Friday, June 2, 2017

Milestone Birthday

70th Birthday

DH built me a plant holder from scrap wood for three small dahlia (mystery color and size) and found  a round wooden planter while out at garage sales for four more dahlia. 

He power washed and cleaned the back deck and the narrow back deck and gave that one 2 coats of deck paint. I treasure these gifts of time and energy. We moved a black metal chair and a white metal table to one end. You can see the tomato plants on the railing - I think they will be moved to a wagon for moving around for rain and sunshine -  heavy already.

DGS gives me heart felt hugs which I treasure. DS gave me Cricut tools.

For a great many years I have noticed I don't want things so much as hugs and kindness and consideration and family.

Blogging has been a great venue for learning and sharing and has led to met many good blogging friends in the years since I started blogging back in December of 2009. 

There was a great deal to learn about writing, photography, presentation and finding what interested me most - turned out it was repurposing after finding thrifted treasures and then sharing them through blogging and reselling and my favorite interest right now is making signs from stencils.

My interest in vintage began with rummage sales that were treasure troves when I was young and I remember picking out an ornament to buy or a fragile handmade hanky or a tablecloth or a book with hand painted illustrations or poetry... the memories go on and on.

I still find church and rummage sales and thrift stores to be treasure troves. I do notice I have kept very few of my finds during the last 20 years, just a bit here and there, to add to my own treasures. The collecting of vintage lead to becoming a reseller in an antiques mall.

The other day I bought a thrifted vintage and well worn red chair and ottaman, moved it home with help from DS and DGS, removed a bookshelf and contents, and an antique rocking chair and settled the lovely shabby chair in its new home - a comfortable place to read, visit, rest and maybe even nap. My mother-in-law crocheted my afghan many many years ago.

Small changes.

I have been practicing relaxing in that chair and talking over the daily bits and pieces of the day with DH, planning, sharing thoughts and plans, reminiscing. 

Front yard perennials, always an early June treat. 

The flowers in the front yard planters have done well since their May 11th planting

I have learned to break my work into shorter sessions, plan, have patience and kindness to myself. When one is 70 one does not have the speed or staying power of 40 or 50 or 60 but good progress can be made in smaller chunks of time. 

I planted kale and beans in one raised garden bed and seven dahlia in with the herbs in the second.

Beginning April 2016 I gave myself the gift of walking and counting steps on my iPhone. It is such a great motivator to see how many steps were made in a day and working to make the number higher whenever possible. The reward is stronger legs, becoming more flexible, self-empowerment. I really got into walking this year. 

Makes me happy.

A lovely surprise after 8:30 tonight - DGS and his Mom came over with two rose trees - a yellow and a red, now to decide where their best homes will be.

This is a Sunsprite Floribunda Rose, it grows up to 75" (2.5 m) tall and likes bright to partial sun/shade. Reading the tag on planting shows lots of work ahead, fortunately DGS is going to help with the digging. The red rose is Double Delight, Hybrid Tea and needs full sun so it may be planted in the back yard.

I looked back in time and found I had written birthday posts since 2011: June 2/11 post, June 1/12 post, June 2/13 post, June 2/14 post, June 2/15 post, June 2/16 post.

Thank you for visiting today. Hugs. 


  1. Loved your post and sharing a part of your personal life.I am real short when it comes to patience. Also when younger, made all the antique malls, estate sales and stores. I have some nice things, but nobody shares my same interest.Guess my son will do as he pleases when I am gone.

  2. What a lovely post. A very happy birthday to you! You are definitely 70 years young. I have just started walking in the mornings. I enjoy it but wish I had a buddy to do it with me. Your deck looks fabulous and I am loving your new red leather chair and ottoman. I think if I sat in it for a while, you'd have to pry me out of it. Enjoy!

  3. Happy Birthday! What a great vintage chair. Your garden is wonderful.

  4. Happy Birthday Joy! A milestone indeed. I'm a few years behind you but well on my way. I too have noticed a little slowing down but still living life to the fullest. Hugs!

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR JOY! Love your red leather chair and ottoman. Great find. Your flowers look wonderful. We have already had so much heat that mine are beginning to droop and sag.

    Enjoy those hugs. What I wouldn't give for a big old hug from John.

    Again, enjoy your day dear friend.


  6. HAPPY 70th BIRTHDAY!!!
    It's good to keep active, like walking.

  7. What a lovely post!! I enjoyed reading about your journey of over the years... Happy Birthday!!

  8. Happy Birthday Joy! Well done with all the planting and hugs. You deserve all the special treasures you find each day. I am in love with that red chair. It looks perfect in that corner. GOod for you walking. I used to walk more but can't due to time constraints and headaches. I find it helps to clear my head when I can go. Have a great day.

  9. Happy Birthday, Joy!! I love that read chair and ottoman and the afghan. You garden looks lovely too.

    I hope you got all the hugs and love your heart could take :)


  10. Happy birthday Joy. The cake looks scrumptious.

  11. Wishing you a year of happiness and blessings.

  12. Happy, happy belated 70th birthday Joy. Wishing you so much love and happiness.

  13. Despite lives challenges, growing older gracefully making the most of each day is the true key to happiness. I love your posts and wish you the best. Take care Rob

  14. Happy Birthday, Joy! That is a milestone birthday! I am right behind you girlfriend and like you I still push forward but my steam runs out before my projects! LOL! But as long as we keep moving I think we're very fortunate! I hope you have a wonderful know that the older you are the longer you get to celebrate! You go girl!

  15. I missed your birthday post! Happy late birthday, Joy! It is interesting to read your reflections on the changes you see as you get older. I am also trying to learn to slow down a bit but it doesn't come easy. There are real rewards to it though. Sending hugs and blessings!


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