Thursday, December 15, 2016

Paris and Coffee

Another fence board recycled. Glued the cracks, cut to length, sanded,wiped with cloth to remove any remaining dust. 

Hemp oil brushed on 4 edges and back. Ready for the next step.

Sequence for adding Paris No. 9 to the prepared board. Fat Paint Yellow is the shadow (works with the brass) and Graphite (Annie Sloan) for the sign. I had thought that a green would work but yellow was a better choice.

Waxed when dry, PARIS displayed with Christmas greenery and lights in the window.

The reason for the board with Paris No. 9 ... (early morning pictures taken outside [-7 C] snow in background, resting on the cut off branches from my Christmas tree)

The brass shelf was somewhat flexible and it was not clear what it was to be used for. Adding it to a board gives it a purpose - a shelf, or a towel holder or a shoe storage rack ...

I took it over to my booths Wednesday morning.

While I was tidying my booths Wednesday I noticed my last Coffee/Saw sign had sold so I made another. Each one is different and my stencilling skills are improving. I love the hobby of stencilling (what, you never guessed?)

The saw was stencilled with COFFEE in the same sequence as the PARIS sign. I used Johnson Daffodil CeCe Caldwell chalk-clay paint. It is a bit creamer than Vintage White and went well with the hemp oil over wood on the saw handle, waxed saw and lightly polished.

Thanks for visiting. I have reached the age of bending in the wind during the Christmas Season, making things as simple as possible, enjoying the music, tree lights, the decorations.

I mailed my  Christmas Cards Wednesday, didn't write any last year, just seemed to hard to write after my Dad passed, but this year I had the happy urge to send love to so many kind relatives and friends.

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  1. I love your Paris sign and the addition of the shelf, great idea! I'm not the least bit surprised your coffee saw signs sold out. Fun!!!

  2. Your Paris sign has such a great look...I bet it sells quickly, too!

  3. I am so impressed with the Paris sign.

    I too like stenciling. I just bought a set of large (about 10") letters for $.99 at Tuesday Morning. I have to find a large piece of driftwood to make a sign.

  4. I love your signs and the one's with Paris on them always make me smile!

  5. I love using pallets or old fence boards. They add such charm and patina to signs. Yours look great.

  6. Those shelves turned out so neat! I love the Paris stencil pattern you used. It seems your signs are good sellers.

  7. Great look Joy. You are really getting creative with the stencils and so good too.
    Have a happy Christmas.
    Audrey Z.

  8. I must say, I love stenciling but, I don't do it near enough. Why?! I have no idea why :) Your Paris sign is just gorgeous and I love the addition of the shelf! Thanks for sharing with us at Funtastic Friday!

  9. Love the Paris sign, what a great look!! Thanks for linking up to the Talk of the Town link party--you are my featured pick for next week!

  10. That is precious. I love the brass shelf with the weathered wood and stencil. Darling.

  11. Whoa.... your good! Looks wonderful :-)

  12. Love your sign Joy. The addition of the shelf is a great idea! You are always creating such wonderful things! Thanks for sharing with SYC and Merry Christmas.

  13. I love your Paris sign/shelf! I was just in Paris a couple of months ago enjoying amazing coffee and this brought back wonderful memories. Thank you for sharing on my blog (

  14. What a beautiful shelf made with your Paris sign. I would love to have one of those. And your coffee signs are adorable. Glad to see you had a wonderful time during the holidays. Pinning.


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