Thursday, July 28, 2016

Pieces of Old Boards and

cutting boards, which I am always looking for at thrift and garage sales were used in the following projects. I have a good stash of cutting boards and pieces of old wood waiting for a new ideas.

I took some me time to make add stencils to boards to put in my booths at Village Antiques Mall. Finished 4 and tweaked an older sign.

My OPEN sign got some updating - the original sign (fence board) had split (DH glued), added red to the black OPEN word and outlined the head and tail of the arrow. See the original OPEN sign at this post.

I didn't take any photos as I worked on the changes to the OPEN sign. I made a 'thin line' small stencil to use for the outlining of the arrow with cardstock/scotch tape and it worked well. I use CeCe Caldwell Jersey Tomato when I re-stencilled the word OPEN, using letters from Funky Junk Interiors GROCERY sign and a letter N that I made from cardstock. I off-set the red letters so the black letters underneath created a shadow outline.

I took a few pictures with my iPhone as I worked, not as many as I usually take. You can check out my first Fresh Eggs sign and the original OPEN sign for the 'how to'.

The SMILE sign was made with a paper stencil I made while visiting my sister who has a Silhouette. Good memories. 

I numbered the sequence below (forgot to take a picture of painting the turquoise on the cutting board after picture #2) - used CeCe Santa Fe Turquoise chalk-clay paint for the background and CeCe Simply White for the letters. 

After I used the cardstock stencil I let it dry and then weighted it down to flatten the damp curling edges of SMILE .

Learned about using plywood as a background in my Fresh Sign stencilled sign this time. I used Annie Sloan Graphite (as a wash) on the bare wood and added CeCe Caldwell Jersey Tomato (as a thick wash) on top to create a barn red background for the sign. I numbered this collage for sequence.

Plywood has texture (read rough spaces) and when I stencilled the undercoat letters (CeCe Caldwell Simply White) there was quite a bit of paint bleeding outside of the stencil lines. When the white was dry I used a kitchen knife to scrape away some of the bleeds.  You can see the granite/jersey tomato paint mix in this photo. You can remove chalk paint bits with a damp paper towel/rag corner right after painting and I did that as well. 

Just an additional thought - I have washed chalk paint (immediately after painting) completely OFF a board when the painted area wasn't the way I planned it to be). It works fairly well and sanding the dried paint also works to remove stencilled often works, if necessary. Background may have to be retouched as well.

When I added the yellow (Fat Paint Tuscan Sun) slightly offset over the white letters to made a 'shadow' the yellow covered much of the white bumpy bits. I chipped bits that showed off and then sanded the letters and wiped the sign clean with a cloth before finishing with CeCeCaldwell clear wax, polishing when dry. Repeated once.

I enjoyed having time to make signs and suspect that I need to make time for other projects I enjoy too.

On Sunday I made another GROCERY sign. This time I made red shadows 1/4 inch wide under the black letters on an old grey fence board. When very dry I sanded and gave all sides and ends two coats of clear wax. I polished the sign 2 hours after applying the wax. To see the steps I use for making a GROCERY sign check here with the addition of making a shadow see here for how.

Supplies used: 

Stencils - Fresh Eggs (Muddaritaville), Smile (made on Silhouette), L'Auberge (Michaels), OPEN (used letters from Donna of Funky Junk Interiors GROCERY sign plus an N letter I made using cardstock and an e-xacto knife.

Paint CeCe Caldwell Santa Fe Turquoise , Simply White, Jersey Tomato and Beckley Coal , Annie Sloan Graphite, Fat Paint Tuscan Sun

Other - Stencilled brush (1" d), paint brush (1 1/2"), wiping rags, newspaper, dish soap for cleaning brushes, green frog tape, kitchen knife for scraping paint, CeCe Caldwell clear wax, Annie Sloan Soft dark wax, sandpaper block, small bowl/water to make paint wash, spoon for stirring paint (and for opening paint lids).

Fun, some creativity, projects I enjoy making with the bonus of putting them in my booths at Village Antiques Mall.

Glad you could drop by and visit today.

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  1. Oh my Joy !!! you are getting to be an expert at sign making. Makes me want to go dig out some old boards and start stenciling.

  2. Love your signs. I've got to get some old boards!!

  3. Great DIY. Your signs are great. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Love your fresh eggs sign! Its such a gorgeous deep red color.

  5. I love the sign that says 'smile' ♥

  6. Love the signs, especially the eggs sign. :)

  7. Joy, I love the colors you used and I always enjoy seeing your lovely signs! Thank you for sharing @Vintage Charm! Pinned!

  8. Love your signs, Joy, if we lived on the other side of the pond I would visit your booth tout suite.
    Thanks for joining me for my first week as host of Mosaic Monday.

  9. I especially like the rustic open sign.

  10. Joy, Thank you so much for stopping by to share your wood signs with us! I've always wanted to try to make a few for myself. I love the fresh eggs sign! Pinning to share.

  11. How clever are you??? These look gorgeous especially that French sign in the turquoise. So glad I found your site through Joann's Vintage Bliss linky party :)
    Special Teaching at Pempi’s Palace

  12. I love those cutting boards! The colors are amazing:).

  13. These all look great, Joy. The cutting boards are wonderfully done! Thanks for sharing at Snickerdoodle Sunday!

  14. Those are very neat. I would love to do one that says Beach. Thanks for sharing your ideas! Hugs, Diane

  15. These look great! I feel like stenciling signs now... :)

  16. This is such a smart idea to use old cutting boards and turn them into signs. They certainly add more interest than plain wood signs. A very n ice repurpose. Thank you for joining us and giving us lots of Sweet Inspiration. I'll be pinning and sharing.

  17. I pronounce you the QUEEN of stencil art~!!!


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