Thursday, June 18, 2015

Burlap Covered Headboard

A project from the recent past - DGS's headboard needed updating - from left over crib headboard to a boy style headboard.

I could do that. I've been redoing DGS's bedroom on the very cheap - use what is around if at all possible.

(When transitioning out of his crib we added the crib head and footboards to his big boy bed. The footboard was removed a few years ago and really, that headboard needed replacing.)

Here are the before and after comparisons, and the pictures below show the 'how'.

No sewing. Used a staple gun, clamps to hold things in place, utility knife, my good sewing scissors, a piece of foam left over from another project and a piece of lovely burlap that has a plasticized sticky coating on the back and NO burlap smell. The burlap piece I used was the only new cost, used about $4.00's worth. 

Here is the sequence...

Looked around my store room to see what I could use - dug out foam, quilt batting, loose burlap (big smell factor) and the plastic backed burlap (no smell), a utility knife, scissors, a Power Stapler, a blue stapler, finally found my box of staples, whew, and four clamps. Used the clamps to hold the foam in place, trimmed the foam with the utility knife. Stapled the foam to the crib head board. Decided to try and square the shape, stuffed in some extra foam on the top edges.

Tried the burlap over the foam, cut off what seemed about the right amount. The blood is from holding the Power staple gun backwards and with great pressure, stapling my hand. I could NOT believe I did that. It hurt!

To carry on, draped the burlap, stapled the front piece (on to the back of the headboard) and then stapled the back piece ditto.

The corners aren't as square as I had planned, but - works ok, looks better and much more age appropriate (did this when DGS was 9, he is 11 now, no complaints).

After some bedtime discussion it turns out that DGS would like some BRIGHT colours in the room so we discussed and looked at many colours of glass stones, especially red, yellow, green and blue and he decided that it would be ok to use bulletin boards and add as much colour as he wants and he can change things and display his choices. Posters have been changed as his interests change too.

Project cost: $4.00 for burlap.
Time: 1 hour (including finding everything and putting things away).
It has held up well over the past 3 years.


  1. I didn't know you could get 'non stinky' burlap. Yay! Looks great.

  2. held the stapler backwards?!?? OUCH that sounds terrible! I do like the headboard once it's done--only one of my boys has a headboard and it's a shelf for books. The other one doesn't even have one!


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