Thursday, March 2, 2017

Spring's Hope

On the free table at the thrift store was an 8 inch square plate decorated with a green border and a potted flowering plant.

This plate started a small sequence. I cleaned the windows over the kitchen sink, removed all the paraphernalia usually is found on the window ledge, removed all the dust. 

Regular readers will recognized my Mom's green salt and pepper hens and maybe even the vintage plant pot found last year at one of my favourite church sales. This plate started my spring's hope post. 

When I looked at the back of the plate - Made in Italy Exclusively for Starbucks Coffee Company. 

Following my spring's hope theme I tried the other end of the window and added my Mom's very old teapot to the grouping and subtracted her salt and pepper green hens.

You can see the moss on the cherry tree in my back yard - that tree is taller than the house and does worry me when the wind storms are severe. It has kept the back yard and the house shaded since we moved here in 1981 and every once in awhile there is a bit of a discussion.

Two of the over-summered/fall in my garden (in their pots) amaryllis bulbs are finally blooming, they took a long time to send out their flower stalks and I notice that they are not as robust as the fresh from the garden shop blooms.

I am (sort of) looking forward to getting outside and starting my garden clean up. I didn't clean it in November so some rubber gloves over cotton gloves and boots are going to come into play when the weather reaches about 9 C. Two dogs and several months of cold wet weather will make that job so much more fun.

Oh boy, until I took pictures of the back yard today I did not realize how much work there will be tidying etc. Maybe I will break the work into 30 minute work sessions. I'll let you know later. Maybe 15 minute work sessions.

DGS (almost 14 !) and I are working on a clean up the backyard deal. I pay him by the minute and he keeps track of each minute he works. I don't boss him around and he works independently. I plan to clean my garden area while he deals with cutting downed branches to size (for the municipal pickup) and moves them to the front yard and builds a pile.

The dog next door has broken two fence boards (by the blue chair) by rather mean (and extensive) barking and throwing himself at the fence when DGS's dogs are in my backyard so I put a piece of metal fencing against the wooden fence and held it in place with the chair for now. 

Right now I am not feeling thrilled about the amount of work that must be done but since this happens every year I know it will get done, likely just more slowly than I want it to happen.

Then this happened on Dear Son's birthday on Monday. Very unusual for coastal BC near the US border. The weather man just said "winter is not done yet".

Thanks for visiting today.

Oh, and here is a peek at next Thursday's post - it involves a lot of flaking and chipping and gluing and staining and stuff that makes something old usable again. Hugs Donna.

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  1. It does seem right now that Spring will never come, but too soon I will be saying it seems that Fall will never come. It's only Summer that I could do without.

  2. Our pear trees are in full bloom here, the azaleas are already popping....over a full month early here in NC! I know how you feel about your spring clean up. We left an acre of country garden landscaping behind us when we left NY. It used to take us over a month to do full clean up and it was back breaking, but always worth the effort when it was done. We just hated that it had such a short season to love! Your amaryllis are beautiful. Do you nuture them in your window year 'round? Would love to give some a try!

  3. Our Spring came really early but we have had a couple of freezes also Most things have survived. Those amaryllis are gorgeous!!


  4. Love your freebie as well as the lovely teapot and salt & pepper shakers.

  5. Such a small thing can provide so much inspiration. A beautiful post, Joy. That dog, though--that has to be annoying at best.

  6. I absolutely adore those little hens!

  7. Good luck on getting you clean-up done. We got a little of ours done, but have not gotten around to finishing. Flowering shrubs are blooming early and trees are budded. Hope not too early. Love you stagings in your window. Love the green chicken salt and pepper shakers. What a treasure!

  8. It was nice last week to get some clean up done and glad you were able to too! The sun was shinning bright yesterday and you couldn't see because it was snowing so bad. Its typical to have warm then colder spells until it all warm. I sure hope its not as hot as last summer...

  9. Your thrifting finds add such a bright spot on your windowsill. Spring cleanup is always a big job. We try to do as much as we can in the fall, but there's always lots to be done come spring.
    Mary Alice

  10. How wonderful that you found that Starbucks plate. It is gorgeous and perfect in your window vignette!

  11. you have lots going on I love the fact that you thrift I do as well. We both also shared our post at Craft Frenzy Friday find the one we shared at

  12. Your garden is going to be wonderful and so much fun to get back at. I am planting a few plants today in hopes they like the warm weather we are having.

  13. Joy I love your new plate. I love 'free'. I would have snatched it up too. I love your display. I would love for you to add The Fabulous
    Spring/Easter party to your party list! Come over anytime and link up!
    It's over here:
    Happy Spring. Happy Painting.

  14. Joy, Things were looking very springy and bam the snow is back. You have had a lot of it this year. We had snow on Saturday as well but the days are getting longer. Hope springs. Thanks for sharing. Sylvia D.

  15. That is so pretty and Green is a2017 color of the year!

  16. Joy, The square plate is lovely. I like the pairing of blue and green. A little clean up is always time well spent. Thanks for sharing. Sylvia D.

  17. Lovely Starbucks plate, especially as it was free. My heart sinks each spring when I have to put the garden back to rights.

  18. Winter is certainly lingering a long while here, isn't it? I'm itching to get out into the garden, too. Lovely vignettes for spring.

  19. I cannot believe they wee giving that sweet plate away for free. But thee loss is your gain! I am sorry about your fence, I hope your neighbor steps up and pays to get it fixed.

  20. I love that sweet little Spring plate! What a great find...I love anything made in Italy! And it's nice to have some plants in the window during the winter months! Hugs

  21. I love that sneak peek Joy! And your mom's S&P shakers are so cute. I am so looking forward to spring even though it does mean a lot of work. :) Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  22. Even though there's snow outside your window indoors is getting all prettied up for spring which is lovely. I like your Starbucks plate, very Italiano!
    Looking forward to seeing how you upscale your next project.
    So nice to have your company again this week for Mosaic Monday.

  23. Your hopes for spring theme is very inviting Joy while the garden is getting ready to emerge once the warmer temperatures arrive. This is a wonderful time of year as the weather starts to change and we all dream of being outdoors again.

  24. Hello, the plate is a lovely find. Your plant and amaryllis are lovely. You have a wonderful yard, I am looking forward to seeing our Maryland yard this spring. Enjoy and have a happy day!

  25. Joy, Your mother's tea pot is gorgeous! Looks so lovely in the grouping. I know what you are saying about the yard work. Our weather has been so warm lately that I would love to do more . . but I know that winter is not over yet. I've been doing a lot of window washing. Take care and thanks so much for stopping in and linking up to share with us at Snickerdoodle! Have a wonderful week.

  26. Wow Joy! What a beautiful plate to kick off your Spring decorating! And your Mums Salt and Pepper Shakers match perfectly. We are heading into Autumn here in Australia so I am very much looking forward to seeing all of the Spring posts pop up! Have a wonderful rest of the week :-)

    Thank you also for sharing your sweet post over with us at Waste Not Wednesday :-)

  27. Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

  28. It's so fun to experiment with different displays and different looks, isn't it. Love your sweet "new" plate and seeing your yard (even if it isn't perfect). Your garden area is outstanding--wish I had that set-up in my yard! Thanks for linking up with Vintage Charm, Joy--we love having you :)

  29. I love your mom's teapot. It is so beautiful!

  30. That is what happens to me. Find 1 thing and it leads me off on a tangent to do something else.

    lol....I feel your pain about the yard work. We have 27 1/2 acres. The house is on over 2 acres. That is the yard. A LOT of work to be done. But, luckily, no snow. We did have several HUGE trees snap off this winter. Have been waiting for time (no deer season), and nicer weather to get them cleaned up.

  31. Love the green chickens and the tea pot. I am new here and just learning the ropes. Hope to visit you again soon.

  32. Love the teapot and the salt and pepper hens. Your amaryllis are very pretty! My mom grows those too. Thank you for sharing at Link It Up Wednesday!

  33. I absolutely love your spring window, your writing is so descriptive and I'm right there with you looking at your tree and garden. #sharethejoy


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