Thursday, September 17, 2015

Adding Kitchen Counter Space

We are working on a fairly slow and messy project in the kitchen. For a break from the mess I put together a fall vignette. 

Clipped a few branches and stuck them into a vintage metal flower frog, added a few vintage salt and pepper shakers, a few dahlia blooms from the Farmers Market and set everything in the metal tool box I picked up last weekend. The gong is minus the hammer but it adds some nice shape, texture and balance.

The plywood base under the vignette may give you a clue regarding our kitchen project.

So, the kitchen project ...

Projects, especially in a kitchen that is also my office space, stock work space and regular kitchen space makes for a lot of 'give and compromise'.

The kitchen needs more counter/storage space project began with a free maple desk (3 drawers). The drawer section is part of a solution for lack of kitchen storage. The detached cupboard/counter beside the back door was moved forward and the desk put into the space.

Using plywood scraps on hand for framing the supports plus building another drawer to put on top of the desk drawers was/is challenging. The framework to make this structure strong took a lot of clamps, screws, cutting, glueing and figuring things out.

After this project was underway another garage sale addition, a dishwasher chopping block top ($2.00) was added to the mix. The piece of plywood for the top of the base was $20.00 and plywood scraps came from the stack of scraps in the carport. A table saw was used to cut the larger pieces to size.

The chopping block part of the top will be planed and oiled. It was trimmed by 2 inches. We have had several 'how to finish the top of the counter' discussions.

The moved forward section of the old counter has been painted.

The painted view shows the additional 15 inches (total is now 42 inches length) added to the 34 inch width. I moved the microwave to the hutch and may leave it there. I am really liking the larger flat space.

Plywood will be the top for now. More flat space, an open area for working on new stock (cleaning, tagging), working on small projects as well as food prep. A place to take photos. (just think, I have somewhere to set up my large light box now). Works for me.

So, what work is left

•  Finish building a drawer for the space above the 'desk addition'
•  Re-doing the front of one small drawer (it sticks out)
•  Paint the desk drawers
•  Paint/second coats on both sides of the unit
•  The 'top' solution
•  Maybe adding trim to the base of the extended cupboard

The top 'finish' solution is in the future. We haven't solved that one yet.

So far the cost has been TIME and $22.00. Wood scraps, glue, nails and screws were already on hand.

Living in a Small House we appreciate any additions of storage and and flat space.

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  1. What a great project! Love your Fall vignette!


  2. This project looks great! I love a nice large countertop! Cute Fall vignette, love the gong!

  3. Progress and projects are messy things and they tear up so much of the living space - BUT you HAVE to do it!!! I am like you - I just make do with what I have until it gets done!

  4. One can never have enough counter space or closet space.

  5. Love the Fall decoration in your tool box. All changes seem to create such a mess, but oh so wonderful when finished. Nice to gain more counter space. Looking good.

  6. Projects are always messy and much longer than we'd like! Before our kitchen remodel I had only 4 feet of counter I can appreciate what its like not having enough. It will be worth the wait. Your vignette is really cute.

  7. Looking good! Love the fall vignette too! :o)


  8. I just found a smaller version of that gong in a forgotten box of junk. I am impressed with how well that desk section now blends in with your kitchen. Good job!

  9. I know the joy/pain of remodeling projects too well. We just took out the bathtub and put in one of those bigger showers. What a mess. And drywall dust everywhere. Still, in the end it's worth the mess.

  10. Love that little vignette! And I feel you on the kitchen remodel. Even the smallest project can take forever and make the biggest mess. Hope it all goes smoothly! Thanks for sharing at Inspiration Thursday.


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