Thursday, August 20, 2015

Saving in Photo Collage Tutorial and Rusty Junk

I continue using Photo Collage and am learning how best to use it to make collages. This week I worked on SAVING my collages on my hard drive. It isn't a direct path but once I figured it out it works well. Sequence is at the bottom of this post. 

Collages first. I am continuing with the rusty and wonderful vintage tools that were in this wooden tool box.

Here is the empty wooden tool box. Saw holders on the inside of the lid, strong handles, chains to hold lid securely when open, an inside box along the back to hold smaller tools, and a deep space for more tools. The box itself was a super find. Painted black, lots of wear dings. 

Love rusty. I mentioned awhile ago about this wooden tool box - so heavy two strong guys had to load it into the back of the van. I had to unload it into small boxes and bins. Rusty tools. Treasures.

A small find in with all the tools - a little Colgate metal container, filled with rusty nails, very dark and dirty. Quite a bit of cleaning later we see ....

I've been practicing using Photo Collage. Saving is a bit of a problem (well, retrieving WHERE the completed collage was saved was my problem). 

Basically, after finishing the collage save it as a .jpg and THEN  save it under FILE in Safari as SAVE AS on your computer in a folder.

My favourite tool from the rusty collection is a huge, heavy SPIKE puller (2 pieces). Look at that gripping jaw. Each of the 2 pieces were about 14 inches long and the thinner piece fitted into the main piece to make a very strong tool. After cleaning it I rubbed it with hemp oil (from MMS).

Back to the wooden tool box collage - after making the collage, I saved it as a .jpg and then (I was using Safari) using Safari under FILE used Save as and saved it to my own file folder on my Computer.

I used the green tool box and a few finds from the wooden tool box in an earlier post and added a wooden background

from Photo Collage  and used PicMonkey to sharpen, size, add a simple edge and text. 

This is the sequence (below) I used to save each collage I made using Photo Collage.

The screen shots show the choices for saving your collage from Photo Collage to your own hard drive. Read left to right, below and left (circular).

Steps for SAVING a collage made with Photo Collage:

1. make your collage in Photo Collage
2. Under the Photo Collage FILE choose save as a .jpg
3. If using Safari pick FILE and save as (name your collage) 
    to your own file on your hard drive.

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  1. Dear Joy, I just love the last photo! It looks like it should be framed :) Always a delight to pop in for a visit. Hugs!

  2. I used to do my collages in Ribbet. Now I mostly do them in Picmonkey. Like both of them.

  3. Hi Joy!
    I'm loving your wonderful pictures! They're beautiful.
    Which makes me wonder if you've seen my BEAUTIFUL Campaign? You can view it here at


  4. Those collages are really cool, Joy! I love the old trunk too, nice find. I'm typing this with paint-covered fingers, green and white and some turquoise and red. At least the paint is dry :)

  5. Love your collages and thanks for showing us how to do it. Rusty, crusty goodness!

  6. These pictures are great - vintage items are so much fun!

    Carole @ Garden Up Green

  7. I don't know what kind of computer you have - I have a Mac. I use Picmonkey for my collages and when I hit save, I just select saving to my desktop. I can then save them in a folder on the desktop or put them into iPhoto.

  8. I have a Mac too and use PicMonkey, it's really easy. I copied the link and maybe will give it a try. I also love your last photo!


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