Sunday, April 24, 2016

Really Neat Junk

Sometimes posts are a collection of favourite things in photos. 
This is my post for today, really neat junk.

Vintage shoe forms and an Antiques sign painted by Liss.

Rusty and wonderful gardening tools

Another vintage Underwood typewriter showing ends and  insides.

Some of the great graphic details on the Underwood. I used one in University to type all our papers - and the keys were 'blank' since it had been a high school typing class typewriter. I am sorry to say that I destroyed that typewriter once computers were invented - bless computers.

Today my blue is borrowed, my pink is the beginning of a rhodo blossom and my collage contains copper and brass.

A mixture to things I found while junking. The only thing I 'made' was to clean off spider webs and rust and take photos.

Thanks for visiting today.

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  1. You found some really great items Joy!

    Have a wonderful week!


  2. Love these photos. I sometimes wish I had a huge house so I could have everything I love displayed, but then who would dust it all?

  3. The shoes for s are really nice and the underwood, love it. Happy Sunday with love Janice

  4. You have such a good eye for vignettes, Joy! Great photos, and of course fantastic stuff.

  5. I love all your junk Joy!
    The blue oil can is a beauty!
    I'm visiting from Blue Monday.

  6. Each one is perfect in its own way. I'm going to try and find a typewriter like this for my 15 year old granddaughter --she really wants one for her bedroom.

  7. Beautiful vintage share! Love that old typewriter. I have a modern electric version and will never part with it. Life was so much better without all the modern technologies of today's world. Thanks for sharing.

  8. You're right - there was some REALLY need junk in this post!

  9. Enjoyed going back in time with the pretty flowers.

  10. Hi Joy, Your post contains everything I love. Anything vintage is right up my alley. The typewriter is my fave. I certainly used a typewriter (much more modern) in my banking job of 17 years. However, computers are much easier and faster. I never did have much speed but I was accurate. :).

    Happy Blue Monday and thank you for sharing today.

    Thank you for helping me with my photos. I will report that the Wine Barrels and Reflections are the most chosen with the Stone Wall not far behind.

  11. Hope you have a great week! I love the treasures you found!
    Joy @ Books and Life

  12. I enjoyed looking at these treasures. Thanks.

  13. Somehow have to convince myself have enuf stuff. You sure found some treasures. Where do you keep all your goodies til you use them?
    It's more fun to find others rejects than to buy new, or it is for me. When I do find treasures, have no room for it. We put boxes of my treasures/goodies out in lean to shed today. No wonder shed is chuck full. lean to on shed, my old non-running Suburban. My sewing room and craft room are chuck full. Did I mention can barely walk in those rooms? Yeah they are really small rooms but used to be able to work in them. Am starting to feel like a hoarder. EEEEEkkkk.
    Love all your great finds, enjoy them. Do you sell your finds at a booth? wish I did. Hope you have room.
    Have great week.

  14. Joy, Love the old typewriter. The forks and knives in the last photo remind me of one I have saved which belonged to my grandfather. Sylvia D.

  15. Wow love the typewriter, I have been wanting to get one, It hard to find anything like that around here in the south coastal region, but upstate new york where i am from i could find it. Thanks Maria/simple nature decor

  16. Oh, my...I love it all...especially loving the olden typewriter..I had one and ended up selling it in a yard ! I'd love to have it back....

  17. I have a garden full of rusty interesting bits including a bike, a typewriter like yours, wooden hammers made into a picket fence, weightscales. All very tastefully done may I add. Oh yes and some wire bread baskets hanging on the wall.

  18. I love your junk. I am quite partial to rusty garden tools. I picked up a few today. My husband and I found an old typewriter like yours for $2. We are keeping it!!

  19. I love your old gardening tools!

    and LivingFromHappiness

  20. Great finds... Great photos!!! Love the closeups of the typewriter!

  21. I love all your vintage treasures! Sometimes we forget to stop and enjoy the beauty in the things that surround us. Thanks so much for sharing with us at Talk of the Town.

  22. Great finds! I love old garden tools. Thanks for sharing at the Talk of the Town link party.

  23. You have the best 'junk' in the whole wide world!!!

  24. What lovely finds! I have a couple of pairs of shoe forms that look like they have seen better days! Maybe it's time for me to take them out and shine them up a bit. I am hosting a new link party called Sweet Inspiration and would love for you to join us. We run Friday through Tuesday.

  25. I love looking through your posts, Joy. Lots of intriguing "junk" here! I especially love the tea kettles. Thanks for sharing at Snickerdoodle Sunday!

  26. Those shoe forms are very cool, Joy! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Bliss Tuesdays. Jo


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