Thursday, September 10, 2015

One of those jobs that has to be done

Back Steps

So far, 4 steps replaced. 4 to go. Not very pretty but much more stable. A peek at my pile of wagons. Handy for hauling stuff around the backyard. You can also see my 'stream' of rocks under the deck and stairs. Somewhat dried out cherries (from our huge tree) were blown all over during the big wind storm and they continue to fall randomly (see the saw horse boards).

Started by moving the new 2 x10's to and then from the van ( heavy ! ), cutting boards to step length (41 inches), hauling the step pieces to the back yard and painting (3 coats) with porch enamel on the replacement steps. You know I didn't do any cutting (that was DH). 

Should mention the saw horses had to be 'repaired' before any of the cutting happened. Used the replaced pieces of long deck railing to support the step/boards when I painted them. Handy.

Removing the old steps (one at a time/replace that one sequence) revealed a lot of rot. Started with the worse step, etc.

Patching and reinforcing; removing the rotten bits, cutting patches, pre-drilling and screw/nail/ing. Repeated for each step/support area.

Each step replaced needed additional frame support.

The top step had additional underneath and behind reinforcement where the supports were attached under the deck. The second from the top step was reinforced too. The railing now has a firm base and is again attached and steady.

A little green for some real life colour. Underneath the steps/porch view. Old steps (piled) at bottom of this collage.

This is the progress to date. 4 steps/supports finished. 

Then it rained !!! for a week. Just waiting for things to dry, energy levels to rise and then back to the job hopefully. Lots of mud tracked up the finished steps (dogs love muddy paws).

My share of the work was hauling the cut step pieces (used a trolley), painting them (3 coats), finding tools, holding things in place and putting things away. DH did the hard stuff.

Real life.

A Hydrangea blossom after the rain.

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  1. A lot of the work of maintaining a house is not "pretty", but it needs to be done.

  2. WHEW! Sounds like a lot of work. But, things like that have to be done, don't they? Not fun, but necessary.


  3. I love the wagons. Sometimes we just know when it's time to take out and start again.

  4. That was quite the BIG job. Won't it feel good and look nice to have it all finished. Loved your smart assembly line for painting. You can tell you're no stranger to a good project!

  5. Keeping up with maintenance is almost a full time job and not a fun one. We have a lot of outside work to do too and never seem to get around to it. We will take some of your rain here in Texas.
    Love the little blue wagon too.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures


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