Sunday, August 9, 2015

What I Found This (Last) Weekend

Brief holiday (with thrifting as my objective, plus resting and getting some data work caught up) had a surprise beginning. One thrift stop in Ag. for the teapot (below). After the long drive, with a stop for ice cream and slurpies and another stop for supper we arrived at Uncle P and Aunt V and settled in Friday evening.

Saturday morning, heading for the thrift shop in Ar. just before lunch, on the August 1st long weekend, the fuel pump died (a few minutes from the 1st thrift store I wanted to visit).

Good thing was that there was a tow truck available (since BCAA tow truck drivers are currently on strike), the Truck Dealership in the next town (V) was still open and they had a fuel pump in stock.

The other REALLY good thing was that this did NOT happen on the Coq highway in the middle of nowhere. Uncle P was phoned and he drove from V. to Ar. to give DGS and me a ride back to his home where we were staying, while DS went with the tow truck driver to the dealship in V. Sort of scary waiting in a small town that we didn't know, sitting on the church steps, and watching and watching for Uncle P's car.

Got the truck back, repaired, at 5:30 pm.

Now, back to what I was able to find at various thrift stores (3 different small towns) and one small flea market. I did limit the volume of my finds to the very limited volume of space in the truck's back seat (where I was traveling).

My favorite find was this Ironstone Water Jug/Pitcher, Wilkinson England, leaf handed.

Creamer and pitcher with manufacturing information.

Mid-Century Sadler Teapot from the first thrift store in Ag. (that was all I could find there).

A visit to a small (just the right size) Flea Market - checked the V local newspaper and did a quick happy dance - a Monday Long Weekend Flea Market.

I loved having DGS to carry what I found as well as chat about what he liked. He found a railway spike buried in the grass beside the tracks - his favorite souvenir. The crab trap was from Newfoundland (looked, didn't buy).

My finds at the Flea Market

A bit more detail,

and at another thrift store, some Staffordshire England Chef'N dishes and a white creamer (not old).

To end the trip home Tuesday, there was a huge rig (truck) fire which burned to rubble (fear was argon gas) at the summit on the major highway (Coq), and South bound traffic (us and many hundreds more) were held up 2 1/2 hours.  North Bound was worse, they (again many, many hundreds of vehicles) were still waiting as we traveled down the highway homeward. We had eaten and visited one thrift store at the last town (M) and that left us in the long line of traffic waiting for the helicopter, police cars, motor cycle police and unknown specialists to decide what actions were needed. Nothing was reported on any regular radio stations and very many drivers had no idea of what was ahead for them.

A bit of interest was listening to the big rigs on the truck radio (DS has a truck radio) so we could at least know what the rig at the front of the line could report about what he could see. I got a good 1 hour of data work done on my computer while waiting, plus our back up cell phone actually got reception so we could phone home since we were running quite late.

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  1. 2-1/2 hours is a long time to be stuck on a highway. Something similar happened to us on our road trip and we were stopped for an hour. Luckily we had just filled the tank and visited a restroom otherwise we would have been in trouble. Nice finds! The little elephant is adorable!

  2. Joy, well what a good and bad trip! Sorry about the car but you at least got it fixed quickly. Love all the pitchers, but my heart was drawn to that sweet egg cup! Glad you are home and safe.


  3. What a trip !!! Glad you had a happy ending. Love the thrifted items, especially the tall ironstone pitcher. The green chip-and-dish was a must for every party.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  4. What a lot of happenings for a relaxing weekend away! LOL Glad you were someplace where you could get your car fixed. Love all of your finds. We would have so much fun shopping together. Probably get into a lot of trouble also.


  5. Sorry about the car, but it didn't stop you!

    I love the ironstone pitcher and the dishes with the blue stripes.

  6. Vehicle troubles and traffic slow downs are the pits! Glad you all came through it okay! Nice finds. It's always fun to junk in new territories. We made the cemetery trip yesterday and I went to a vendor mall on the way home. Maybe DGS will become your shopping assistant?

  7. Oh, my dear!! Only YOU could take all of THAT and turn it into a Good Time!!
    God has a way of working things out and I think it is no accident when things happen as they do. It doesn't do any good to fret and steam - and you are proof you can make good out of just about any situation!
    I always love seeing your treasures!!

  8. Hi Joy,

    You found some winners. I really like that white pitcher, and you found some blues too. It's a shame about the hold-up in traffic, but isn't it a good thing that you had your computer? Thanks for playing today.

    Happy Blue Monday!

  9. Sorry your trip started off in the wrong way, but seems it was worth it with all the goodies you found.

  10. Great finds. Glad your back on the road. Thanks for sharing your treasures.

  11. Great thrifting finds. I have the exact same Sadler Teapot on my kitchen counter. I belonged to my mom, purchased in England years and years ago. I'm visiting from Mosaic Monday. Have a great day.

  12. Hello, great treasures and finds. I like the cute pitchers, the first white pitcher is my favorite. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  13. Oh that first pitcher would make a fabulous vase for sunflowers or roses!

  14. You really had some major troubles between your finds! talk about an adventure :(

    That white pitcher is my favorite :)

  15. Joy, Some great finds and travel issues! The white pitcher is really really nice. Sylvia D.

  16. Beautiful finds! Love the Ironstone Water Pitcher :)
    Joy @ Books and Life

  17. How disappointing to be geared up for shopping only to have your vehicle break down. At least you did find some nice things on this trip.
    Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday.

  18. Glad your car problems worked out and you were able to go to the thrift stores and find wonderful treasures!

  19. You found some great items on your trip! Thanks for sharing at Inspiration Thursday! See you tomorrow for another party!

  20. That journey home was harrowing. Great finds, though. Love the water jug.

  21. Joy, you really had an eventful weekend and found some great items as well. Love the ironstone pitcher! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  22. Well, your weekend was full of adventure! Glad you found some treasures to take home.
    Happy Pink Saturday!

  23. Hi sweet Joy! It sounds like there is lots of adventure in your neck of the woods {{smiles}} It's always a pleasure visiting your, dear friend, and I love seeing what you find. Once again you have found some beautiful items. Thanks for sharing with Roses of Inspiration. Hugs to you!

  24. What an adventure you had! Love your finds - I will be featuring your post in this week's A Return to Loveliness,

  25. I love to go yard saling on Saturday mornings! This is making me super jealous of your finds! Thank you for linking up with us at the Tips and Tricks Link Party!


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