Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Saying Goodbye to Sally of Smiling Sally Blue Monday

I was very saddened to read this evening that Sally of Smiling Sally's Blue Monday died yesterday. She hosted her last Blue Monday party on February 29th and commented back to everyone who linked up with her, on their blogs. What a dear and lovely and kind woman.

I would direct you to Anne's Phamilby Blog: A Tribute to a very BLUE-ti-ful Lady to read her tribute to Sally DiStefano.

Also visit Debbie Dabble for her memories of Sally and her plan for writing a Blue Monday tribute to Sally for the 7th (Monday).


  1. Oh, how sudden and so sad! I have never read her blog but it sounds like she was going strong to the end. Many blessings to her family.

  2. Joy, you are a kind soul here. You may link this post at my blog for your readers to share. I knew Sally at Face Book and a few people early this A.M. posted about her passing. She will be remembered kindly by all who knew her. I loved her love story with Johnny. Married at 17 she attended college and was a school teacher. One former student posted a beautiful share about Sally at FB too. It is the only reason I tolerate social media. I visit with many friends all over the country and world too at FB. Otherwise I do not care for the political yammering or inappropriate language etc. I hope your week goes well. Thank you for your comments also. Hugs

  3. Joy,
    I will be doing a special Blue Monday post and tribute to Sally this coming Monday. I would love for you to join me and also do a Blue Monday post for Sally!!

  4. How sad! I remember joining Blue Monday many time! She will be missed.


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