Thursday, April 2, 2015

Piano Stool


Old, Rebuilt
Sits flat, doesn't rock
Thank you DH

Below are a few of the 'putting it all together' images.

You might have guessed that I tried out a different collage program Photo Collage and finished with PicMonkey.

I am learning more about Photo Collage (they have a tutorial). Very easy to get images from my computer, use the tools, add text, background. Couldn't find a framing tool. Lots of collage templates that can be rearranged, reshaped.

More playing around with Photo Collage.
Edited a bit in PicMonkey (frames, sizing, text).

To save my collage I saved it as a .jpg and then dragged the photo to my desktop. Renamed. Then opened PicMonkey to edit and save again. 

The raised identification on the cast iron screw
Organ Stool Woodstock Ont. Canada 
(PicMonkey editing next 2 photos).

A bit of staging.

Thanks for visiting today. 

Build up to this finished project here and here.

Piano Stool project finished.

Featured by Kathy @ Life On Lakeshore Drive 
Mary @ Boogieboard Cottage


  1. Very nice job! A lot of work to be sure, but a nice payoff at the end.

  2. I have always loved those stools with the claw foot over glass - beautiful job bringing it back to life.

  3. The last photo was so pretty I just had to pin it to my Vintage board!

  4. I love it! Decor with a soul :)

  5. I love your piano stool! It is beautiful! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  6. I love this and thank you Joy for sharing at the Say G'day Party! New liker via Pinterest and pinned!

  7. Gorgeous stool! I don't have much luck with vintage pieces in my neck of the woods, so live vicariously through posts like this. :) Thanks for joining us at Idea Box. Hope you link up with us again this week! Party starts Thursday at 6am ET.

  8. Wow! It really turned out beautiful. Your husband did an amazing job :)


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