Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day to all my blogging friends.

Peony Bouquet - first of the year

Honouring Mothers everywhere and remembering my Mom, her Mom, Dad's Mom, Aunties. Sister, Cousin's, Nieces, DH's Mom, his Grandma and Aunties and Cousins and Sister. I am remembering other Mom's who have shared a hug with me when I needed one and others I have hugged because they needed one and my blogging friends who are remembering their Moms and the Dads and Grandparents who are/were the Mom's to their families.

I treasure this last photo of Mom before she went into a Care Facility. We had gone out for dinner and celebrated together and she was happy. Its sort of like poking at a tooth to see if it still hurts. This photo is from 2008. Mom was 88.

Mom loved living in the care facility; singing, games, lots of people around. I think she ate a lot of dessert and skipped most of the main course at meals. 

She loved everyone and told everyone 'I love you'. 

Dad visited Mom every day right up until March 29, 2013 when she quietly passed away with family at her side.

Thank you dear blogging friends for visiting today. Hugs.

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  1. Happy Mother' Day to you! Beautiful photo of you and your Mom.


  2. Hope your day was wonderful. Great picture of you and your Mom. So special to have good memories. Your Peony Bouquet is so pretty. Wish I could grow the pretty flowers. I would just be feeding the deer if I planted them.
    Audrey Z.

  3. What special memories of your mom! I didn't see mine today but she will be coming soon to stay about 10 days with me. I am looking forward to having her! She will be helping Louis Dean take care of me after a bit of foot surgery and I think it makes her feel good to be needed again. We all need to be needed - at least a little bit!!

  4. Memories are such a blessing and cannot be taken from us. I understand your loss as my mother was only 54 when we lost her.

  5. Joy, such a beautiful tribute here. Thank you for sharing with all of us. Those of us who have lost our mothers understand the sadness and joy of having shared years with them. I miss my mom always and she left this world in 2001. You write beautifully. Please enjoy your week and thank you for sharing. xo

  6. Hello Joy, Your tribute to moms everywhere and those who touched your heart is so sweet. The story about your mom made me smile. I definitely had a chuckle over your mom loving dessert. That will be me. HA! The photo you shard is a treasure. My mom died young and I miss her loving ways still.

    Happy Blue Monday and thank you for joining Blue Monday.

  7. Thanks Joy for joining in on our very 1st "Something I Cherish" Link Party. X Chy


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