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June Thrift Polish Share

Happy 150th Birthday Canada July 1, 2017

Made a Canadian flag from paper (does this remind you of Grade 6?). Stenciled CANADA - 150 on a (thrifted) red felt banner, added a (thrifted) grapevine wreath.

Picked up a wooden wine crate, had DH remove the inside pieces. I stenciled and took a picture with DH's Mom's painting as the background. Used the Welcome To My from Donna of Funky Junk's Garden sign and the HOME stencil I cut with my Cricut. This could be a good porch plant holder, for now it is going to be a stenciled signs holder in my booth.

Love this faux bird house - tin, wood, chalk paint, great color - found at a very well organized and friendly church sale.

Driving home from that sale we stopped at The Passionate Home in Langley - picked up some ASCP White, some lovely brushes and a new stencil - GROCERY, small sized. 

I posted about a layering colors, top coating and wipe/sanding back technique here on a low stool October 2015 and was pleased with the result. 

Looked around for a small piece of wood, brought out a few colors of chalk like paint and decided to try out the 'make it look old' background again by painting random colors on the board, chose red, orange, yellow, green. When dry added a topcoat of Fusion pale grey called Tones for Tots.

Next step for the small Grocery sign (Maisonde Stencils) was wiping off/sanding the grey to bring some of the colors to the surface. Stenciled GROCERY (CeCe Beckly Coal) lightly, then sanded and added a bit of definition with pale outlining, clear wax/polish finish. 

Back to the collected thrifted finds for June.  

(p.s there is another small grocery sign at the end of this post, couldn't stop with just one stencil)

Pair of brass candle holders and a brass duck. They just needed a rub to remove dust.

8 cup white teapot, Turkish blue enameled coffee pot, a Jersey cow pitcher and Royal Grafton Tulip mug.

Sadler yellow 'wheat' teapot, art glass vase, Daffodil mug and scenic creamer with a background of world maps.

White with black glass purse vase, marble like 'thinker' and mother of pearl salt and pepper, background a very vintage print makers storage tray.

Vintage Japan lidded container, orange juice reimer and jug and little baby salt and peppers in front of Good Housekeeping Thermo pad.

Back to stenciling.

When there is one short white board begging for a stencil...
GROCERY to the rescue.

White board with bleed through stain was cut in half. Good piece was sanded to let the wood color show. Nice curve on top edge so stenciled over the curve carefully - close up of the top corner curve and the 'before' with the boards and the stencil on my red hassock.

Stenciled GROCERY using Beckey Coal and medium stencil brush. Waxed, polished, hook added to back. Finished.

In case you were wondering, that old piece of wood with the metal attached is a handle for an old lumberman's tree cutting saw, found it a couple of weeks ago at a garage sale held by son and his dad (and their poker playing buddies - a great sale with lots of humour and goodwill) and the dad knew what the piece was. 

I have an old saw right beside it outside on my wall with a hand cut piece of wooded tied and wired to the saw.

Thank you for visiting.

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  1. Those are lovely pieces. The small stool is beautiful. Also, there's a saw in my shed that looks like the one in the last picture.

  2. What a lovely visit today with you! Great finds and you always impress me with your stencils!
    Happy Canada Day!! Perfect banner and wreath!

  3. Joy, I love the planter and saw display and your grocery sign is great! Thanks for sharing @Vintage Charm--pinning!

  4. I like your finds! That cow creamer made me laugh. He's too cute!

  5. Had to stop by and wish you Happy Canada Day especially at 150 years....still a young country and what a beautiful one! LOve the wheat teapot and more!

  6. Hi Joy ... You always find the neatest things. I know your shop is so much fun to visit and shop. Interesting signs ... you make them look so aged. Always enjoy visiting your blog. I hope to get back to blogging soon.
    Audrey Z.

  7. Oops, got my wires crossed on my previous comment, anyway....Great collection of treasures and more excellent "how to's", thanks for bringing them to MM this week.

  8. Love the blue enamel pot, great finds Joy #sharethejoy

  9. You find such wonderful things and I love your stenciling. Great treasures! Happy Monday!

  10. Gosh you picked up some interesting pieces!
    Morgan x

  11. Your stencils are beautiful as well the candle holders.

  12. You are so good at stenciling! And you really know how to treasure shop! Love all of your nice things. Hugs!

  13. The brass candlesticks are a great find!

  14. Great finds! My favorite is the reamer and cup. So funny! Thanks for sharing with us at Creatively Crafty #ccbg :)

  15. Joy - I love the bird house!!! Thanks for sharing all your interesting discoveries!

  16. You have some wonderful treasures. I really like your stencils and what you do with them.

  17. Very cool treasures that you have found.

  18. Very fun Joy. I love how the grocery sign turned out! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  19. I love the planter and the birdhouse. Thanks for sharing on Sunday's Best.

  20. Wow. You have done a beautiful job on repurposing and reusing. I am so impressed.

  21. You find the nicest little things. I really like the blue turkish pot and the cow creamer they both look quite old and unique. Good for you.

  22. You do a great job rescuing stuff. Very cute updates. Thanks for sharing at the To Grandmas House We Go Link Party.

  23. Love all your finds! Thank you for sharing at Ravenwould.

  24. I love your finds but especially the birdhouse


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