick the black square, unlock the square, size it to cover your word (HOME), select the box and then ARRANGE (top bar) and Send to Back. Select the black box and (right side), Layer  - then click on SLICE twice.

You will have 2 word cuts to drag out of the black box. Drag the black HOME and the Turquoise HOME outside of the black square. Delete them. SAVE your work.

You now have a stencil that can be cut on the Cricut.

I made various stencil patterns for Cottage and Home.

The stencils I use frequently are all commercial on 10 ml plastic - very sturdy. Cardstock - not so much, but since I am using a very dry (dabbed paint to almost not there at all) stencil brush for my stencil the cardstock holds up fairly well as long as is it dried/stored flat after use. 

I carefully lightly hand painted the cuts in Cottage with a very thin brush.

Something just came to mind - I can always cut new stencils from the saved word if a cardstock stencil doesn't hold up.

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  1. Now I just need to buy a Cricut!

  2. That is about all that I use mine for . . . It works great!
    Your sign is lovely. Great job!

  3. Wow! That's remarkable how that's done. Thank you.

  4. I ned to start making signs, thanks for the tutorial. Thanks for sharing with us at #CCBG

  5. Great tutorial! Thanks for sharing! I haven't used my Cricut to make stencils yet. Need to try that soon. The sign is really cute!

  6. Thanks for the lesson Joy. My Silhouette Cameo has been setting idle for way too long. Just no time for that or blogging right now, but you have inspired me to make some stencils. Love your signs.
    Audrey Z.

  7. A question for you...I got my "stencil" all made but then I couldn't get my computer to find my Cricut when I went to cut. Yes I had the USB plugged in. Is there a way on the Cricut itself that I have to connect to the WiFi?

  8. I don't have a Cricut but if I did, I would sure use your helpful tutorials! I love the stencils & signs you create! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!

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  10. You are so talented Joy! Love this sign #sharethejoy xo

  11. I love the sign! I'm not a crafter, so those machines have always seemed mysterious to me. Good job!

  12. Wow! Thanks, Joy! Great tutorial. Happy Monday!

  13. Excellent tutorial, as always, you make it seem so easy but I'm sure it's not.
    Happy Mosaic Monday

  14. Very cute Joy! I love the fonts you used. That's how I cut all of my stencils anymore is with the Cricut. My daughter can download anything. It's super handy! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  15. Joy, That is the wonderful part of Cricut. I`m glad it is coming in handy as a tool for stencils. Nice sign. Thanks for sharing. Have great week. Sylvia D.

  16. I did not know how to do this! I will be saving this to try on my next stencil project! Thank you!

  17. This is a great project though I will admit I am a bit afraid of the saw.

  18. Very nice, you did a great job on it! Thank you Joy for attending the #WednesdayAIMLinkParty. I pinned your post on Pinterest.

  19. I love it and your tutorial is nice to have on hand for when the inspiration strikes!
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!

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  22. Great tutorial Joy you explained it so clearly

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