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The Estate Sale from .... Unexpected Surprises

My Sunday Happy Easter sign post included a peek at some of the finds from the estate sale I am writing about today, 

Welcome. Hope you can crack a bit of a smile about today's post, an Estate Sale experience unique to me in all the years and years I have been a collector of thrifted.

Today's post is interwoven with finds I was eventually allowed to buy as I tell you the story of a very strange Estate Sale.

This Estate sale was the strangest one I have ever attended. 

Great advertising in Craigslist. LOTS of very clear pictures. People could come early. Good signage. Lots of parking space. There was a LOT of stuff very nicely presented in three large rooms, a shed and a small workshop. Nothing was priced.

Got there, lots of resellers in attendance. ONE elderly gentleman was trying to keep order, so politely. He had people put what they wanted to buy on flattened cardboard that he brought out of a shed and had them add their name and telephone number with a felt pen he provided BECAUSE his wife was going to tell people what she wanted for whatever was chosen and she wouldn't be home until after 1:00 pm. He had to repeat this to every person attending. He kept telling people to come back at 1:00. The many piles on each flattened cardboard box were quite full.

WHAT ! It was 10:30 and a great many fairly peeved potential buyers were milling around, muttering rather loudly and clearly NOT happy. I stayed until 11:45.

I bagged and covered the things I wanted and left after I wrote my name and phone number on my piece of cardboard. I got my hair cut, went to the 2nd hand book store, the bank, a collectibles store and returned at 1:15. 

Very crowded now, parking was iffy, so was getting a car out once it was IN. Quite a crowd was milling around, talking amongst themselves with some irritation and volume.

My stuff was still covered. The wife had started to go over the piles people had and tell them what she wanted. She was inflexible. HIGH prices, especially for a garage/estate sale. Mostly the stuff for sale was not especially high end and was mostly pretty normal stuff to find at a garage sale. 

The crowd all had a good knowledge of garage sale prices and voices did get raised. The wife said what she wanted for the pile of stuff (and her's was a high price). The buyer would say 'no, I will pay xx' and the wife would repeat what SHE wanted to be paid, no discussion allowed. Sometimes the difference would be $50.00 between her high asking price and buyer offer. The answer was always NO.

After an hour of this the crowd was mostly gone. They would NOT pay what she wanted and they walked away with nothing.

She kept up her same pattern as she went from person/pile to the next. SLOWLY.

At 2 pm she got to my pile (I had uncovered it and spread out my choices). It was low to the ground, easy to see, just small stuff. She said $160.00 I said I would like to think about that price and waited quietly for another half hour. MORE people had left without buying at her price.

She came by again, I said $100.00 and she held out her hand for the money. I don't know what changed her mind about my pile. I had been very still and quiet while I waited, maybe that helped or it could have been that all the big piles of stuff remained on the lawn and driveway and that the purchasers had mostly left without anything.

I would call this Estate sale a very weird occurrence. Just to check it out DH went to see the sale after I got home and the lady seller refused to listen to his offer, wanting almost full collectible store prices for what he had picked out. He walked away too.

I usually just walk away from unpleasant garage/estate sales, not really sure why I waited it out, could be because it is mid March and garage/estate sales are still infrequent, could have been straight curiosity to see how things would play out.

A unique adventure I don't really want to experience again.

Thank you for visiting today.

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  1. That truly sounds like a strange experience. I don't think I would of had your patience. I would have also drove myself to the point of going and asking her why she changed her mind about my stuff.

  2. Oh the frustration of this sale! I'm glad you got your items for a decent price! I've been to those kind of sales where they want high dollar and I walk away. Reality check please!


  3. you're right. Very weird. You chose some charming things, though. The irony is that the seller may just end up donating it to a charity. She must have been in agony somehow - there was an unwillingness to let go.

  4. Strange. I went to one long ago where the first day was for selecting your items and the next day was for buying. Many people walked off, but I decided to play along and was rewarded the next day with a huge truckload at a reasonable price. Looks like you were rewarded for being patient. Great finds!

  5. Joy, you are more patient than I am--this is the kind of sale I RUN from! It seems your patience was rewarded, so good for you! Thank you for sharing your vintage finds at Vintage Charm! Pinning!

  6. Almost sounds like the "estate sale" was a compromise on her part to get rid of stuff without really getting rid of it. Husband begs wife to purge and downsize, she "agrees" and has a "sale" but prices everything out of she has $100 and most of her stuff and she can tell her husband that she "tried" to purge. That's my guess at the weird behavior.

  7. Wow! She's lucky she didn't have a riot on her hands!

    I don't even know if I would have bothered coming back. You were very patient!

  8. I hate shopping at sales where there are no prices. I was at one one with no prices and signs that said Make an offer. I didn't buy a thing. Some people are real strange:(

  9. I've never heard of such an awful way to conduct an estate sale! I would have walked away empty handed. Sounds like someone had an screw loose, lol. Glad to see you walked away with some fun goodies though.

  10. I was holding my breath reading through to see what the outcome would be. I'm glad you got your stash. What a silly lady

  11. That does sound like quite an experience! You'd think she would understand the basic rule of garage sales-no price is set in stone! Glad you got the treasures you wanted. Thanks for linking up at Snickerdoodle Sunday.

  12. Well, you certainly have more patience than I do. I would have walked out as soon as I understood the rules. And you were rewarded with some nice treasures. I really love that ball pitcher, and the totem pole is very interesting. What are the small items?...finials?...drawer pulls?

  13. What a strange estate sale! I commend you on your patience.


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