Sunday, February 28, 2016

February Happy Birthday plus Peaches Digging and New Buds

February has been touched by spring weather in my area (Coastal BC Canada). Temperatures all week have ranged from 5 to 16 degrees Celsius (41-60 F). Not all in one day but we have had heavy rain, lighter rain, high winds, dark skies, wonderful sunshine, pitch black nights by 6:30 pm (ok that is an improvement over 4 pm in December).

DS turned 37 Saturday. (I remember that day 37 years ago in amazing detail still). Today he picked the supper menu and cake type. We had a good visit. 

The rest of this post is about early spring in late February plant growth plus DGS helping me clean one raised garden bed and Peaches favourite activity - re-landscaping (digging a lot of big deep holes).

Front Yard

New fresh leaves; tulips and money plant, rhodo buds, rose stem/leaves growth, a red berry bush and honeysuckle.

Poppy leaves, crocus, (weeds too), hydrangea, iris and perhaps snow drops or tiny blue flowers when they bloom.

Back Yard

DGS made my day Saturday (it was DS's 37th BD so the bonus was DGS) by working with me in one raised garden bed - he pulled the rest of the carrots, sorted them into use/compost and pulled some big weeds while I pulled weeds and grass. The bed is mostly ready for peas to be planted.

There is beauty in the lichen on broken branches and a great many cherry pits everywhere in the back yard, dropped by the birds.

There is lots of yard debris in plain sight, too wet and muddy to clean up  just yet (or the grass will totally be ground into the mud).

Peaches (DGS's dog) is about 12-14 years old now - this photo is from last summer (she is very good at avoiding photo ops) - and she is a digger. Big and deep holes. She has strong claws and uses her nose as well - she will sneak in to the house with the skin worn off her nose and with very dirty nails, very happy and contented.

Peaches has been digging holes in the back yard for the past many weeks, a win-win for her. The holes below must have given her great doggy pleasure. I put plant pots in a couple of holes to stop her digging even deeper. She is hunting for rats and mice and anything else that may be living in tunnels under the grass.

I think her 'glory holes' were at the base of the 60 feet tall Cherry tree. She has never actually caught/found any rodents but the search is very addictive for her.

I put the old stair boards over the deep holes at the base of the Cherry tree to get her to stop there (she did this digging when I wasn't checking things out every day, clever girl).

More big jobs in waiting. DGS helped me prop up the corner back fence after I took this picture. I only checked the fence on Saturday, so now we have a big spring job coming up.

The main trunk from the lilac broke off in late fall plus the pear tree dropped a few branches over the winter. The twisty branch is from a front yard tree that we trimmed severely in the fall. If the warmer weather continues and if the rain holds off for a few hours for a day or two I predicts the beginning of yard cleanup.

A few buds - lilac, ground cover with a few blue flowers and those sweet carrots DGS pulled before they were brought into the kitchen. 

Saturday was busy but good, extra DGS hugs and a good Birthday supper visit with DS and DGS too.

Thanks for visiting. 

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  1. What a great day for digging in the dirt! Hugs!


  2. I'm not seeing any buds yet. I go outside every day and peer in to the containers, look up at the tree branches, looking for spring!

  3. Oh I love spring! I'm eager for it to arrive in Wisconsin. I love Peaches and all GSDs actually. I had to stop buying my GSD Kongs to chew on, for he would take them outdoors and bury them! They do love to dig. And of course a Kong, unlike a real bone, didn't have a scent, so once buried it was gone forever. LOL Peaches is a beauty.

  4. There's always so much to do every year as spring approaches! I have GOT to get out in the yard and work my flower beds and clean up so MUCH debris!!! Your Peaches is so pretty!!

  5. I wish we were seeing the buds that you are starting to see!

  6. A gardeners life is never dull and never ends. Spring is a delight with newness everywhere after a winter rest. My part of the world is ahead of yours. Happy Gardening.

  7. So glad you had a good day...we just got our first raised bed built and filled with soil....can't wait to plant but we most likely will have another freeze here in West Texas...will probably wait until May.
    Here from Outdoor Wed

  8. All that pretty green growth...really looks like spring in your area! Your dog would be great when you need holes dug for planting lol!


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