Friday, May 29, 2015

Celebrating Spring Flowers

A visit back and a visit now. 

Same wonderful flowers share their blossoms year after year. A few additions, a few loses sometimes but always, beauty.

I visited back in time and mixed those flowers with the flowers of May this year. 

The pictures above are flowers past (and they look JUST like the flowers present).

I work in smaller chunks of time now when I work in the garden. I plan much more carefully than years past. Below is my planting for Friday 29th (one planter only). Sweet peas, purple Alyssum, Spanish Lavender and small dalhia type plants (misplaced the tag).

I buy just enough new plants that I can plant in one short session. 

I know tomatoes are not flowers but ...

Below (in one raised bed), the peas have been growing since early April and are almost ready to pick.

I planted the tomatoes over two days (bought 4, planted, picked up 4 more the next day). I mixed Sea Soil, coffee grounds and peat moss and dug that in and then added crushed egg shells, a dried out banana skin and a tablespoon of epson salts mixed with soil under each tomato plant. I have NEVER tried the above mixture before but it sounded good when I read about it. 

There is enough room to add carrots. I also planted 4 pole beans in with the peas. 

The onions are 'onion sprouts'  that I planted about a month ago - I cut off the onion surrounding the growth and planted them to see if they would 'grow' a new onion. Read about growing onions from sprouting onions on someone's post (and forgot to pin).

I celebrate what I can do and I generally do not regret what I can not do. I plan to work on my second raised bed next week. Late in the year to plant.

Enjoy the blossoms.


  1. Joy, small container planting is all I feel able to do and have not even done that this year. I really want some flowers so think I will buy some plants this weekend. Yours look wonderful.


  2. Lovely roses and beautiful bouquets.

  3. All of your flowers are just great to see. They have wonderful colors.

  4. So pretty! We used to do square foot gardening years ago. Here in the south there are so many bugs and in my neighborhood there's also lots of squirrels, I'm afraid planting anything edible would be difficult. I'm in a huge development and come to think of it, I haven't noticed anyone with a veggie garden.

  5. Really enjoyed seeing all your pretty flowers as I dearly love them.

  6. Lovely photos! Thank you for continuing to visit and comment at L'Heure Bleue At Home. Your kind words and encouragement mean so much and help me to continue blogging.

  7. Beautiful flowers! I also work in small increments these days and only do what I feel I can that day. Thank you for sharing your garden at Share It One More Time. Cathy

  8. The blooms are just gorgeous, such beautiful containers, too!

  9. It looks absolutely beautiful! I really need to get my tomatoes in!


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