Thursday, January 12, 2017

Blackboard Revived

A well used wall hung blackboard, thrift store find, has been ignored for a few months. 

Full size view of the black chalkboard after painting, borrowed a door coat hook and hung a lantern. 

Late morning sunshine, 2 degrees celsius, snow, winter, (dog tracks all over the snowy ground from lots of running and playing and checking out strange scents)

Lots of thick ice left under the snow, especially in the driveway and on the street parking places. Shovelling over the weeks, then chopping at the thick ice with my favourite gardening shovel. Sand, bags of salt for melting thinner icy spots and being very, very careful when walking and driving are a new temporary part of life on the coast (I think it has been about 20 years since a very cold, snowy, icy winter here).

Before painting I scrubbed the various colours and words and scribbles away. Taped the inner frame, painted 3 coats of Rust-oleum Chalkboard paint, frame wiped with MMS Hemp Oil.

This has quickly become my new black background. 

Christmas Poinsettia showing some seasonal wear, lasted from early December until now, leaves and petals falling, bit of winter sunshine found its way into the kitchen.

The blackboard size reminded me of many bloggers who added a kitchen painted chalkboard on a narrow wall (MMS Kitchen Revel). They often used them for reminders, grocery lists, recipes and more.

I had some time on Sunday to learn more about cutting on the Cricut.

Fits in somehow with love it, has a home decluttering I am working on for a later post - like, where to store new stuff entering the home at Christmas time. Chalkboard slides between a wall and big cupboard for now.

Below some contrasts of black, red, white and tin. 2 pictures of a chalkboard painted clip board with HOME stencilled, almost invisible against the larger chalkboard. I put the pink sign under the edge of one picture just to show the shape.

After taking the picture of the green tote with the frog picture the wind blew everything forward, glass broke, paint from tote was scraped onto the black. Repainted part of the chalkboard with coat # 4. Swept up the glass. One cut.

I think I could keep on taking pictures, but I know you 'get the idea'. 

Ok, one more...

Ink bottle collection now preserved in a photo. Piece of satin on the table, blackboard background. This has been quite a bit of fun.

Quick and very useful rescue of a well used thrifted blackboard.

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  1. Love the size of this chalkboard! I've been working on one, too, to fill the top part of a narrow wall. I love your pictured with the red lantern!

  2. Now this is one nice it.

  3. Hello, I love the poinsettia, just beautiful. Your chalkboard is awesome, I like the size too. Great idea! Enjoy your day and weekend!

  4. What a great size for a chalkboard - so many fun things to write on it.

  5. What a great use for a chalkboard! I think I have an old one sitting in my garage!

  6. Love the chalk board and how you have turned it so beautifully useful. Now I think i should also do something as useful as this
    The Blogger's Pit Stop Crew

  7. I've never thought of using a chalkboard for a backdrop. Genius. Thank you for sharing at Vintage Charm.

  8. I just love chalkboards and yours is nice and big. Wonderful for so many things. Great job! Happy New Year Joy!

  9. Oh, I'm sorry the wind caught things and broke the glass! It's frustrating trying to get good photos. Love your chalkboard and your beautiful poinsettia! Hugs!

  10. Great chalkboard revival Joy! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  11. You've found plenty of uses for the newly revamped chalkboard already, I think we'll be seeing it quite a lot in future mosaics too.
    Thanks for joining in with MM again this week.

  12. love the big old chalkboard, especially with the red lantern in front. I would have to hang it on my dining room wall like French Country Cottage has on her dining room wall. Love it. Lucky find! I'm your newest follower

  13. Fabulous find and a wonderful restore of the treasure makes a perfect backdrop for so many things. Beautiful pictures Joy! Thanks for sharing them with us at Brag About it. Pinned to share :) Have a wonderful week ahead.

  14. This is a great idea! I love it. Thanks for sharing at #OverTheMoon!

  15. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing with us at the Funtastic Friday Blog Hop!

  16. The chalkboard looks terrific! Great idea to use it as a backdrop.

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