Sunday, March 27, 2016

March Thrifted, Estate and Garage Sale Finds

March in my area did have one Estate Sale as well as a few garage sales with some good finds. The thrift store finds were ok but nothing special this month. Some things were re-found in my sheds when the sun was shining and it was warm enough to work outside.

Found a few handled items as well as a hardwood cutting board that DH sanded and wiped with Hemp Oil.

A cute little Boyd Teddy bear and a Le Creuset Cobalt Blue Pitcher

Two cash boxes, a laser cut (ship motif) pen/pencil holder and a vintage 12 inch level (waxed with dark wax).

Here are some details of the red/green cash box.

The vintage black cash box lid was painted to cover the large areas that were scraped back to the metal and a good handle was added.

I finally parted with my vintage Underwood and put it in my booth - sold immediately. Loved the look of this machine.

Rotary black telephone with original cloth covered wires is an estate piece and was incredibly grimy when I got it, it has a bit of electric tape holding the handle together.

A mixture of a dark metal angel with a spear, the brass small chair and ashtray crab and a wooden drawer/desk doll house piece were thrift store finds. The Rogers Silver plate sugar scuttle was a garage sale.

Found a small wire vintage bike model at the thrift store and paired it with my Farmer's Market Fence and a daisy beaded necklace.

Garage sales are becoming more frequent in later March so no more sleeping in on Saturday mornings. Its good to find fresh (old) stock to add to my booths, lots of cleaning, researching, pricing and packing and stocking, all part of the job of a collectibles reseller.

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  1. Great finds! Happy Easter dear friend.


  2. do you sell any of your finds online? Im new to your blog. If so, what would you be asking for the angel and sword? Thank you. Your blog is great!

    1. Hi Sue ZK - couldn't reply to you personally, no contact info. I don't sell online but thank you for asking.

  3. I do enjoy seeing your finds. I especially like that old money box!!

  4. Drooling over the cash box - I have a collections of the traditional black ones. Love the angel.

  5. Just fascinating to see so many interesting finds!

    and LivingFromHappiness

  6. You did very well on your outing. We do not get many garage sales this time of the year, but estates go on. The weather does not affect them.

  7. Hello Joy, You are a master at finding great treasures. I love everything you found and I have to say my fave was the teddy bear. Also, the cash box was a great transformation. Good job. I too love garage sales but it is too soon for them right now.

    Thank you for joining Blue Monday at Backyard Neighbor.

  8. I think the telephone is my favorite. You find such great things.

  9. Fabulous finds, I am very, very partial to the blue pitcher:)
    I wish we had more Estate sales around us, I feel like I am missing out, you know what I mean?

  10. Great finds, love the telephone and blue pitcher! Thanks for sharing at Thursday Favorite Things!

  11. Hi, Joy. I didn't know Le Creuset made pottery; that pitcher's lovely. I've never seen cash boxes like that; they're great. And I love the telephone. Great fins!

  12. Thank you for linking up your vintage treasures with Talk of the Town. It's no wonder that gorgeous old typewriter sold already. Love the phone too!

  13. love love love going to estate sales. I think I like them better than garage sales because I am nosey and like to see the inside layout of the houses..hahaha
    plus they seem to have more.
    Joy @ Books and Life


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