Thursday, May 5, 2016

Thrifted Finds

Welcome May

A short post today. Busy week. Lots of etc.'s happening. Big push this week helping DGS with his very big school project (that I will blog about near the end of May). Dogs have been with us full time for 5 days and that takes time too. What else can I say, every blogging friend I have has full days and many responsibilities. Must be the norm.

No building, painting, creating or repurposing in this post. Outside of the post - well there has been a LOT of that happening, its just not time to blog about it yet.

Lovely to have the garage sale season return.

So many useful as well as pretty finds in the past weekend. 

I did include my favourite green salt and pepper chickens in this grouping. I love their colour and they bring back Mom memories in a good way, sure miss my Mom though. Who knew that a grandmother would be missing her Mom. Must be one of those universal wants/needs. I have good Mom memories and when I feel sad I think of the good Mom memories. I know TMI. Mother's Day coming up soon does bring back a squeeze of tears.

Kitchenware is always one of my favourite things to find. The green salmon dish is an ashtray and the mallet worked in more than one grouping. I love the wear and colour on the old graters.

Oil tins and a wooden mallet, reminds me so much of my Uncle Wilf's machine shop way back in the early 50's.

Always learning something new, I never knew that there were Pearl World Gemstone Globes - after finding this one and looking around online I got the name and some good information.

Thanks for visiting. 

Always reading your blog posts too.

Back on Sunday at 7 am.

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  1. Joy, lots of pretties! I love that globe, really unusual. I'm a sucker for pottery and useful things as well as just some fun things when I thrift!! May is a busy month for sure.

  2. all the eye candy. The teapot and teacups caught my attention quick! LOL! Visiting from Jemma's blog party today. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  3. Love all of your finds. Isn't it great now that the weather is nice and there are lots of sales??


  4. Some awesome vintage finds! Love the globe and oilers!

  5. Love those green chickens! Such pretty vignettes.

  6. I always love your posts!!! They never fail to touch a nerve or an emotion for me!!! I am so sorry I miss some in between my visits! I try to go back and play Catch Up!!!
    I will take vintage any day over 'new!' But someday our 'new' will be vintage to our grand and GREAT grandchildren!!! Food for thought......

  7. I absolutes love the teapot!
    Happy weekend,

  8. Great finds as usual. Those teacups! Wish you were closer :)

  9. I've never seen a globe like that. It's very pretty.

    Happy Thoughts of Home. We are so glad you joined us. :)

  10. So many great finds, Joy! LOVE the globe--such an interesting discovery. I sent you an email recently (perhaps I don't have your correct email address--used the one on your "Meet Joy" page). Could you shoot me an email at adirondackgirlatheart at gmail dot com? Thanks!

  11. Wonderful finds and such a great assortment! Thank you for sharing @Vintage Charm--pinned to our Features and Favorites board!

  12. Great finds and that globe is awesome!! We have a tiny one but yours is really gorgeous!!

    Thank you so much for sharing it at Sweet Inspiration party!


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