Sunday, January 24, 2016

January Organization

January has been a clean out and do some organizing kind of month. 

The first area I worked on was the bedroom. 

Made shelf space for more thrifted books bought this month (which will be donated or added to a series of boxed books when read) and changed up the vignettes, replaced a lovely vintage painted chair with a new to me very old chair. Below is the 'after'.

Overflowing books on the dresser tops, in bags on the chair and floor and filling the shelves has been contained. Many are bagged and ready for donation and 2 of my favourite book series (with a printout of all books by that author and missing books noted) have been boxed for storage, making room for changes to the bookshelves. 

I went through 8 drawers, checked out each item, discarded, donated or folded. This was the easiest job, there were a fixed number of items and they were organized by type in the drawers. Doing this solved a few morning routine issues (no searching for ...).

Below is a before/after from my Heap of Change post a year ago - and I am very happy that the work done then has held up quite well for an entire year, tweaked when needed with small changes made.

Kitchen/office organization was next.

The kitchen area is also used for office and stock work.

We added a larger counter space earlier this year and the counter has become my photo area as well as area for stock that needs to be cleaned/written up etc. It has made a positive difference to the mess that used to be piled up in the living room. The white board covers the back section of the counter where things are 'out of sight' but still handy and it is easily removed. The drawers I put supplies in are behind and below the white board.

Two small drawers are now dedicated for extra office supplies and supplies infrequently used.

Daily used office supplies (stapler, scotch tape, tags, string, rulers, pens/pencils and punches) have been corralled in a black tray plus a basket and shelved but handy (and for quick putting away when the table is needed/work is finished for the day).

The organization systems I set up, mixed with running the home and small businesses, continue to be tweaked.

The kitchen table which is the hub of my office/business work has been 1/3 cleared off for 2 weeks now so there is a seating space for meal prep and single breakfasts - this bit of organization took a lot of time to put in place because of the huge amount of PAPER piles covering the table that had to be looked at, sorted, filed if possible, entered in to spreadsheets if necessary. 

Family members are happier because there is a place to sit and use that space and it is very quick to clean that area back to empty again. I'm happier too because there is some visual space. 

My dream: I will get the paper stacks remaining filed or discarded or handled and then the computer and power bar and phone will be the only things on the table.

Keeping the volume of stock in preparation from overtaking all flat surfaces is still an ongoing organization issue - goal is: stock arrives, gets cleaned/fixed/etc., photographed, listed, tagged and boxed. As many of you know from your own businesses, this takes a lot of time, skill and energy. Below - stock ready to go - you can see the shelf behind with the basket/tray of supplies frequently used.

Reality is there is always an item or 2 left out that needs more work or extra cleaning or painted or... and those items accumulate and become another organization problem to be solved. I keep working on the how/where part of that job.

Haven't solved all the organization issues regarding running a small business out of the home/kitchen but I do have more control over the smaller issues of keeping the table accessible and the necessary supplies handy but not on the table (except the excess of stuff related to being a reseller of vintage).

Here is my post from a year ago, Heap of Change Week 3, on organizing the kitchen so it would work as an office and a kitchen and a place for stock work. 

This was the organization one year ago (below). The good thing is that the files and wooden box worked well all year for sorting and storage of office supplies. Tweaks were made here too.

The basic organization worked all year and tweaking the supplies and paperwork storage helped a lot this January.

The table never seemed to get cleared off and the boxes of stock never seemed to disappear in 2015. 

At least, in January this year there is some space bare on the table and the stock mostly gets written up and boxed and in the car the day it comes in. 

You notice I have not written about various projects that I work on (also in the kitchen).

Its a fresh year and making positive tweaks in organizing is making things better.

Thanks for visiting.

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  1. Joy - What a great way to start off the new year! Like you, my kitchen table is always full!!

    Have a good week.


  2. Joy, your challenges with running a home business, need endless organization and I think you are doing fabulous. My home is way worse and I don't sell anything! Working on it and determined to get it organized this year.


  3. Well done! We should all be taking a page from your book.

  4. It's definitely a challenge running a business from home. My office is in a bedroom so my "stuff" never spreads out to other areas of the house, but I'm constantly rearranging my office. Likewise, my husband's work space is on another end of the house in a bonus room that's attached to the garage so his stuff is contained but needs to be tamed now and them. It is hard to run a business out of a home without it taking over everything, especially if you have a small home and no basement or other storage buildings. Looks like you're doing a really good job staying on top of things.

  5. We spent most of the weekend cleaning out attic spaces. Today I start on dividing into sell or donate piles. It is a good feeling to see the results even if you are so tired.

  6. Hello Joy,

    I love organization! You're doing a HUGE job the right way . . . slowly and correctly. Thanks for playing today.

    Have a Beautiful Blue Monday!

  7. That sort of work takes a lot of T-I-M-E.
    Good job. I love an organized space but would love it even more if someone else would come in and arrange it all for me. Good job!!

  8. Joy, Congratulations for maintaining for a year. Just keep at it and small changes build into bigger ones. Paper is a bane. I have managed most of my receipts as they came in this year so not a bag full to sort out. Yeah! Sylvia D.

  9. Organizing is a good thing! I just finishes my downstairs pantry and it felt so good when I was done, I even added a lace curtain and a rug!! Being down in the dungeon it need all the help it can get! Tomorrow I'll tackle my dressing room since it really need a lot of help!

  10. I'm fast coming to the conclusion that I am going to have to have clearing and organising as an ongoing thing. I've been at it since the start of January and am no were near done.
    I do have a break when I've had enough and go and do something creative.
    Good luck with yours
    Lynn in Lancashire UK

  11. Winter is the perfect time to organize for me....great job!

    and LivingFromHappiness

  12. I can relate to the need to clear clutter and find new ways to organize things. i love to be organized but when you're not the only one living in the house it can be a challenge. I think you've made great progress with your house! January is the perfect month to do it too.

  13. Organization is key for anything to work. I am working on choosing which supplies I need in the guest room and which can stay in the garage. It's a work in progress.

    I am impressed with all that you did and I wish you well in keeping your stock organized.

    Thanks for Sharing Your Cup!

  14. You have just given me the incentive to clean out my closets and get organized.

  15. I feel for ya! I've been organizing this year too because I am now at home but I cannot imagine having to stay on top of it for business purposes as well. Wishing you continued success with that, it's looking good!

  16. I love how your "heap of change" paid off so well, Joy! How many times do our best intentions end up being just intentions. ;) Yay for being organized!!
    I bet your post next year will show even more great progress. You're rockin' it girl!!

    Thanks for sharing with us at Project Inspire{d}!

  17. You rocked this!I can attest to how difficult it can be to keep things under control, especially the piles on my desk. Organization always makes me feel so good afterwards. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop. pinned xo

  18. Wow, you accomplished a lot during the month! Much more than I did ;)

    Thanks for linking up with The Alder Collective! Your post has been pinned to our group board. We hope you'll join us again tomorrow at 8 pm EST!

  19. Wow! You did an awesome job organizing your home this month! It looks great. I'm sure you are really enjoying the relief of having everything neat and in place. That's my favorite part of organizing. Thank you so much for stopping by Inspiration Thursday! Hope you have a great week.


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