Sunday, December 13, 2015

Thrifted Mostly

This post is a mix of early December finds that included a Flea/Craft Market to raise funds for hosting a Syrian Family. The Church members that hosted the fund raiser were very warm and welcoming and very organized. A pleasure to visit as we shopped. 

Other finds were thrifted and a few were found at a late November church Christmas Bazaar that always includes donated/estate items along with crafts, books, flowers, table centres, home baking and knitted and crochet items.

Misc. mix of metal, wine holder, pottery, wood and glass plus an old phone.

 The Hudson Bay blanket cover for the hot water bottle and the very vintage red lantern were finds from one of my friends

as are the blue enamelled metal kitchen bowl, old spices and mustard tins plus the fruit mill.

The spice holder is a project not yet finished. So far it has been painted and is very handy for backgrounds in photos. The pyrex and fire king are church sale finds.

The grouping below was from a fund raiser for Syrian refugees. The orange fridge dish is marked 'Maid of Honor' and I think it is from the 1950's, great wear on the bottom.

In early December I met a young woman shopping in the mall where I have my booths. She is starting up a Tea Party business and was buying tea plates that week. Her colour theme is pink and white with gold trim and she said she had already bought the silver plate serving trays as well as all the cups and saucers she needed. She was looking for butter knives as well. Interesting to spend a few minutes as she talked about her new business plans which included providing everything needed to cater each tea party.

I love the soft look of the grey/blue and the white square openwork metal tiles mixed with the white glass and pottery.

The three little pigs wall plasters

The Irish Hot Pads along with the enamelled bird and a white chicken on a nest glass dish.

Collage of some of the vintage finds.

If you've gotten this far you will (maybe) LOVE the next picture (especially if your blog is Clamco :), sort-of/a bit like steampunk - a small Christmas tree made of pulley pieces and a piece of rusty angle bracket, a wood/metal candle holder that I painted black on the worn out wood then waxed. I used plaster and short pieces of glued in skewer inside two of the candle holders to cover/fill in the burnt wood and missing brass inserts, then painted black/waxed. Candles now stay upright.  I should have taken before pictures, didn't. Brass cats were thrifted along with the candle holder.

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  1. You are the queen of thrifting. I don't go to thrift shops often, but when I do, I rarely find anything as fun as what you find.

  2. What great finds! :-D There's an Antique/Thrift store not too far from where I live. I try to get in there at least once a month. Love what you found.
    diane @ thoughts & shots

  3. Wonderful finds! Never have seen your Nabob spice tins before...they are so cute! I just found an old 70's phone like yours but with a round base...I'm seriously thinking of reconnecting my land line again. Best ~ Mickie.

  4. I love the painting/photo of the city building and the story about the woman opening a tea party business. How interesting! I used to have a spice rack just like that that you hung on the wall.

  5. So many great finds Joy. I love that red lantern!

  6. How wonderful the proceeds of the sale are for such a good and worthy cause. I would have bought that rose covered plate and cup and saucer. Gorgeous! susan

  7. You find the BEST things!!! I would LOVE to go to tea at that lady's tea room!!!

  8. Lots of great stuff here, Joy! Thanks for sharing! My wife, as always, is stuck to the plates and tea pots, and I'm keen on the phone and the San Francisco little one. By the way, the kittens in the last shot are so lovely and just adorable!
    With best wishes and hugs,
    Fred and Jane Bredberry
    Commented on Vintage Cottages at

  9. Great finds! I love the "candelabra"!

  10. Lots of awesome treasures! I love the Hudson Bay hot water bottle cover, lantern, enamel bowl, old spice tins, the Maid of Honor dish, and that stinkin' cute cherry Pepper shaker!

  11. Hello Joy, I adore all the wonderful thrift finds. The white dishes do look lovely displayed against the metal pieces. The three pigs are so cute as well. Love every treasure you shared.

    It is very interest about the lady collecting tea party things. I hope she is very successful.

    Christmas is in the air. Enjoy the season Joy.

  12. Oops interesting. typo problem or just plain forgotten. LOL.
    xo me again

  13. You did good on all the vintage finds. I can relate to several of them.

  14. Hi Joy,

    I like your blues; thanks for sharing. You always seem to find the most interesting items. I especially like those squares of soft blue.

    Happy Blue Monday.

  15. Joy, The the white square openwork metal tiles would make great trivets. Sylvia D.

  16. I have a similar spice holder that belonged to my mom, it has come back to life in my Greek kitchen as a bright red, eye-popping addition to my counter. Love your photos.

  17. You find the best stuff...I love old tea plates and old spices too!


  18. Great finds, Joy! I love old phones and those china plates are just gorgeous!

  19. Oh very cool finds. I love the red lattern. I want one!
    And corning ware. I sure could use a few pieces!
    Love that candelabra too! Thanks for sharing your finds.

  20. Lots of fun here. I love the fine china plates.


  21. You always find fun items Joy! Especially love the vintage dishes. Fun to talk with a woman about her new business. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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