Sunday, July 26, 2015

Small Garden Update

Friday it RAINED. Not heavy, just steady. First rain in about 3 months. A serious no watering ban is getting closer. We are at level 3 which means one can use a hand watering only and must use an of/on nozzle on the hose to water plants. No lawns. No cars, no swimming pools, etc.

Level 4 is NO watering anything, not flowers or vegetables, nothing.

We haven't reached that level yet but apparently the reservoirs are as low as late August levels and it is now the last week of July.

I haven't mowed since May. Weeds are about the only plants that are growing in the lawn area. My blueberries have some plant dieback.

My two raised beds have dahlia, herbs, beans, peas, carrots and tomatoes along with marigold and nasturtiums.

The 4 pole beans are doing well. The 2nd planting of peas are about 6 inches tall. The sweet pea growth has been minimal. So far, 28 tomatoes are doing their best to grow larger on the 6 tomato plants.

I planted the dahlias in mid June, of the 11 planted 6 have grown, one is only 2 inches tall and I am guessing that the tuber has rotted, so I am going to dig it up and remove the rot and plant it again.

The pole beans, tomatoes and peas are progressing.

Below previous raised garden progress for May 27 and June 25th.

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  1. I know what you are going through. Southern California is suffering from a long long drought. We have no lawn, but anyone who has a lawn is just not watering it - except of course in Beverly Hills!

    Our garden is doing okay because we save water from showers and our drought tolerant plants are surviving.

  2. We had so much rain, one month it rained 21 out of 30, the last two weeks zip. It must be hard to be in a watering ban and not be able to water your garden friends. I wonder how Carol saves water from her shower?

  3. We've been drowning here this summer. I think this last week was the first week this summer where we didn't have any rain. If I could I'd save a bunch and ship it to you all. Hope it breaks soon.

  4. Your garden is beautiful. We just canned bread and butter pickles last weekend from our cucumbers, and hubby made salsa last night from our tomatoes. next weekend will be spent blanching and freezing green beans.

  5. After all the rain we had this spring, I thought I would never have to water again! I was wrong and I water morning and night.....the front at night (after the sun goes down) and the back in the morning - or around 11:00. STILL, plants are turning brown around the edges!
    My friend, Ruth Ann is watering for me while we spend a few days in our camper down on the ranch.
    Your gardens look pretty in spite of little water!

  6. Hi Joy,

    We were experiencing a drought, but these past two days have us in a flood watch! (sigh) Your garden is impressive. I hope you are able to continue growing.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Happy Blue Monday!

  7. Your garden is looking good. My dh gardens and has quite a few peppers, cucumbers, and tomatoes right now. Have a great week!
    Joy @ Books and Life

  8. I think your garden looks nice. I am sorry to hear about the water level. I am lucky to live on a farm with our own well. It has been very dry here and it did rain some over the weekend, first in a few months but didn't rain nearly enough.

  9. You garden looks healthy despite the water restrictions. It's bad here also, my well is producing less each week. I haven't been able to water the lawns all July, just my flowers and vegetables. If this keeps up I'll have to pick and choose which to water amongst them...not looking forward to that sad day!

  10. Looking good - water restrictions can make thing difficult but it looks like you're doing fantastic.
    Carole @ Garden Up Green

  11. Your gardens don't seem to mind the watering restrictions. Maybe they like the extra attention?!
    Enjoy your bounty!


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