Thursday, October 8, 2015

ASCP CeCe Heirloom Traditions Together

I wanted to paint a stool that would have an aged look.

This is the finished stool.

I had an 8" tall stool that was old, worn and plain, (below is the vintage stool that was my inspiration- March 2012 post).

Sequence of painting, looked a bit like camouflage until the final coats of paint were added. The Versailles layer added texture as well as softening the darker colours. The light blue finishing coat looks light green in my photos.

I didn't take any 'wiping off/sanding photos (forgot because I was trying to make a new to me concept work). I tried sanding and didn't have too much success so I tried the semi-wet cloth sanding and it worked much better. This was my first try removing layers of paint to show colour.
Before and After

Top and Legs Before and After

The wet/not dripping rag used carefully did remove layers of paint and when dry I brushed on a finishing coat of ASCP Clear Wax with my favourite wax brush then buffed the stool about an hour after waxing. I clean my waxing brushes with a bar of lye soap (water, foam the soap by rubbing and then rub the wet/soapy brush on the palm of my hand to clean).

My favourite photo was the stool waxed and polished, looking a bit dirty, a bit worn.

The under coat colours were CeCe Caldwell Sedona Red, Heirloom Traditions Gypsy Green, ASCP Aubusson Blue. The next layer was ASCP Versailles (pale green/cream) over the previous mixtures of colour.

Top coat was a mix of CeCe Caldwell Simply White 3:1 with Santa Fe Turquoise with 1 tsp. of water, 2 coats. It shows more 'green' than light blue in my photos.

The finish was ASCP clear wax, buffed.

A small project, a stool for a little one or a stool to display something pretty.

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  1. All of your hard work paid off. It looks fantastic. Great job.


  2. Wow! It looks great! I recently used antique wax for the first time and panicked when I first applied it. I found the semi-wet rag worked wonders to create the look I wanted. Lots of work to achieve such a great look but worth it!!

  3. Hi Joy ... the little stool turned out really pretty. Great job. If I did that, I would just end up with a splotchy mess. Maybe I need some practice.

  4. Everything you do looks great! You can make ANYTHING look good!!!

  5. Cute! It takes almost as much work to make a stool look worn as it would to just use it so it would get worn. LOL

  6. I love how your stool turned out. There is a new vintage link party Vintage Charm starting up this coming week on Thursday October 15th 8:00 AM and I would love for you to join at Your links will be seen on four vintage blogs. Hope to see you there.

  7. Joy, I like how it turned out! It looks like something that has been painted and repainted over the years - just the look you were going for! Great job.


  8. This looks great, Joy! You did a fantastic job! Thanks so much for visiting Inspiration Thursday and sharing this awesome project. Have a great week!


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