Thursday, June 15, 2017

Father's Day

Today's post is to honor Fathers. It is a two part post.

Part 1 of Post
This is the 'after repairing' of the damaged wooden crate. I may have been a bit too liberal with coating the replaced wood with hemp oil.

DH is a Father and a Grandfather and to honor him on Father's Day as well as thank him for the crate project, here is a continuation of last weeks project - repairing a very damaged wooden crate.  

Bottom of crate - before - I will admit I loved the look of the rotten wood in this crate - but it wasn't strong enough to be useful so it had to be repaired.

The bottom and lower sides had to be removed along with the mess all repairs seem to generate.

A lot of cutting, chiselling, measuring, glue and clamping, figuring and finding old pieces of wood to replace the older pieces of wood happened.

DH finished the repair on the very worn crate, using various old pieces of wood to replace the rotten pieces.


Thank you DH, another very messy and time consuming project finished, a wooden crate made useful again.

I love the peony season of the year, every June such delicious smells and lush blossoms.

Part 2 of Post

Memories through vintage - what was part of your Dad life? 

My Dad has been gone now for two Father's Day, he left us on October 5, 2015. The photos of collectibles reminded me a snippets of my memories of my Dad's life.

Fishing? My Dad liked to fish, had the equipment for lake fishing and never seemed to be about the squeeze out enough time to enjoy much time fishing.

Travel for my Dad - well, tent then camper and church camps and then when the kids had all left home Mom and Dad traveled to Britain, Europe, China and closer to home to the USA and Mexico and across Canada.

Dad never was a sailor but he did move a lot of supplies for the cabin near WL that he repaired and made habitable for his family, traveling over the lake (no road), many, many trips in a small motor boat heavily loaded with lumber and building supplies and everything else needed to rebuilt and for summer holiday use.

Golf - had the clubs, played golf, again never enough time to become a 'golfer'. Dad also had a small motorbike when he had a parish in WL which he hoped would cut down the gas bill (I loved that bike) but again long winters didn't really let that solution continue.

Light house - Mayne Island cottage (that was a huge family building project) was a holiday place and when he retired he and Mom lived there for 2 years before they sold it. Miss the times we got away during the university years for a weekend break.

Dad was born into a ranching family and was a rancher - horse breeding as well as feed lot. Draft horses were an important part of his early childhood as was raising cattle and horses to age 36 when he left the ranch to train for the Ministry.

Playing crib was an activity Dad shared with his family and I am guessing that lobster might have been part of Mom and Dad's trips back to Eastern Canada. Duck hunting would have been part of Dad's life on the ranch and canoes were part of church camps and during our holidays at Buffalo Lake.

I am grateful for my memories but I miss my Dad being available at the other end of the telephone or just a short drive away and in earlier years a visit home and then many earlier years being part of the family and we grew and before we all went our own ways forming our own families.

Thank you to so many bloggers for sharing their memories of their families and time past.

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  1. DH did a wonderful job restoring the crate. It looks great.

    Your Dad was indeed, a very special Dad.


  2. Very nice tribute to your dad.

  3. Joy, I love this special tribute and things you've collected that remind you of your dad, whether consciously or subconsciously. I collect office paraphernalia and bank bags because they remind me of my dad, who always seemed to be at his desk. My sisters & I also gather old tools and hardware, as our dad was a landlord, and always had his station wagon full of things to fix up his properties. Thanks for this post. Very thoughtful. And oh yea, that crate looks great again.

  4. DH made that repair look simple, but I know first hand that this kind of work can be tricky. It looks amazing.

  5. My Dad had many of the same interests, sailing, golfing he also painted. This will be my second Father's Day without him.

  6. This is a lovely post! I enjoyed seeing your crate restored and the tribute to your Dad was very special. Visiting you from Pink Saturday...I hope you'll come link up at my Vintage Show & Tell!


  7. You have the prettiest vignettes! I love the lighthouse. We have a bath done in lighthouses. Have a great weekend! If you like to read stop by my blog I have a giveaway going on.
    Joy@Books and Life

  8. I love that old wood and that was a hard project. It looks wonderful now though. I enjoyed your memories of your Dad. I sure miss mine too! Hugs, Diane

  9. Some people would have left that old crate well alone but you saw it's potential and with your husband's help have been able to give it a new lease of life, I love it.
    Wonderful tribute to your Dad and so well illustrated by your found treasures, great post!

  10. Joy, What a wonderful post. My Dad was a carpenter, fisher, and hunter. I am fortunate to still have him in my life despite health issue earlier this year. I have a nice visit with Mom and Dad on the weekend. Have a great week. Sylvia D.

  11. What a great repair he did Joy! I like the look of it being worn, but like you said; it wasn't functional. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  12. What a great save on that old wooden crate, Joy! Thanks for sharing a peek into your dad's life and for linking up at Talk of the Town.


  13. I love the crate and the saw!!

  14. I love all wood boxes. Especially if they have labels! Gorgeous box. I miss my Daddy too and have several reminders around my home to keep him close. Sending you love.
    :) gwingal

  15. Such a beautiful tribute to your Dad. And the crate looks great.

  16. The crate looks great Joy, and I so enjoyed looking at all of your vintage "reminders" of your Dad. Thanks for partying with us at Vintage Charm :)

  17. What a special post as a tribute to your Day, Joy. The crate looks great! We're glad to have you partying with us at Snickerdoodle.

  18. What a great repair and good on your DH for that repair he did a great job as did you


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