Thursday, March 30, 2017

March Thrift Polish Share

March started with an Estate Sale held at a Daffodil farm in the Mt. Lehman area. Well organized, good parking, opened early. Sunshine at 8 am. Priced fairly, good turnout.

Always searching for vintage kitchen. The sifter had been in another shoppers pile but it was returned to the sales tables so now it is mine.

Copper and tea and coffee pots.

This cutting board may become famous as a coffee sign if only I would get busy making signs again. I have stacks for wood ready, stencils are ready, paint and dabber ready, wax ready - just me is not ready.

A few useful pieces - TG Green 8" bowl - always a good find. Turquoise Melmac, white Pig on basket (Portugal) and an ice cream scoop and wooden pestle/mortar.

The wooden rolling pin was my favourite find at the Estate Sale, big, heavy and hand made.

Anchor Hocking blue glass jug and an Italian plate, vintage doily

On the 11th there was another Estate sale in the same area of the countryside, held in a farm yard large shed, big open door (no lights). Good parking, lots of customers. In a small tin of junk there was a Foley Jar Opener that I tested on a very tight jar lid - and it worked.

A vintage electric iron (heavy, nothing like we use today) will make a good doorstop.

Oh rusty tools - always something I look for. It was sort of pick something up and don't get shouldered away by the men who were grabbing picking everything up. I cleaned these pieces with hemp oil (after the photo).

The corkscrew was in the tin of junk, didn't even see it in the rainy daylight. A rusty metal corkscrew in the Beidemeyer style. 

Here is the mystery item. Oh this was such a surprise. The lady selling said it was a rug beater (it is about the size of my hand and about 8" total in length). When we researched this it turned out to be a ... 1920's pot scraper/scrubber.

Now for something else I didn't know ... this welded iron piece is a is a hoe and cultivator and may be a strawberry hoe. Who knew. This is the object in the sunshine golden lit frame at the top of this post.

Buying a tin in near darkness is always a chance but this one turned out to be good. Vintage tin First Aid Kit with a few original bits and pieces.

Wooden finds too - shoe stretcher, a wooden salad bowl with hen salt and pepper and insulators on a wooden piece from a telegraph pole.

Flashback this week is the March 29, 2012 Kitchen Reveal.

Mystery picture for next post is... 

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  1. Love all your interesting finds. Love the pot scrubber thing! So cool!

  2. Not only are they wonderful and interesting finds, but I love how you staged them for your photos. The cork screw is my favorite piece and that pot scrubber is quite intriguing. Never saw one before.

  3. Great finds I can see you creating some really cool stuff with! Never seen a jar opener like that.

  4. Great finds. Some really unusual pieces.


  5. So many fun new treasures and those pot holders are so cute.

  6. You've really found some unusual pieces.I love the pot scrubber!

  7. So many interesting things in your 'tin of stuff!'
    You are so creative in the way you display them as well!!
    Is it hard to part with stuff as you sell it or put the things in your shop?
    My house would be so full if I found the treasures you do!! And I would love that!!

  8. Hi Joy. Very nice pictures. I really enjoy looking at vintage kitchen items, they tell a feminine history to me. That pot scrubber is something else, I have never seen or heard of one like that and I have loved vintage kitchen items for a long time. Thanks for the article, a very nice read.

  9. Joy, I always love your posts. I love the large turquoise pitcher. Th pot scrubber is a lovely thing. Thanks for sharing. Sylvia D.

  10. Great finds. Some of my favorite pieces are that grubbing hoe (that's what we call them), the rolling pin and the pot scrubber.

    You did good!!!

    Happy weekend.

  11. Very cool finds. I love the rolling pin, the rug beater and the iron. Lucky lady!

  12. I love every single item in this post and I would have grabbed them if I were at these sales!! The first picture of the hoe looks like a bunny to me, but then I have bunnies on the brain lately! That pot scrubber is so unique!

  13. Wow, great finds. That pot scraper is the one that I love the most. I have never seen one like that before. Really cool!

  14. Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

  15. You found some great stuff Joy! I have a love for vintage kitchen and can't pass up a sifter either. I have been getting my junkin fix with the estate sale I am helping with. It was my friends Aunt and they asked me to help sale her items. I plan to do a post soon showing what I have bought so far. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  16. Joy, I love to look at vintage items, but I don't have the experience you have, but I learn something every time you share your finds! I'm liking the white pig on a basket! Thanks so much for sharing with us on Snickerdoodle. Pinned. Have a wonderful week!

  17. My home is full of antiques and vintage so I enjoyed your post. Found you on #BloggingGrandmothersWednesdayLinkParty

  18. What wonderful finds this week, Joy! I'm loving the cutting board (a coffee sign is a great idea), cow dish, and the blue pitcher. I would never in a million years have guessed what the pot scraper was--fascinating! Love having you and your posts party with us at Vintage Charm--

  19. I would've thought it was a rug beater too! Amazing finds, especially the intact first aid tin.

  20. I had NO clue what that jar opener was; it's what made me click over. What an interesting job - like American Pickers, but classier.

    I came to visit from the AIM party; I hope you'll make time one day to stop by the 4Shoes & let me know you've been.

  21. What a neat haul! I was surprised to see the pot scrubber - I knew what it was before reading because my grandmother had one when I was little that I was fascinated by (I kinda thought it meant she probably was born in the middle ages and it was like Thanks for sharing with Awesome Life Friday!

  22. Thanks from Grammy Dee, #WednesdayAIMLinkParty, pinned at Pinterest. Lady Joy please install social media share buttons. You've got some great posts :)

  23. Love all of your finds! The pot scrubber is especially interesting. Thank you for sharing at Ravenwould.

  24. I love Vintage kitchen stuff especially cookie cutters

  25. Thanks for sharing all your treasures with us at the Waste Not Wednesday Link Party. Hope to see more from you this week.

  26. Oh my what a lovely collection of goodies you found!! Love all of the beautiful vintage kitchen items you found! I've not seen a jar opener like that before. Must keep an eye out in my travels!


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