Thursday, October 13, 2016

Organizing Paint and Stencil Supplies

Job this week has been organizing a small storage area for stencils and paint/supplies in one corner of the kitchen. 

This post seems like a story, it has a before, middle and an ending.

This is the 'end' photo - finished project, for now.

Looking back

Way Back - after reno, before the kitchen was 'very much lived in'. 

Photo below is a bit fuzzy, couldn't find the early 2009 original photo (pre-blogging days), The left corner by the back door is the area where I making small storage changes.

Earlier post March 2016 (picture below) about adding some storage and organization to that area for paints, supplies and stencils.

The small wicker shelf (left side of picture) worked well for the rolls of tape, wax and paint storage (small shelving piece). The hutch shelf with curtain looked good but was not convenient for quick find/use of brushes and supplies although it was an improvement from getting supplies out of a box each time I worked on a project. Curtain soon disappeared.

Recently moved all the small jars and large tins of various brands of chalk type paint to the second self in this hutch (no picture). That was an improvement, all the colours were together and visible. The negative was they were supplies and not display items.

The stencils clipped to the board also worked but not as well as hoped, awkward to hang/remove from the narrow space.

Problem still to solve: MORE stencils have been added to the collection and need somewhere to 'live'.

So, what changes were made for paint and stencil supplies storage in the corner of the kitchen?

First I used what is already in the home. There was an unused boxed narrow black shelf (not put together) from IKEA in a corner in the basement (thanks DS). Painted it pale grey (same paint we used to paint the kitchen (see below), March 29, 2012. Think this area has never looked so pretty and tidy since.

Adding a new shelf to the little corner space behind the back door...


•  grey paint (from painting kitchen)
•  boxed (unused black IKEA CD shelf, hauled up from basement)

Painted the black IKEA CD unit grey - sunshine, clean flat surfaces (deck railing) and TIME to work, ahh. What could be better, painting (2 coats) including drying took 3 hours. Love painting on the deck in the sunshine.

Putting the shelf together

My share of the 'putting together' was haul, find and hold. DH did pegs and installing the screws.

Moving supplies to their new storage area...

Tea cupboard now shares 2 shelves with the chalk type paint and finishes and this has cleared off the shelf (to the right) where the ornaments now are (photo below).

The paint brushes stayed on their same place in the hutch, in glass bottles, sorted as before by use - wax and polish brushes, painting brushes, fine brushes for lining and various sized stenciling brushes.

The chalk type paint moved into my Tea Cabinet (still have tea and other things on two of the shelves) along with some finishes and waxes (and blackboard chalk pieces). I am pleased with the changes.

Stencil Storage Updated

Spent some time checking organization of stencils on Pinterest plus thinking how I wanted to store them for easy finding.

Smaller (letter size or smaller size) stencils in a 4" binder in plastic sleeves seemed worth trying, dividers between each stencil set.

I checked in the thrift store and found a plastic file holder for 3 different sizes. Brought it home and it worked for storage for all but the long stencils.

The long/wide stencils, clipped together, are hanging from hooks off the sides of cupboards (which I was doing before I lost some of my storage inches). I added green arrows to point out where stencils are now stored. 

You will notice that the bottom shelf of the hutch has an arrow - boards waiting to be stenciled plus a stencil not yet opened and some general junk that needs to find a new home.

Still looking in every pile around the house to find my new french words stencil (misplaced). Update: FOUND the stencil on the floor under the dog's chair, whew! 

Looking for the stencil has made me clear off and put away the stuff that was on my wooden counter which has been buried in stuff for two weeks, now the counter is clear, oiled and polished again.

For now the supplies have a convenient for me home. 

This lead to stenciling signs...

After a few days of sunshine we got more rain. When the rain stopped we had a sunny, cool afternoon, good time to work on my favourite hobby - making signs. 

I had picked up two free white shelves (with a lot of old masking tape stuck on) at a garage sale on Saturday, cleaned/scraped and washed the boards and used one for my first try at an ANTIQUES sign. I planned it out but didn't take into account the size of the Q when I was stenciling (thought the 'tail' should be below the line - no is should NOT be below the line, it should have been spaced higher. I made some notes on my pattern so next time I will be mindful when positioning the Q (higher) and S (which is a bit tilted) letters.

Everything I use when stenciling is close to my (cleaned off) counter and I made 3 signs, two of them old favourites.

Thanks for visiting today.

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  1. The trouble I have once I start organizing all my supplies, they are no longer readily available to me. Stencils are the hardest to organize because of the wide variety of sizes and thickness of the stencil. Always love your signs - I would have thought the "Q" needed more space too!

  2. Great job of getting organized. That is what I need to do in my workshop. You have shared some good ideas.

  3. Wow - I bet you have a huge sense of achievement reorganizing and putting all this together. Good job.

  4. Your storage area is quite lovely ♥

  5. You are so organized!

    I have been working on my craft space - purging and organizing, but it won't look nearly as nice as yours.

  6. Wow, looks great Joy! And can I just say you deserve the red carpet emmy award for organizing your sidebar. I love how you categorized your rss feeds by category or by link party! That's genius my friend.

  7. Great job of organizing, Joy! Thank you for the inspiration and for sharing @Vintage Charm!

  8. Organizing craft supplies can be a big job. But it's always inspiring to me after it's all done. Love your storage ideas.

  9. What a great post, I was fascinated from start to finish and also inspired to sort out my attic craft room to make finding "stuff" that bit easier. Thanks for sharing your storage solutions on Mosaic Monday this week.

  10. I think the hardest part of a DIYer/crafter is storing all your supplies. You did a great job! I love your signs!

    xo Dianne

  11. Glad you found your stencil and got your counter cleared off. Your storage area is wonderful. Great job. :) Jo

  12. So organized! Thank you for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

  13. Joy, it looks like you're doing a great job getting organized!! Glad you found a system that works for your paint and stencils!! Your signs look awesome!!

  14. Good job getting organized! I have a hard time finding a good storage solution for my stencils--they are all so differently shaped! Thank you for sharing at Merry Monday!

  15. I am in awe of your organized arts and crafts materials! Just the STORAGE and display of them is a work of ART!! How I would love to be a visitor - or a small harmless fly - and flutter around inspecting your home with all its charm!

  16. You are so organized. Love seeing all of your paints and materials. Wonderful projects waiting in the wings. I admire your talent. Thanks for sharing at DI&DI.

  17. Oh my, you are so must feel wonderful!!! I have so many things I need to do this with; thanks for the inspiration.
    Thanks also for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!

  18. Great organization and your signs are awesome!!

  19. Love the storage you made! Thank you for sharing with us at the To Grandma's house we go link party - pinned - hope to see you Wednesday when the next party starts!

  20. Your craft space looks so inviting! (and well-organized!) It must be inspiring just to walk into that space and see your supplies and tools. I love your vintage storage furniture pieces -- so interesting.

  21. Love the signs you made and the the new organized space. I really like the tea cupboard and the green glass handle. Thank you Joy for sharing this post at Wednesday AIM Link Party at Grammy’s Grid. I shared it on Pinterest. Hope you get lots of traffic!


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