Sunday, April 3, 2016

Happiness Thoughts

Spring blossoms make me happy. Cherry Blossoms covering our backyard tree remind me that we picked out our house in the dark 36 Aprils ago. We discovered the blossoms in the daylight after we signed the paperwork. It is also the month of DH's birthday and the blossoms start the 'countdown'.

Hauling a deck chair up from the shed and cleaning off a small table to make a tea time and reading space on the deck makes me happy.

Getting nosed by Peaches and getting my hand and arm licked makes me happy. 

DGS made supper all by himself (with Dad giving directions only) on Thursday and that made me happy. Stuff in the background is 'getting stock ready for my booths stuff'.

Sitting on a bench by the Fraser River in Fort Langley watching a new class learning how to become paddlers in a long boat makes me happy. 

Hanging laundry outside in the fresh air and sunshine makes me happy. Fresh air dried laundry smells so wonderful.

Garage Sale Season makes me happy. Fresh stock to get ready for my booths.

Reading a book and having a cup of tea makes me happy.

A big hug from DGS in the morning before school makes me happy.

Rhodo's and Tulips Sunday Morning

Hope something happy is in your day today.


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  1. I love Spring! Everyday I find a new treasure popping up in my yard as everything blooms out. I also love that it is garage sale season. This week, my two sisters and I do a "sister weekend" in Neosha, Missouri where they have a city wide garage sale. Can't wait.

    Have a great week.


  2. Lots of sweet happiness here! I can't wait for garage sales to start! That will make me very happy!

  3. A truly great way to spend time to relax.

  4. Beautiful, intimate views of daily happy moments.

  5. You have some pretty Spring flowers! And I love your happy post! Hugs!

  6. Hello Joy, Your sweet post makes me happy. I loved all of your happy photos and your words that make you happy. Your story about the cherry blossoms around your new home discovered the next morning is precious. I too love laundry dried outside. The smell cannot be copied. The flowers are perfectly grown to make everyone happy. Re: my post. Smiling here.

    Happy Blue Monday and thank you for linking today.

  7. What a wonderful post full of joy and love!!! That grandson cooking was my favorite!!!! Can you believe I have never seen cherry blossoms in real life? I am grateful to get to see YOURS!!

  8. Oh what a surprise to see those blossoms after purchasing your house! It was meant to be....

    and LivingFromHappiness

  9. Joy, I love the photo of the laundry drying outside. We had a clothes line when I was a kid and the clothes always smelled so good and clean. Thanks for sharing. Sylvia d.

  10. I adore a special spot to sip my coffee and dive into a book. Such beautiful blossoms to scent the day.


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