Sunday, March 20, 2016

Welcome Spring and Back Yard Clean Up

Spring. A few 'no rain' days and some sunshine equals spring cleanup  is beginning.

I know so many of you are writing about your spring cleaning startups and I enjoy seeing what you are doing. Sunshine, rain, mud and sunshine again.

Yes I did have help.

DGS, now 12 3/4 years old, nailed several spikes to the hinge side of the gate frame back onto the main frame. Solved the door torquing problem. Now he wants to change the colour of the fence and gate. Hmm.

He also lassoed a branch that had broken off the huge Cherry Tree and was hung up near the top. He pulled it down and added it to the pile of branches the municipality picks up twice yearly. Our Spring mulching date is the end of March. 

I helped with branch hauling and cutting to the Municipal's maximum 48" length (and my tree saws were in the shed with my other saws, highly visible, amazing, just where I left them). 

The 3 rather deep holes that Peaches dug during our late winter 

have been filled in and wire mesh laid over the two by the Cherry Tree to discourage more digging in those spots. 

The winter accumulation of dog poo is also cleaned up, bagged and gone. Of course, as those of you have dogs know ...

The smaller holes are next to be filled. I am marking them with sticks since I keep stepping in them, ankle breakers in waiting.

My two raised beds are weeded and ready for planting. Two end boards will have to replaced. 

One side of the yard has been weed-eated, along the edges of the raised beds and the fence and anywhere grass and weeds were tall.

My dear friend VM, an avid gardener, helps each year with spring cleanup and autumn cleanup, thank goodness.

My share of the work (besides organizing what work I need to have help with first) has been going through the piles of stuff on the shed decks and bagging things that have absolutely no use for anyone. The dump run was Thursday, DS drove his truck and DGS and I loaded it with bagged garden refuge (for the green waste site) and garbage. I love dump runs.

I bagged stuff (from the shed deck) to be donated and added it to the donation bags in my trunk.

Also started to haul stuff to the house (from the shed deck) that may be worked on and put in my booths (cleaning, painting etc.).

Thanks for visiting.

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  1. That's a lot of work! I want to do some raised bed planting too. My backyard right now is just all dirt. We're trying to figure out the best way to get some grass growing this year. Sod or seed? One takes money, the other takes patience. We're short on both. lol

  2. Well you have been busy - there is always so much to do once you get out in the garden and take stock in the spring. Good luck, those raised beds look very productive, I'll look forward to seeing them full of produce later in the year.

  3. So busy. I could not handle a yard by myself, glad you had help!

  4. To me, that is one thing I do not enjoy about Spring. I would always buy and plant all of the pretty flower but then I let John do the work all Spring and summer. LOL Now, I find myself doing it and I can.


  5. You have been a busy lady!!! There is ALWAYS so much to do. Always.

  6. A busy time now before summer..great shots!

  7. I am a yard person too. I enjoy being outside so much. Be glad when the weather makes up its mind as to which direction to go. Hard to be outside most days lately.

  8. Lucky you...too cold still here to get started.

  9. So happy spring is here and worked out in my garden the other day cleaning beds. Its hard work cleaning out as many beds as I have but then I know soon flowers will be growing and giving us gorgeous bloomS

  10. Wow, Joy, I am feeling pretty guilty about not getting my garden clean up started. Your hard work is a great feeling I am sure. Our poodle Cheri' is always indoors unless she has to go out so I am thankful we do not have holes. HA! Our doggy cleanup is easy because we have a forest on both sides of our home. Just a toss away. Nice. Even our tree branches, leaves etc. ends up in the forest. We do not have much because all the trees around us are in the forest. Love your pics of your raised beds all cleaned out and ready to plant. We container garden because our yard is straight down the mountain.

    Thanks for joining Blue Monday at Backyard Neighbor. I am enjoying this blog party.

    Have a blessed Easter.

  11. Every fall I feel like I've cleaned everything up, but come spring there is so much more! Who is making all that mess over the winter?

  12. You have been busy sweet lady! I need to get outside to do a lot of the same things, but so far the weather isn't cooperating. Bet you can't wait to get out there and get to planting!

  13. Spring has come to you! Enjoy working with soil. I need to wait for some time...

  14. It will soon all be worth the work!

  15. Wow! I'm so impressed with what you have gotten done! I'm so far behind already. I need to find some helpers like you have!


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