Sunday, April 17, 2016

April Thrifted and Garage Sale Finds

The neighbour across the street puts great stuff on the curb and it always disappears. I picked out the cast metal fork head and broken handle. Cleaned and oiled.

The wide hoe head was found at a garage sale, seen here cleaned up and oiled. The fork head (seen above) and crow bar were rusty dirt covered finds from across the street, shown after a good cleaning, rubbing with steel wool and then clear oil.

I could not resist the horse harness, age and patina against the galvanized pan. DGS brought the pink apple blossom home (it was on the ground he said) found on his walk home from school.

Oh, this horse ended bar with big hooks fascinated me. DH attached it to an old fence board. It may have been for horse bridle storage in a barn, maybe. I think it would look great in an entry with a horse theme.

Useful little expresso maker and gemini bell. I added another oil can to my collection and found two shiny copper/brass containers.

Vintage hangers, Willow Tree angels, a square vintage tobacco jar, a juice pitcher from the 1950's plus a red stoneware casserole and Peter Rabbit plate backed by my washboard which is a find from some time ago that I like using for backgrounds.

Some of yesterday's finds are below.

The rusty sun is a happy find as is the globe and the brass penguin and the black metal ARMILLARY - thank you Marigene of In The Middle of Nowhere for naming the black spheres with an arrow. 

The flower decorated white metal framed ornamental bike, the potpourri white wire chicken and the brown potpourri basket are great spring and summer porch decorations.

Lucky to find a church sale, a Cancer fund raiser parking lot sale and a fund raiser for rescue dogs sale yesterday. Other finds were an Adams ironstone bowl, brass candle holders, copper bowl with brass handles and an early Dick and Jane reader, lovely treasures.

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  1. Great finds! Don't you just love this time of the year when the garage and estate sales are so abundant?


  2. OH you had some great finds, Joy! I noticed the first garage sale signs here this week! Can't wait!

  3. Good finds Joy. Love the brass bar with the horse heads, the old harness and enameled pan. The wide hoe is unusual. Glad you are finding good stuff.

  4. Joy you always find great "stuff"! I love the armillary, it looks like a nice heavy one. Other favorites are the awesome horse towel holder, penguin and world globe.
    Have a great week.

  5. Joy, you found some great things! Love those church sales!

  6. Terrific treasures. I love the garden tool heads and the Fun With Dick and Jane reader.

  7. So many wonderful treasures you've found!

  8. Treasures are everywhere over here and beautifully shining too! you take some great shots. Thank you and enjoy a terrific week.

  9. Hi Joy, I am always amazed at your wonderful treasures you find. You are a woman after my own heart. When I was in the business of hunting wonderful things it was a thrill. I know you love what you do. I so remember the Dick and Jane reader in your last photo. Love it. I often used fine steal wool to shine up metal and fix even fine wood.

    Happy Blue Monday.

  10. What treasures! I need to get out to some yard sales, and soon. And some church sales and other places.

  11. Somebody found some goodies, happy for ya!!

  12. Your neighbors and outing paid off very well for you. I can relate to a lot of them since I was born and raised on a farm.

  13. You have the best luck shopping! You find such fun items.

  14. So many great finds!

    Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  15. Thank you for sharing on Peace, Love, Link-up! Be sure to stop by Friday at 6 for the next round of sharing awesomeness! : )

  16. Thrifting is ALWAYS an adventure! Love yours!


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