Wednesday, August 31, 2016

August Summary

I haven't written a month end summary before but  August just seemed to need a record of what two retired people can do to keep the outside of the home in good shape and deal with the collections of junk that need to be evaluated.

Nothing fancy, nothing pretty, just decisions and actions. I might mention that I love dump runs and recycling runs and putting usable stuff on the edge of the lawn so someone else can decide how to use it.

August has been a good month in many ways. The necessary outside work is getting done. Check that post. No rain, hot but most mornings were ok for working.

Repairing/working on the decks, siding, spindles and railings has been a very time consuming job. The spindles for the back deck and the supports have taken a huge amount of time to remove (and replace as necessary) then clean/paint/re-install. This picture was taken August 19.  Paint scraping and spindle/support board work continuing. 

The second big job for me (with help from Val) has been hauling everything out of the big white car tent.

The white car tent was used first as a workshop (up on our deck) when we renovated our kitchen and dining room into a larger kitchen in the fall of 2007. It allowed us to work during the rain, cold and into December until the job was finished. I do miss the convenience of have a roofed area on the deck but I am pretty sure the neighbours got very tired of seeing it there. After the reno the tent on the deck was a great place to work on projects. I do miss the convenience.

We had the car tent moved (all the metal pipes taken apart and then put back together !!! ) to the back garden area in the fall of 2009.

This sure brought back some good memories of the reno plus use of the tent on the deck. 

Now in August of 2016 the tent had to be cleaned out. It was no longer white and has duct tape covering holes. The inside of the tent was vine decorated (the vines are pulled and bagged, they grow back, repeat and etc.).

The tent has done a great job storing lumber and assorted good junk BUT it was time to clean it out.

Rodent heaven had to be dealt with. Vine weeds were pulled and bagged. The ground is full of vine weeds which spread underground and also spread if they are dug up/chopped by shovels.  Another issue for future consideration.

We sorted everything into categories on the lawn - lumber that was not usable, lumber we wanted to keep, metal that could go to recycling (or to be kept), stuff that could be fixed up and put in my booths, stuff that had no use for anyone anymore and was bagged for the dump and stuff that maybe should go but we still wanted to  keep for now.

It sort of reminded me of Flylady (who I love ) as the Universal Mom who helped hundreds of thousands learn how to organize, sort, clean and make decisions. I will always be grateful to her teaching emails (starting back in 2001) when she began to share her wisdom and common sense (she stills sends emails by the way).

Of the stuff that WAS in then tent here is where it went:

2 dump loads of unusable lumber and stuff that could not be recycled, gone. 

Several good things that someone might like have been put on the edge of the yard for free (a common practice in my area of town) - and gone too.

1 load to recycling (paint, electric, metal).

Some items we kept to be cleaned up later.

Then there is the lumber that is good and waiting for another inspiration. 

Almost all of the not usable stuff is gone. 

Still a lot of sorting left, might write about that in another post. The lumber below was kept.

Empty tent. The end zippered closures have been removed. Zippers were broken on one end and only closed half way on the other.

One window blew out last winter. The tent is very near the end of its usefulness. You can see the log that marked the edge of my former garden before the tent was moved to the back yard. I will admit though, I LOVED having this tent for storage and I am going to miss the convenience of hiding things from sight and having instant dry storage space.

Didn't take many pictures while we worked (2 days of 4 hours - in the morning before it got too hot), just sweated a lot, hauled a lot and I finally hit 12,000 steps on my iPhone Health program August 16th when we finished the huge sort and dump run # 2.

We put the keep for now stuff back into the tent up on saw horses and the picnic table ( filling less than 1/3 of the space). 

Yay me on steps. I find it very motivating to keep on pushing myself to add more steps. August has been my best steps motivated month yet.

I will be working on the final clean up from the deck repair cleanup mess when the repairs and final painting are finished. I wonder if I can use the shop vac to suck up all the thousands and thousand scraped off bits and pieces of paint off the grass? 

So far I am sweeping up the scraped paint on the deck and driveway as necessary. I am also wondering if my leaf blower would be of any use. I will let you know some time in September.

This was an 'extra' post so I could look back on outside work accomplishments for August 2016.

Thanks for stopping by. 


  1. Oh Joy! You all have accomplished so much this summer. Things like that just have to be done at some point and I think you have made amazing progress. Great job!!


  2. You have been so busy! I'm really proud of you!

  3. I am afraid my greenhouse is still in the same state as it was last fall. You have shamed me. I am really gonna have to get on Sal!

  4. THAT was a LOT of work!! For anyone of any age!
    I wish we had a tent like that! I can see the advantages. We need to clean up our place. 'Sanford and Son' are slowly being edged out of the yard. Does anyone even remember who Sanford and Son was?

  5. 'Course I do. Redd Foxx and some guy....

  6. Wow, what a ton of work you did and in the August heat to boot. I'm sure it feels good to have that done.

  7. I have never seen a tent like that. Put a cheap tarp on the ground to contain the scrapings and just move it around as you need to. Or, do as I do sometimes, use an old sheet.

  8. The urge to purge must be contagious, I've been sorting thru my crafting supplies too and chucking things I know I'll never use. Been freaked out by more than one spider! Ewwww!


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